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10 Overwhelmed Insanity

by FlyingSmoke

Violet made it in. Party made it over.

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Violet Rain

That’s how I felt when Tim had begun to take my clothes off carefully, taking the slack weapons off my thighs with my pants, kissing me tenderly, making my breathe hitch in my throat, but I dare not move. It’s amazing at the guilt I felt, even though I had nothing to be guilty about. I had been good. Maybe it was because of Party… I shut my eyes, partially not wanting to think about that son of a bitch, and partially not wanting to see this son of a bitch begin to kiss my genitalia.

I remained silent even though I wanted to moan so bad while Tim was raping me. Damn female genes. I wasn’t all that afraid anymore, because I knew what Tim was capable of. Most of the time he got me ready while he played with himself, then I had so swallow him down, then he would attack me when I least expected it. It would last thirty to forty five minutes, and normally Tim wouldn’t beat me afterwards, just slap me and call me a nasty whore. I sighed internally, preparing for the slap I would get after a while.

Suddenly, Tim grabbed my boobs and yanked me up into a sitting position, shoving his member in my mouth and humping my mouth, not giving me time to breathe. I had to breathe through my nose in order to stay alive. He began to grow hard, and I finally got my mouth back in the way I had trained it to. Tim felt my mouth go slack, though, because, just like my dream, he grabbed my throat, making it hard to breathe. “You give me more pleasure or I will choke you do death right here.”

I looked forward to death before, but when Tim said this, something clicked in my mind. I found myself wanting to stay alive, not for Party who I just realized I might have hurt, but to make it out and kill Tim later. I wanted to survive.

I began to deep throat Tim with fervor, giving him so much pleasure he cummed in my mouth. I didn’t dare stop until he pulled himself out of my mouth. “Fuck, Jen, you’ve really missed me, didn’t you?” Tim asked, stroking his member with one hand, gripping my neck with his other.

“I missed you so much, Tim,” I choked-lied through my teeth, making it believable though. I had to live, had to tell my story…

Tim smiled his sick grin. “That’s good because there’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now…” Tim trailed off and shoved himself inside me. I gasped, not because I was shocked, but because I knew if I didn’t he might possibly kill me. I have to act out everything.

Tim began rocking himself in and out of me, slowly at first, but then gaining speed. I moaned for him, but this time I heard my true self come out just a little. Fuck you Vi! You’re enjoying him! Damn pleasurable genitalia!

Tim began so do that thing of his where he’ll put his hands behind his head while standing, and expect me to do him while I’m laying down, giving me extreme back burns from all the times where he used to rape me on carpeted stairs. I began to slide myself off and on, making it seem believable while he enjoyed himself. This was his way of jerking off without using his hands. I got angry, and began shoving myself at him, not trying to give him pleasure, but hurt him.

Tim caught that. “Wanting to play dirty, eh?” He asked, breathing in my face as I shoved more. “Hang on,” he said, and pulled himself from me, making me fall on the ground off the bed I was on as I shoved forward. He walked off for a moment, and I knew I had so long do to this. I ran silently to my ray gun by my pants and pulled it out, putting my clothes on in a haste. I was slipping into my shoes when he came back.

He was holding a huge dildo, larger than his head. “Si-a-nar-a, ass hole,” I said, and shot him in between the eyes as he lunged for me. I pulled my shoes on, knowing I had so long to live and get out of Battery City.

I broke into a run in the apartment, shooting anything and everything, but really just wasting battery power so I could switch to a new, fully loaded, 400-shots battery. I finally ran out of juice and switched batteries, opening the door and shooting the Dracs coming at me from the elevator. I ran into the elevator, where four Dracs were, shooting them in their ugly-ass masked faces and shoving them out the elevator door as I had begun to close. I hit the down button to lever 21, where I figured stairs were.

The elevator played soft music as I impatiently tapped my foot. Damn, why does this elevator have to be so slow? And why so cliché? I finally left the calm elevator into the chaos of the BLI building and ran to the stairs beside the elevator, jumping on the rail. I slid down the rail and shot Dracs from both directions. I got Ricky out, and was stabbing Dracs in the chest as I slid down, shooting those firing at me from above. I finally hit the bottom floor after ten minutes of high-speed sliding, and in the BLI lobby, all hell was released. I saw Killjoys fighting Dracs and falling dead left and right around me, while the Dracs did the same thing. I ran out of the building, shooting every Drac I saw, and jumped on the nearest Drac motorcycle. I revved the engine, and sped away from the BLI building, shooting Dracs shooting at me as I went.

It took fifteen minutes of running to hit the gates of the City. I shot every Drac I saw pop up from above me, on the wall, and I broke through the steel-fencing gate to the desert outside. Sweet, night-touched freedom, I thought, smiling, and sped away from Battery City into the night.

Party Poison

Violet was driving me insane. I drove back to Vi’s tree and saw the guys’ shadows inside, leaning against other shadows. I didn’t care though. I just needed to find Violet. I hated her for harming my heart and herself, but I couldn’t let her die in Battery City. She was like family to me.

I flew around the tree in a blind rush, getting food and batteries for the trip ahead. Frank was still sound asleep in the Death Machine, and I pick him up from the car to the inside of the tree. I sat him up against a crate and left, taking the Death Machine with me towards Battery City.

I had driven twenty minutes when I saw a flash of white scream by my. I jerked on the brake and turned the car around. I saw the white flash do the same thing. Somebody got off the white flash and ran over to me. I grabbed my ray gun and jumped out of the car, holding my gun out with both hands and aiming at the person.

“Party!” I heard the person yell, and I dropped my arms, mouth agape. It couldn’t be, but it was. Violet ran up to and started crying as she gave me a hug.

I stood there while she hugged me, crying, trying my hardest to not seem emotional, but in truth
I was ecstatic to see her. I hugged Violet back, trying to choke back tears like her. End the end I gave up and let me tears flow, my body shaking violently with joy.

“Oh Party, it was terrible!” Violet said through sobs, and I hugged her tighter, not wanting to let go and risk losing her again. “It… It happened again…” Violet choked again, and began crying harder.

“I thought I had lost you! Don’t ever do that again!” I yelled at her, still crying. “I thought you were dead!”

We hugged and cried there for the longest time, our tear soaked faces only visible by the Death Machine’s headlights. It was almost morning when we finally stopped crying and just held onto each other.

She sniffled, and wiped her face clear of the tears that had washed her face clean of dirt from the motorcycle. She sighed. “I’m so glad to see you,” she whispered, hugging me tighter. “You don’t know what they did to me.”

I grew angry at that last part, but I didn’t want to ruin this moment. I only nodded. “You’re here with me now. You’re all right,” I said, running my hand over her hair. She began to close her eyes, and I let her fall asleep on me. I picked her up and carried her to the Death Machine, placing her in the passenger’s seat and shutting the door. I debated on whether or not I should take the bike along with me, but in the end I chose yes for her. I took the motorcycle to the back of the Death Machine and put it in the trunk on its side.

I walked back to the driver’s side and opened the door, ever so quietly, so as not to wake Vi. I got her head, put it in my lap on its side so she wouldn't hurt her neck by sleeping uneven, and drove back to the tree.

Ray, Mikey, Bob, and Frank weren’t too happy when I drove up. They must have seen me coming, because they were all there, arms crossed, frowns on each and every face. I stopped the car, and turned it off.

“Hey guys,” I said weakly, smiling. Frowns in return. “Guess who I found?”

I saw four faces suddenly light up with hope as I went to the passenger’s door to retrieve a sleeping Violet Rage. “Violet…” I tried. Nothing. “Vi-o-let…” I cooed, pushing her slightly. She woke with a jerk, eyes wild, but immediately calmed when she saw me. “Don’t move, I’m making the guys wait for you to wake up.” Violet nodded sleepily, yawning, but not stretching.

I turned back to the guys. “My person doesn’t want to wake up, but hang on,” I announced, a smile playing in my eyes. “Vi, when the guys come around, I want you to jump out at them, knife in hand, okay?” Violet looked confused, but nodded, reaching for her knife.

“They’re not waking up,” I said, and shrugged, beginning to walk off.

“Oh c’mon Gerard!” Mikey said, making me bit my lip in order to stop laughing. “Let me see who the fuck it is…” He moved towards the car, but I stopped him.

“Mikey, if you like your life as it is, you won’t go over there,” I said, acting solemn to try and stop him. As I planned, it didn’t work, and Mikey brush past me, grumbling something about he should be the older one.

Mikey had gotten to the passenger’s car door when a knife was held at his chest, making him back up and a Violet rage step out of the car, one leg reaching over the other as she got out, Mikey looking happier than I was when I saw Violet. “Make a move, Boy Wonder, and I’ll slice your head off and use it as my cover.”

Mikey didn’t listen, as thick-headed as he has ever been. He jumped towards Violet who swiftly put her knife away and welcomed the Mikey hug. The rest of the guys ran over, smiling and talking without a care in the world. Even Frank looked semi-happy, and that was good, I guess, for him. Violet stood in the midst of it all, laughing and crying from all the happiness around her.

I went over and started a group hug, Violet being squeezed in the middle. She began to take shallow breaths, and I backed off when I saw her eyes, looking like a wild animal’s that has been through torture and pain, then let back out into normal, animal life. I swallowed and walked up to a pale Violet. “What did they do to you Violet?” I asked quietly, preparing for the usual of a Killjoy: beatings and testing.

Violet looked at me with scared , distant eyes that looked they were staring through me at that moment. “He was there.”
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