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Chapter 18

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What will people think?

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As the car neared the venue for the show, Ashley became more and more nervous. What would people think when they saw her and Taylor walking the carpet together? Practically all HANSON fans knew that Taylor was dating Megan. They had been photographed together. The break-up between them was so recent that almost no one would know about it. Would they now think that she was dating Taylor? She smiled a little at the thought. That wouldn't be such a bad thing in her book. But what about Taylor's? How would that look in his book? Oh well, too late to worry about that now, because they had just arrived.

Taylor looked out the window of the window of the limo at the crowd of people, then back at Ashley. How dumb he was to not have realized sooner how in love with her he was. She was always the one constant in his life, especially these past few days with the whole Megan issue. Oh, Megan. What had he been thinking when he started dating her? He should have picked up on the fact that Ashley hadn't liked Megan, he just didn't want to see it. The looks those two sometimes passed between each other were almost catlike. He just thought it was a woman thing. Except, he only thought that looks like that happened because of jealousy. He knew why Megan had been jealous, but what about Ashley? Could it be that she felt the same way about him as he did about her? He didn't know, but as his door was opened and he stepped out of the car, he reached back for Ashley, he vowed to find out.

Hey all. Here is the next chapter. It's short, I know, just like a lot of chapters in this story. So because of that, I'm posting another one after this, so enjoy!!
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