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12 Delusional

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Violet Rage dies... Then comes back.

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I felt delusional.

Ain’t no way that’s Party running up to me from a Drac bike. Last time I checked, Party didn’t have one, and I had left the one I had stolen in the desert when I fell asleep on Party…

I sighed. It was going to take longer than three years of Mexican solitude to forget about California. I kept my gun raised at the flash, knowing the odds for me that it was Party were slim. I continued to ever so slightly when the flash materialized into focus.

“Violet!” Party said, running up to me. I narrowed my eyes and shot a beam. Party jumped to the side and stopped. “What the hell?!” he said, stalk-walking over to where I was standing, preparing to fire again. I raised a second time, aiming at Party, but he was so close to me at this time he lunged for me and caught my legs, making me fall backwards and shooting into the air. The blast thankfully defied gravity, and continued into the blue sky, the sun making the blast seem like an invisible white blur against the sun’s UVA’s.

Everything went in slow motion again, for the second time in three days. My hair flew in front of my face, and my scarf creeped off my neck into the air above me. I shut my eyes, enjoying the weightlessness. I pulled my arms together in front of my slowly, wrapping around me. I had begun to open my eyes again when I landed on the hard dirt we called ground, landing on my back, rebounding, and hitting my head hard.

I opened my eyes, looking at a blue sky. I blinked a few more times, making sure it was really there. I never saw blue skies in Battery City, and this was a very rare sight. I began to sit up, unwrapping my arms from around my body, and I fell right back down. I felt… Pain? This wasn’t good. I needed to go see one of Battery City’s doctors as soon as I got off work for the day. I attempted to raise myself again, but this time a man with red hair came over to me and held me down lightly.

“Vi? You feelin’ alright?” the man asked, and I blinked at his question. The man cursed and stood up, 5’ 9’’ above where I was laying on the ground, trying to block the pain in my head. The man held out his hand for me, and I grabbed it, slowly reaching for it. He pulled me up carefully, and I noted his worried expression. “You seriously need to lose the pills, Vi,” the man said, going to an army truck parked twenty feet away. He leaned into the truck through an open window and came out with a bottle in hand. “Drink this,” he said, handing the bottle to me.

I looked at him, then the bottle, then raised the lips of the bottle to mine. I took a delicate sip, so as not to choke on the pain radiating through my skull, and looked back at the man with the red hair.

“Vi?” he tried, but I still felt like Jennifer Cosby, in Battery City and under a blue sky. I blinked at him, and looked around me. I found out I was not in Battery City. Rather, I was in a desert, cars and motorbikes parked around me. I turned back to the red haired man, and he walked over to me, grabbing my arm tenderly. He began to walk, me in tow, to a building I hadn’t noticed behind a group of cars. I tried to match the man’s pace, but he was walking very fast. I began jogging beside him, his hand still grabbing my arm.

The red haired man pulled me into the large building, where I was stared at in weird ways from people dressed was weird as their stares. Nobody wore the black and white business uniforms like in Battery City. Everyone had some blast of color on them. I followed the red haired man us the stairs to the right of the entrance of the large building, and we he walked off the stairs when we reached the fourth level. This level looked like a mini version of the hospital in Battery City, from which I had only seen pictures from. I felt eyes on me as the red haired man dragged me up to a desk where a lady with short black hair and blue eyes sat.

“Party Poison!” the lady said, voice high. “What brings you here? You always patch yourself up.”

“No time for play, Iced Blast. I need to get the Dr. Mood Craves ASAP,’ the man with the red hair said, letting go of my arm. “Violet needs the Backup.”

The lady with the short hair’s eyes widened, and she stood up hastily from her fold up chair and ran for a doctor. She came back with a doctor, and nodded to the man with the red hair.

The doctor looked at me funny as he sat me down on a table with a pillow. I folded my hands across my lap and sat patiently.

“Oh wow, Vi’s gone very delusional, hasn’t she?” the doctor said to the red haired man. “She’s folding her hands in her lap.”

The man with the red hair tried to chuckle but was too serious for the comment. “She needs the Backup, Mood. She fell… and something in her head clicked or something…” The red haired man took deep breaths. “She thinks she’s a person in Battery City, controlled by the pills. She’s not showing any signs of remembrance when I say her name. Watch.” The man with the red hair turned towards me, staring me in the eyes. “Violet Rage?” he asked, still looking at me.

I blinked.

The doctor sighed. “I hate doing the Backup, but since it’s you, Party, fine.” The doctor took my arm like the red haired man did and led me to the back of the mini hospital, laying me on a table and gathering up tubes and wires. I watched the doctor as he buzzed around me, strapping me to the table and hooking me up to the wires and tubes. I breathed calmly as the doctor turned on a machine that began beep with my heartbeat. Beep… Beep… Beep…

The man with the red hair looked at the doctor. “Will it work?” he asked, a worried look on his face. He was scratching his neck and his eyes looked moist.

“Don’t worry,” the doctor said. “Vi’s strong enough to make it through.” The doctor looked at me. “Don’t worry Violet Rage, we’ll get you back.”

I blinked as the doctor pushed a button on the heart machine and sent a needle into my vein on my right arm. I winced in pain, wondering why I could feel the pain when I was taking the BL/ind pills. They were supposed to take away emotions and pain. I began to feel something coursing through my veins, and I thought it was the substance the doctor had injected into my veins. I blinked, and my eyebrows knitted together. I realized I was mad at BLI for not taking my pain away. I hate them, I thought, and I looked at the two men staring at me, one I recognized with red hair… I softly moaned and put my head back on the table, wanting nothing more than another BL/ind pill.

The guy I recognized took a step towards me, and I scooted up a little on the table I was on. I wasn’t able to move an inch before my right arm screamed in pain and despair. I looked at it, and saw it was strapped to the table. I looked at my other wrist and saw it was also strapped to the table. I looked at my feet and they were strapped too, bending away from each other. My eyes grew wide and I began to struggle against the straps holding me fast.

“This is---- behavior for---- returning Killjoys,” a voice said somewhere, and I looked at the direction it came from. A man in a white lab coat was looking at me, talking with his hands. I frowned, some shard of a memory coming back to me and hitting my in the head like a full force truck. I remembered something about a full force truck, and I randomly smiled.

“Violet?” The man I recognized walked over to my side.

I looked up at him, scared he was going to hurt me like in the memories slowly coming back, and I tried to back away from him as best I could. “Please… Don’t hurt me again, Tim,” I said, thinking he was going to harm me again.

The man I called Tim grew misty eyed and walked back to the corner of the room. I calmed, knowing he couldn’t hurt me like he used to if he was on the other side of the room. Another memory hit me, and I saw that the man I called Tim wasn’t Tim. Tim had black hair and an angular face. This man had red hair and kind eyes. I shut my eyes tightly, trying to remember the man’s name. It started with the letter p, I knew that much.

The realization hit me so hard I jerked back on the table. Party Poison walked over to me, worried, and I looked at my strapped appendages, frowning. “Mind getting me out of this, Party?” I asked him, and Party did this happy cry that didn’t sound like him. I shrugged, and looked at the other man in the room. “Hi, it’s a pleasure to be meeting you, but can you tell me what the fuck is going on?” I said to him, making him smile.

“Violet Rage?” the man asked, and I nodded, eyes wide and a smirk on my face. “Welcome back. I’m Dr. Mood Craves, and I hope I never have to see you again for what just happened.”

I tilted my head and turned towards Party. “Party, what just happened?” I asked, full of questions that somebody needed to answer. I had a feeling the steering wheel of my truck wouldn’t be able to answer them, too.

Party looked at me, a smile on his face. He walked over to me, smiling hugely, and I couldn’t help but smile a small smile back at him. I never saw Party grin like this, and it was contagious. “Violet, you just came back to us,” Party said, undoing the straps on my arms. “You had thought you were a citizen of Battery City,” Party said, at my feet, undoing those straps. “I almost thought I lost you,” Party looked up at me, and I crawled down the table to give him a hug. I felt tears go through my shirt, and I knew Party was crying.

Dr. Mood Craves coughed, and I went over and hugged him too, catching him off guard. He stood there for a second, grumbling, “A simple thank you would have been perfect,” but he hugged me back. I don’t know why, but everything seemed so out of place I needed to touch people to make sure they weren’t.

“Party, gracias,” I said, climbing off the table and walking out of the room I was in. “Dr. Mood Craves, gracias too,” I called over my shouder as Party slipped his arm through mine and smiled.

“I’ll tell you what happened when we get down to your truck,” Party said, suddenly a little nervous, because he was scratching his neck.

I nudged Party in the ribs. “Tell me now,” I pleaded, my best puppy eyes decorating my face.

Party sighed. “Violet, youwererunningawayfrommetoMexicobecausewehadafight, and youwentofftoinyourtruck Mexicoorbust, andIrememberedyourmotorcycleintheDeathMachinesoIjumpedonitandrodeafteryou. WhenIhadgothere, youhadraisedyourguntoshootme, andactuallydidshootatmeonetime, butthenIlungedforyou, grabbingyourfeet, andIpulledyoudownandyourheadhitthegroundhard. Whenyoucamebacktotheworld, causeyouwereoutforfiveminutes, youdidn’trememberathing, andthoughtyouwereinBatteryCity. Itookyouuptolevel4, whereDr.MoodCravesis, andwehadtodotheBackuptobringyouback.” Party took another deep breath. “You don’t know how hard it was to watch you come back…” Party trailed off, eyes wet.

I looked at Party, bits and pieces of my memory still returning. I remembered the fight, though not what it was about. I shook my head, trying to stop that memory, but it came back to me, making me stop. Party had gotten mad at me because I didn’t want my life anymore, then I had the asthma attack, but I was saved by Moonstruck. I thanked him for saving my life, and Party got mad because he thought I didn’t want my life in the first place. I got angry, shut down, and left. I blinked back tears as I remembered how Party had hurt me. I turned towards Party, who was watching me as I remembered the fight. “Why then?”


“Why’d you follow me?”

“Because I knew I was an ass… And I can’t live without you, Violet Rage. You have become my life.”
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