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chapter twelve

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Make a saint of me!

chapter twelve

I sat around fiddling with my fingers all day at work, the doctor I was growing to like (Dr. Mills) kept on asking me what was wrong but I just shrugged and walked away. At lunch Mikey rang but I ignored it I know Richie will turn up soon and when he does I won't be able to just tell him no. I only had an hour left and I could go home so I tried to spend this time making a decision did I go back to Bobs and just see what happened or go back to Brooklyn. Each time I found a positive for one I found a positive for the other I was so confused I needed water and got up to go to the water machine near my desk. I felt like the world was spinning and I started to shake, shooting pains were in my chest and I was starting to cry. The cup in my hand fell to the floor spilling water everywhere "Jasey!" I heard a nurse shout and soon she was holding me up as my body continued to shake and I cried. "What's going on?" I asked feeling like a child as the nurse sat me down and was handing me tissues "its just a panic attack sweetie" she said, she looked to be in her late forties and her hair was held back in a tight bun. I felt stupid I knew what a panic attack was but this felt worse, I shook my head at the nurse "it is, they always feel worse than they are" she said mothering me, I looked up at the clock on the wall it was 3:00pm and time for me to go. "I'm sorry but I have to go" I said grabbing my bag and leaving through the automatic doors my legs shaking underneath me, I could see Bobs car and headed towards it until "hey Jasey, haven't been home in a while have we?!" I heard the voice it sounded like the hissing of a snake. Every bone in my body screamed run, but I didn't I just stood dead in the middle of the sidewalk paralysed by the sound of Richies voice.

He grabbed my arm and marched me in the opposite direction of Bobs car, I knew the wrong idea would be to scream so I kept my mouth shut until Richie threw me into the passenger seat of his shit little car. "What do you want?" I spat turning away and looking out the window as the car stayed still, parked in the hospital loading bay. "You know what I want Jasey, you could make a lot of money doing your mothers job" he said stroking me, I pushed him away and snorted. "I'm never gonna be like her and I will never work for you" I was getting angry and fidgeting in my seat "but you were good for me" he purred like I should be proud, I felt the anger rise in me. "No I fucking wasn't, you raped me there's a difference" I shouted and I watched his face look in shock at my outburst he stopped stroking me and turned away looking out the front window. "I heard about your little boyfriend, does he know about us?" Richie started to stroke me again only for me to push his hand away "I've told you, you raped me there's no us!" I screamed. He backed off a little and I watched him move his arms to his sides, it was weird I hoped he was backing off. "And I'd do it again" he mumbled and I reached for the door "don't you fucking dare!" He shouted grabbing me and sitting me on top of him. I went to punch him but I felt the pointed object at my back "you try and leave and we'll be paying a visit to your cousin Bob then your little boyfriend and you can watch me cap a bullet in their heads" he made it sound like he was doing me a favour, I wanted to cry but I turned it to anger. He ripped at my uniform and un did his trousers bringing out his member and placing me on it I punched him over and over as he thrusted up, my heart broke as I thought of Mikey. "Jasey?" I heard Bob scream.

Before I knew it Bob had opened the door and I was lying on the ground next to the car. "Jay how could yo-" Bob was shouting at me until I pointed towards the car "you fucking bastard!" He shouted dragging Richie out the car as he frantically searched for the keys, Bob gave him a kick in the ribs and some good blows to the head before I screamed "No!". I heard a gun shot and everything went slow like in the movies, I crawled to Bobs side "your a sick son of a bitch you know that?" I screeched watching Bob bleed, the shot to his leg making him cry out. "Does your boyfriend know you swear like that?" Richie cackled turning to get back in his car "leave Mikey alone!" I screamed as he drove away. Bob gripped my hand as I told him to stay with me, I couldn't lose him and I started to pray.
I was starting to think I was wasting my time we were only out the back of the hospital but I couldn't leave Bob. I started to scream out as I gripped on to Bobs hand and then my prayers were answered "is that you Jasey?" I heard the familiar voice of Dr. Mills "please help me, he won't stop bleeding" I pleaded as the doctor ran towards me and started pressing buttons on his PDA. "He's gonna be okay, my colleagues are on their way" he reassured taking my hand out of Bobs and rolling Bob over and started to blot at the blood with a tissue.

They took Bob away on a cart, I had never heard him be so quiet and he hadn't made any noise for a while. I dialled Mikeys number crossing my fingers hoping I wasn't too late, it went straight to answer machine "Mikey its me, get out of your house go to Franks, just do as I say please I love you" I could just about breathe, what if Richie had already got there. I shut my eyes for a second to breathe and ran into the hospital in search of my cousin, according to a girl in reception he was being taken into surgery. I ran my finger through my hair and retreated to the womens bathroom, Mikey still hadn't rang back I looked in the mirror my uniform covered in blood and ripped in random places. I took the spare top I kept in my bag and put it on, my hands shaking, my trousers were ripped too but I tried to push it to the back of my head and walked back out to the reception. I looked around trying to find someone who might know how long Bob was gonna be but nobody knew, I had to try and ring Mikey again or else it wouldn't just be Bob in surgery.

Authors note:
Hey, sorry if my chapters are short I'm trying my best to make them longer. ;) hope peeps are enjoying
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