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A story written about a group of teens coming to understand themselves and their in power.

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It was an average day. The sun was shining, the birds chirping. Clouds floating on their merry way. Children were in their classrooms learning things needed for the future. Cassie was not having an average day. She woke up late, missed her bus. She wasn’t able to eat breakfast and earned a detention for not being on time for class.

Cassie slumped against her locker, and started to bang the back of her head against the metal grating. “You know your losing what brain cells you have doing that” Cassie stopped to look at who was speaking to her. “Ugh I don’t care. Today is going horribly.” she addresses the speaker, who gives her a questioning look, “I mean it Seth. I was late because I woke up late. I didn’t get to eat. And just...grr” Seth smiled at her and patted her shoulder, “It will be alright Cass. You still coming over tonight to help me with my German?” Cassie sighed, “Yeah but only if you help me with my Spanish.” Seth grinned “I may be able to do that mi Amiga. Come on lets get to band.” “Alright let me grab my...damn it I didn’t grab my lunch.” Cassie said before going back to banging her head til she felt a squishy object blocked her from injury. She looked at the hand, then the arm connected to it, then the body, finally seeing who it belonged to.

Cassie was blinded by the girls smile. “You know Cassandra if you keep doing that your going to cause permanent damage. And leave us humble people without your brilliant presence.” Cassie sighed, “Right Keagan whatever you say.” this caused Keagan to smirk, “I do say...What the bloody hell are you wearing Sethrey?”

Cassie turned to look at her friend, and then started to giggle. “wow, just wow Seth. Only you would wear something like that.” Seth just hmpfted and looked down, “What's wrong with what I’m wearing?” Seth stood there in a lime green mini skirt over bright aqua skinny jeans. He had on a light blue techno hoodie vest with an aqua tie-dye tank-top underneath. His sneakers were a pair of old, beat up lime green and black converse. His hair spiked in blue and green 2 inch spikes. “Plus your one to talk Keagan you techno punk freak.” He remarked, smirking at the Scottish girl.

Cassie looked over at her other friend. Keagan was dressed in a way that only would make Gothic gryffindors proud. Under her black and red kilt she had on black fishnet stockings tucked into a pair of knee high black converse laced with red shoelaces. She had on a black long-sleeved fishnet shirt, looped on her thumbs. Over her fishnet shirt she had a red hoodie tank-top. Her long black hair braided stopping just above her kilt. Her bright blue eyes lined in black, just like Seth’s are. Her lips bright red from her lipstick. Keagan just rolled her eyes, “oh please, Sethrey like I care what you think.”

She looked over at Cassie, giving her a once over, “Your not looking bad today, Cassandra.” Cassie looked down at her clothes. She had on black skinny jeans tucked into knee high, lace up, flat bottomed boots, her jeans had a rainbow spiked belt held together with a pentagram belt buckle. Under an oversized, black unzipped hoodie, which had a large Hogwarts crest on the front and her last name on the back, Cassie had a black tank-top with a snake underneath the words 'Don’t Tread On Me'. Around her neck, she wore a slytherin tie. Her black hair pulled back into a ponytail. Cassie snorted, “Only because I had this,” motioning to her outfit, “set out last night.” Keagan smiled, “Either way, you look nice. And I must say, Darling that belt buckle looks rather fetching.” Seth bopped Keagan on the arm, “Of course it does you loser! You gave it to her. Now come on we really need to get to class or we are going to be late and I really don’t think Cass wants that.”

Cassie looked at her watch and groaned. She quickly grabbed her music folder and drum sticks. Then slammed her locker shut, “Seth's right. We need to get going. You walking with us Keagan?” Keagan nodded, “Yeah, I have detention again and its near the band room.” Seth shook his head as they started walking towards the band room, “Again? What was it this time? Protesting the gym uniforms?” Cassie smiled a small smile, “Something needs to be done about them, those uniforms are horrid.” It was Keagan's turn to nod, “Completely agreed. Those blasted things are disgraceful! And no you poofy git, I was caught snogging in the bathroom.”

Seth abruptly stopped walking and grabbed Keagan's arm, “You were caught snogging in the bathroom? Snogging as in sucking face?” Confusion filled Keagan's eyes and face. Cassie giggled at her friends face, “sucking face is Seth’s way of making out.” Keagan still was confused, while Seth face palmed himself and shook his head. “to kiss and such,” Cassie explained further. A look of understanding dawned on the Scottish girl's face, “Ah... In that case, yes Sethrey, I was caught 'sucking face' in the bathroom.” As she said this she used air quotes around sucking face.

Seth's eyes grew wide and he sorta started bouncing, much like a child on sugar, “Well, who was it? Do I know her? Or was it a him? Was he good looking? Do you think he was secretly gay? Can I have his number? Unless its a girl, then I don’t want the number.”

Cassie shook her head at her friend's antics, while looking at her watch. Upon seeing the time, she grabbed Seth’s arm and pulled him towards the door, “We gotta go Keagan. We'll see you at lunch.” to Seth she said, “Come on, we need to set up still.” Seth sighed and looked like someone took his chocolate stash, “Alright.” Then directed at Keagan he said, “I expect details at lunch!”

Keagan just shook her head and turned toward the detention room, muttering about American idioms and nosy idiot poofs.
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