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Party isn't feeling too good...

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Party Poison's POV.

I knew I shouldn't have gone but I had to see if it was true. Shockwave was now a Battery City resident, completely oblivious to the lies BL/ind fed her on a regular basis.
But what really caught my attention was the marks on her skin, black and purple bruises littered her arms, alongside bloodshot eyes that had lost their rebellious shine. Korse, her father, had been hurting her and I wasn't around to stop it from happening. Her fragile frame was battered and in some areas cut; no father should treat their child like that. Shockwave, now Sara, was his own flesh and blood and he treated her with disgust and distaste...I'd never do that.

I shouldn't have gone. I'm not even properly healed yet, the guys and Deathdefying are gonna be so mad when they find out I left. I'm still supposed to be hooked to that blood pack thingy but I had to see Shockwave for myself; to prove she was really gone... No... don't think like that! I will get her back!

I was still sobbing, even when I had reached the Diner, and that was a four hour drive from Battery City. Some of my stitches had split and I could feel the blood soaking into the bandages under my shirt.
Her name was engraved into me, a constant reminder of how I had let another child go. I saw her as my daughter, as one of us. When she smiled it seemed like everything was okay again, even when things couldn't get any worse for us.
Everytime a stitch bled or split, it felt as if I was sharing her pain. I knew that somewhere, beneath all the drug infused toxins was Shockwave, trying to get out but not knowing how.

I turned the headlights off and cut the engine, my stomach had been bleeding for an hour or so now and I felt faint; all my energy spent.

My car door opened to unviel an unamused Kobra Kid and Deathdefying. Kobra undid my belt buckle,
"And where the fuck do you think you've been? Do you have any idea how worried I was?" My brother glanced down at my shirt that was starting to dampen as the blood seeped through, "And now you're fucking bleeding! How long for?!"
My words came out in croaky notes and scraping noises that sounded really unhealthy.
"Battery City, had to see her for own self. Dun need you ta worry bout me. And I've bled for a few hours at least...I think..."

My vision was murky and I just fell forward, taking a sudden interest in the dashboard,
"Why hullo there mister Dashboard," I slurred, "That's a lovely radio you have there... Have you met miss Steering Wheel? I think she likes you...a lot." I giggled, this was so much fun. I heard a moan from the side of me,
"Ah jeez, he's gone delerios. He's lost a bit too much of his blood again and it doesn't help that he is exhausted beyond oblivion..." Doctor Deathdefying looked at me, concern written all over his features. I smiled at him drunkenly and that only made him more anxious.

"Come on, Party." He said taking me under the arms, "Let's get you fixed."

Kobra Kid's POV.

Party's arm caught the horn on the way out of the car and he giggled madly, performing imitations of the sound at the top of his voice. Deathdefying took him by the arms and I took him by the legs. He thrashed weakly,
"Noooo, I have to help mister Dashboard get a girlfriend!" He whined, pulling a pair of puppy eyes. Ignoring him, we took Party into the Diner and laid him down on the couch.
Party glared furiously at the ceiling in his semi-concious state,
"Kobraaaaaa," he pined, "Tell the ceiling to stop staring at me, I don't like it."

I took his hand in mine, I hated seeing my brother hurt so bad.

Deathdefying hitched him up to another bloodpack whilst Party started an argument with the lampshade,
"What did you just say 'bout meee?" he slurred angrily at the poor innocent lamp, "Fuckin' lampshade, I'll kill youuu..."
He made a sluggish grab for the lamp and missed completely,
"Lucky bastard... I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME!!!!" he suddenly roared, jolting Jet and Ghoul awake.
I put a hand firmly over his mouth as Dr. D injected a painkiller into my brother. Party relaxed, his body slackening into the threadbare cushions and he dropped the argument with the lampshade.

Deathdefying cut Party's shirt up the middle with a rusted pair of scissors, snipping through the blood soaked bandages as well. The name 'Shockwave' engraved in his stomach was bleeding from the torn nylon stitching. The Doc went for much more stroger stitches and used some sort of metal instead.

Party whimpered as the needle pushed in and out of each gash, he began to cry, but not from pain,
"I just want her back..." he sniffled.

I stroked his fringe back from his eyes to see them filled with so much pain and grief,
"We'll get her back, Party." I soothed, wiping the tears that spilled onto his cheeks. He smiled weakly and let his eyes roll back into his head and began to snore lightly as the morphine took hold. Deathdefying pulled the last stitch tight and clipped the sharp edges with a tiny pair of pliars. He hooked my brother up to another blood pack and rebandaged Party's mutilated chest after cleaning it thouroghly with disinfectant, he then stalked off to wash his tools in the small bathroom.

I'll try to get her back bro, I really will...
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