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A Frerard Poem

by CosmicZombie 12 reviews

my first poem..please read? :)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2011-03-15 - Updated: 2011-05-21 - 219 words

okay, so i've been thinking about writing some poetry for a while, and after reading cup-full-of-blood's (awesome) poems, i finally got the guts to put this up. it has no names, but it's written from Frank's point of view and it's about Gerard...just a cute little frerard poem really, but it's probably kinda shit seeing as i've never done anything like this before haha! anyway, please let me know what you think?? i'm kinda nervous about posting this!

I see you; your dreamy jade eyes, sparkle and shine,
enthusiasm, love, and dreams personified,
your sweet cherry lips, smiling, soft, divine,
round mine I know, will never entwine.
your raven hair, as velvet black as midnight,
that tickles your cheeks; wispy cobwebs,
silky black on smooth white.
I see you: every time, my heart flutters,
my cheeks flush, yet I can barely murmur,
how you mean so much, and never can i tell you,
how beautiful you shine,
the biggest, brightest star in my galaxy,
and you can never be mine.

what do you think?? please please R&R...i want to know if it's any good- please tell me if it's shit or not! thanks for reading :)

CosmicZombie xo

p.s. i can't think of a name for this...if you have any ideas i'd be really grateful :)
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