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11 Emotionless

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Vi leaves.

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That’s how Party and the guys looked as I told him Tim was there at the BLI building. I told them about Korse, and the Dracs, and Tim, but not about how I asked for death. I would let Party ask about that.

“They just came up to my truck and took me, tying me up and putting me in the back seat…” I trailed off, beginning to shake from the memories that followed the car.

Party suddenly turned stone-faced and silent, his eyes the only signs that he was still alive and with us. “Party?” I asked, worried, trying to get his attention. I waved my hand over his face, sighing when he didn’t move.

Kobra tried too. “Hey, Gerard?” he half asked, half ordered at Party. Party still stood ramrod-straight and silent.

“Why weren’t you gagged and thrown in the trunk of Korse’s car when they took you?” Party asked, voice shaking. His eyes began to grow inside, flaming up, but Party on the outside was still silent. Shit, what was he wondering?

“Maybe because they thought I wasn’t a threat?” I tested, knowing the real answer to Party’s question.

Party looked at me suddenly, grabbing my arms and shaking me. “Did you ask for them to take you?! Did you want to die, Violet?!” Party screamed at me, making the rest of the guys suddenly look at Party. My eyes began to swell with tears as I nodded my head. “Violet!” Party yelled again. “Don’t ever wish you were dead! You have way too many people that care about you! Do you have any idea what would have happened if you died?! You would have made Korse happy!” Party began laughing, scaring me and making the guys move forward to grab Party. “You would have just been like the rest they killed!”

I grew angry at this comment of his. “I would have been somebody!” I yelled at a now restrained Party Poison. “I would have mattered because I’m number 6 on the EXTERMINATE list!”

Party was still laughing. “You think they go by a fucking piece of paper?! They just shoot any Killjoy they see! They get lucky if it happens to be somebody on the list!”

Kobra let go of Party and stepped in between us, holding his arms out towards us. “Stop it, both of you!” he yelled, looking at both of us. “Yelling does nothing except track Dracs from other Zones to here! Now shut the hell up or I’ll make you!”

I stopped. [Kobra yelling? Man, Party really pissed him off./] “Kobra…” I began but he stopped me.

“No more shit from either of you,” he said, a pained look on his face, and walked back into the tree.

The guys looked at each other, questioning something, and they nodded and let go of Party, walking to the tree and Kobra.

I stared at Party and spit on the ground. “It’s all your fault,” I said, anger coloring my voice. “It’s always been your fault.” I turned around with those words, preparing to jump in my truck and move to Mexico, where I heard tougher Killjoys were, ones that didn’t group together or worry about each other. It was one man for himself in Mexico.

Party caught my shoulder after I had begun walking. I turned around, facing an on-the-verge-of-tears Party. “Why did you say that?” he asked, his voice softer than his touch. “I never meant…”

I pulled Party into a hug, touched by his actions, though still scared. “Oh Party…” I whispered, and began to cry myself. [Did he just apologize for everything?] I wondered as I breathed in Party’s scent. If he didn’t then I’m gullible…

I began to wheeze after a while, standing with Party. He looked at me with worry, but I waved him off, coughing. “Don’t” cough “worry” cough “I’m fine.” coughing fit “Really I am.” I had another coughing fit, and Kobra walked out of the tree.

“Violet, you’re going to attract Dracs from everywhere,” Kobra joked, but stopped chuckling when he realized I was still coughing like I had something lodged in my throat. I stopped coughing for a second, only to begin wheezing violently. I pointed to my truck and began coughing again.

Party, Jet, and Kobra picked me up, me shaking wildly as I coughed, and set me down in my truck, me looking for my inhaler. I found my backpack, where my inhaler was, but when I tried to reach it I doubled over in a coughing spasm.

“My” cough “inhaler…” I spat out in between coughs. Kobra and Jet held onto me, trying to keep me from falling out of my truck coughing and wheezing, as Party looked in my backpack for my inhaler.

Party began to frantically search through my backpack, finally just dumping out the contents and looking for my inhaler. He looked up, shock in his eyes. “It’s not there!” he said, and I began to cough again.

“Look in the back,” I managed to get out quickly before a particularly violent cough. I took another breathe and spoke quicker than last time. “Itshouldbeintherebutifitisn’ttrytofindsomewaterfast.”

Party nodded, catching every bit of that, and went off to the back of the truck as I began to cough up blood. Kobra looked down and muttered something I couldn’t hear over my coughing. “Party! Just get the pills!” Kobra yelled, and I looked up at him, wheezing. “Don’t worry, we’re going to fix you,” he said, pushing my hair back as I began to cough again.

Party returned thirty seconds later with my canteen of water, the BL/ind pills, and a bottle of my favorite tequila. “Open her mouth,” he told the guys, and Jet had to pry my mouth open as Kobra tried to stop me from coughing for a minute. Party popped the pill in my mouthing, quickly pouring water into my mouth and all over my face. I swallowed.

Four men were gathered around me, and I recognized them as the men I had seen long ago. The one with the fire engine red hair silently handed me a clear bottle with clear liquid, and I remembered what had happened last time I had not taken a drink of the liquid immediately. I took the bottle out of his hands and gingerly took a sip.

Memories of running and pain came back to me in a flash, and I took a sharp breath in. It felt as if somebody had just punched me in the stomach for no harm doing. My breath became labored, and the man with the red hair nodded at a man with an afro, the one who had gotten angry at me last time when I didn’t drink. He opened my mouth carefully, letting me get the message that he wasn’t going to hurt me, and set a pill inside my mouth. He took a canteen and poured another liquid down my throat, instantly calming my breathing when I swallowed the pill.

I looked around me at four men. One with a lot of hair put a bottle that was in my hands to my lips. I took a slight sip, emotionless at what might happen to me if I took a drink of this unknown substance. It burned as it went down my throat, and I coughed once, looking up into the eyes of a man with red hair.

The man was staring at me curiously, with an emotion in his eyes. “Vi?” he asked, and I blinked. I do not recall knowing a ‘Vi’. When I remained silent, the man with the red hair frowned. He turned to the three men behind my back. “It looks like she’s not wheezing anymore. We need to find her inhaler though. When this shit wears off she’ll either remember her attack or blink at us stupidly.”

The men behind me nodded, and turned towards the back of a truck. I looked forward, not wanting to look at this man. Battery City laws did not allow liking somebody, for that was an emotion. As a safety precaution, I did not turn my head until I heard a call from behind the truck.

“Poison, I got it!” a blond man said, holding up a funny looking device. He walked up beside me and gave the device to the red haired man.

“Thanks, Moonstruck,” the red haired man said, and looked at the bottle in my hand. I did, too, thinking I might be holding a bottle. The red haired man sighed, lifted my hand, and put the bottle to my lips, forcing me to drink the clear substance.

Party looked at me as I began to cough violently. He handed me my inhaler, and I greedily took a breath from the container. Instantly I felt better. I took a deep breath and looked over at Party.

“Asthma attack?” I asked, and Party nodded. “What else, because I don’t remember anything for fifteen minutes there.”

Party sighed. “We had to give you a double dosage of BL/ind pills before we found your inhaler. I didn’t want you to die,” Party said coolly, and I looked down at my hands, absent mindedly running my fingers over the inhaler. I didn’t need this baby much, but boy when I needed it, I needed it.

I looked over at the guys and smiled. “Which one of you found it, cause I know Party couldn’t think for the life of him,” I said, and Moonstruck raised a hand.

“It was just sitting in the back,” he said sheepishly, and I got up to give him a hug.

“Thank you for saving my life, Bob,” I said, wrapping my arms around him. Moonstruck blushed, but didn’t say a word.

I turned back to the guys. “Well, we need to get prepared for tomorrow, and we’re burnin’ daylight, people. What do we have done so far?” I asked, clapping my hands together and getting death glares at me. Well excuse me for trying to be cheerful I didn’t die by asthma attack. “Or don’t tell me, that’s cool too.”

Ghoul walked off, a scowl on his face. swear, if his skinny little ass is sad that I made it out alive, Imma go over and kick his ass like I was going to do to Jet’s. Kobra looked at me, apologies written all over his eyes. Sorry, he mouthed to me, and walked off, shoulders hunched.

Moonstruck looked at me and shrugged, following Kobra. Jet just turned and left. I looked at Party, who was still sitting in my car.

“Thanks for saving my life,” I tried, but Party was silent. I sighed, and walked over to the truck. “What now Party?”

He turned towards me, his eyes slits sitting on his face. “I’m surprised you are so thankful about your life being saved. I thought you wanted to die,” Party spat at me, making me take a step backwards before catching myself inside.

“Get out of my truck,” I said calmly, voice in the danger zone of quiet. “Now.”

Party got out of the truck and left the door open. I climbed in the driver’s seat. “You can keep the tree if you need it. I don’t have anything worth wile left for me,” I said to him, leaving him open his eyes and notice I was in my car, getting ready for the long drive ahead of me.

“Wait, Vi--“ Party began, but I cut him off.

“Clearly you don’t need me, so I won’t make myself of a bother anymore. I’ll be in Mexico if you want to possibly find me” I turned on my truck, fixed my right arm so it wouldn’t shift on the journey to Mexico, and drove off, kicking up dust in the wake behind me. I blinked away tears as I saw Party’s hurt face in my mind. “Serves that son of a bitch right,” I muttered to myself. “God, such an ass hole…”

Luckily for me, the Black was in the same direction as Mexico, and I needed to stop there for gas, food, ect. I also wanted to say goodbye to Shot Fire. I put my iPod on the seat next to me, and turned it on, blaring music through my headphones so loud I didn’t need to put the headphones on.

I reached the Black in an hour, making a bee line to Shot Fire’s place, getting the stuff I needed and putting it in the truck before I went to her room. I had finished putting the stuff in the truck when I saw a white flash on the horizon. Instinctively, I pulled out my ray gun and aimed at the flash. I had begun to pull the trigger when I heard, “Vi!”
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