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Chapter 3

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Jared gets into a situation

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Katie's POV

Katie recognized Jared's voice immediately, and she had never been happier to hear his voice. The man got off of her and turned toward Jared, and Katie remembered the knife.

"Jared, be careful, he has a knife," she yelled at him.

Jared looked at her with disbelief when she spoke. "Katie?!" He was too busy looking at her to see the man with the knife advancing toward him.

"Jared, look out," Katie screamed, but as she did, she saw the man jump at Jared, the flash of silver from the knife, and heard Jared scream.

Jared's POV

Jared heard Katie scream, and then everything seemed to go in slow motion. He saw the attacker jump towards him, but his mind didn't register until the last second. He tried to move out of the way, but the knife connected with his left arm. Jared yelled out in pain and fell to the ground, grabbing the attacker, also taking him to the ground. The pain in his arm was so intense it almost blinded him. He opened his eyes to see the attacker getting to his feet. Jared was in too much pain to follow suit, so he stuck out his foot as the attacker tried to run past, once again bringing him to the ground. With as much strength as he could muster, Jared got on his knees facing the attacker, and with his good arm, sung back, and hit him as hard as he could, knocking him out. Jared fell back to the ground; all energy drained, and closed his eyes.

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