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One-shot. What would happen if Alice had indeed died? (Disturbing. Very disturbing)

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Author:: Sorbet
Warnings:: Gore/Disturbing visuals
Original Creation Date:: 2/19/10
Author Notes:: For a friend. (Can’t remember her name :x)

"Off with her head!"

The Queen of Hearts shouted, pointing her pudgy finger over at the blonde, now small again Alice. What a mess. Eating the remains of the mushroom, growing in size and right in the middle of her ranting, boom, she shrunk back to her original size. Seeing all the inhabitants rushing towards her, she ran. The images around her began to swirl and disfigure. She ran over to the doorknob, trying to pry it open. "It's still locked." He informed the girl, annoyed by her prying. "But, you're already on the other side." He said and opened his mouth. Alice's eyes widened as she saw herself, sleeping under the tree. "Oh please! Alice! Alice! Wake up!" She screamed, banging on the door, but her other self stayed fast asleep.

"Please! Please! Alice you must wake up!"

She yelled again. The other Alice shifted a little, and Alice was sure that she was waking up, but all that happened was the girl coughed out blood. Alice's eyes widened as she tasted the metal essence of her own blood on her tongue. Shaking in fear, she looked down and saw the head of a spear sticking out her stomach. Then came the pain. She gasped and banged on the door. "Alice! Alice!" She screamed. The Queen laughed manically as one of the cards raised his spear again. "It's over brat." With one last scream of her name, the spear came down on Alice's neck, and all was silent. Alice's body sagged on the grass, her head rolling and Cheshire Cat stopped it with his paw, snickering. He noted the blood entangled in her golden locks but said nothing. On the other side, Alice's sister screamed and ran off. The Queen shook her head and looked at the body.

"The heart. Give me the girl's heart to be sure that she will never come back to life."

She hissed and the cards stared at the Queen with a look of concern. She was being a little darker then usual, but still. One brave card (or at least one with a strong stomach) ripped open the girl's chest, stared at the rather small heart before yanking it out, blood spurting everywhere. The other cards held their stomachs in disgust, afraid they’d hurl. However, one death glare from the Queen had them feeling sick for a completely different reason.

"Let's go."

The Queen scoffed and left the body on the ground. Minutes past, the door fell back into a deep slumber, and the sky went gray and foggy. Stepping out of the mist, Cheshire stared at the dead body, a wicked gleam in his eyes, lips curled into a twisted smile. "Marvelous." He half-laughed, half-whispered as he walked away. He came back a few minutes later with some black thread and a needle in his mouth, Tweedledum and Tweedledee following. They hadn't changed much, except now they had the menacing smiles that would pop up every now and then plastered, unashamed on their pudgy faces. Cheshire coughed out the thread and needle and looked at the two.

"You know what to do."

He hissed and then ran off into the forest. Tweedledum and Tweedledee sat down and took Alice's head and Tweedledum began to sew it back onto her body while Tweedledee began to sew her lips shut. Cheshire cat searched through the woods before he found him; The Mad Hatter. What a perfect idea. A grin stretched across his face and then he ran back over to the others. Alice was all sewed up, her lips crimson red with black thread weaving them together so she couldn't speak. Her neck stained with blood, but sewed up nonetheless. The gash where her heart was ripped out was still wide open; he grimaced. She wouldn’t last very long; time for the girl to get up. Cheshire cat walked over to Alice and tapped her forehead with his paw.

Her eyes snapped open and nothing but pure pain could be seen in them. She stared at Cheshire and was about to say something, but it came out as a muffled 'mmf' because her mouth had been sewed shut. Her eyes widened and she managed to stand up, even if her legs were wobbly and shaking. She was yelling something at the three of them, but no one could make out what the fuck it was. That's when she fell back to her knees, because she was getting weak. Cheshire cat walked up to her and her eyes showed pure hatred. It was all that cat's fault! If he hadn't went and played that prank on the Queen, maybe then she could've avoided all of this.

"Alice. You have no heart; continue to struggle and you'll die a lot quicker than intended."

He said, his voice dark and alluring. Alice's eyes widened as she stared at the gap where her heart used to be. She wanted to throw up, but she didn’t. Because she might wind up swallowing it.

"Come. I know where to get you a heart."

He hissed, finding no further need to talk and started walking. Alice stared after him for a while before she stood up and started walking, following, Tweedledee and Tweedledum on both of her sides. She wondered if the twins knew what she was getting herself into. Maybe they had helped Cheshire the whole time she was here, paid the door not to let her through. Drugged her body…anything. She knew they weren’t innocent, that much she was certain of. Hugging herself, she walked a little faster. After a few minutes they were back deep in the forest and Cheshire cat laughed. "There's your new heart." He said, pointing over to something. Alice moved closer and her eyes widened as she saw what he was pointing at; Mad Hatter. Confused for only a second, she shot a glare over at the purple cat. However, she was so weak that she winced and fell to her knees. Dammit all. Lifting her head, she looked at him with a expression that screamed ‘Seriously?’

Cheshire merely chuckled and tossed Alice a knife.

"How badly…do you want to live?"

He asked and then disappeared, along with Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Alice was silent for a while, getting weaker and weaker as she thought it over. Slowly, she walked over to Mad Hatter, who was drinking tea. He looked over at Alice, startled. "Why Alice! You've changed. New hair? Whoo hoo hoo!" He laughed, slapping his knee as he stood up and walked over to her. Alice stared at him silently; what should she do? Kill him and live? Or simply except fate and die? It seemed like the right thing to do; Mad Hatter has done nothing to her. A sharp pain from her missing heart made the girl wince. However, she had done nothing either when her life was so violently taken away…

"Alice! What's-"

He was cut off when Alice stabbed him in the stomach, making him sputter blood and fall back. She took the knife out and put it to his neck while he begged for his life and then slit it. Her eyes were glittering brightly; she…she had enjoyed that. It gave her a vivid type of rush. Cheshire cat laughed manically; he knew it, he knew Alice was just as mental and heartless as everyone else. He walked over and grinned darkly.


He said, ripping out the Mad Hatter's heart with his teeth and slamming it in Alice's chest. She gasped, sort of, as she was lifted into the air by said heart. Her eyes turned from sky blue to crimson red, her lips turning midnight black, the stitching on them gone. Almost as if her lips and the stitching had become one. The gash was sewn and she was placed back on her feet. Due to the Mad Hatter being, well, mad, it was only natural that Alice's sadistic side would be heightened. Cheshire smirked, in front of her. Or, rather, below her.

"Alice, I am now your master. You do what I say, when I say it."

He said calmly as Alice stared at him, un-amused, but didn't argue. Tweedledee and Tweedledum walked over and Alice narrowed her eyes and slit their throats, watching the two fall to the ground in a bloody pool. The sparkle was back in her eyes and she turned back to Cheshire, her eyes pleading. Cheshire merely nodded and Alice walked over to the bodies and bent down, putting some of the blood on her fingers and staring at it for a while and licked it lightly, then with more enthusiasm. She ripped out their hearts and devoured them like a beast more than a girl. Once she finished she licked her lips and looked over at Cheshire with beaming eyes. Despite the stitching off, she still couldn't speak.

"Go. But come back in an hour or so."

He demanded and she nodded and ran off.

"How lovely. There she is, killing every critter in Wonderland after just being killed herself. Ha. Irony."

He snorted. In an hour, just as was said, Alice came back, covered in scars and blood, the glitter in her eyes burning like an inferno, licking her lips. However, the most frightening thing is that she came back with a mask on her face. A mask made of the Queen’s face. Despite being rather sadistic himself, Cheshire shuddered. That was just too much. After ripping his gaze away from her face, he glanced at the heart she held in her delicate hands. He already knew who it belonged too, no need to ask about it. Still, it was quite shocking…and rather intriguing. He wanted to know; curious as a kitten.

"Alice…what did you do?"

He asked calmly and she grinned darkly. She closed her eyes and, suddenly, his world was spinning and he was witnessing the scene. It all felt so real. Cheshire smiled. “Psychic abilities too.” He mused before he shut his mouth and watched, with great pleasure, the scene before him.

"Alice! How are you alive?"
The Queen screamed, back pressed against a wall. Alice merely grinned and looked over at the last card living who, by the way, was shaking like a little bitch. She narrowed her eyes and watched as the card's eyes turned dark red. The card glared over at The Queen and stalked over and brutally claimed the Queen. Alice watched, the beam in her eyes becoming brighter, licking her lips. The card, once finished, stood up and Alice slit its throat. No real use for the little thing anymore. The Queen was on the ground, eyes red from crying so much, blood staining her dress; her own King hadn't been allowed with her, and yet the card…took her virginity so brutally that she couldn't speak. Alice walked over to the Queen and grinned as she took out a knife.

She proceeded to cut out the Queen's eyes, ignoring her screams and futile struggling.

Once they were out, she forced them down the Queen's throat. The Queen, by now, was shaking in fear. Taking the knife again, she took the knife and carefully cut off the Queen's face, again, ignoring her screaming. Once the skin was off, Alice knew that the Queen was close to dead because of all the blood loss. Grinning, she took the knife, and stabbed where the Queen heart was and ripped it out. The Queen gasped and, just as she was on the verge of death, Alice slit her throat. And that was the end of the Queen and Alice walked away, carrying the heart.

Again, Cheshire’s world spun and he was standing in front of Alice again. Despite the creeping feeling of nausea in the pit of his stomach, he beamed. That had to have been the most amazingly terrifying thing he had ever witnessed; and he had never been more proud of the blonde brat. Or, rather, the black-haired huntress.

"Very good Alice."

He said and Alice grinned and devoured the Queen's heart, savoring the flavor. Cheshire and Alice walked over to the doorknob and looked through and saw the Alice outside looking the same as Alice did now. Alice's sister was hugging the body, crying.

"Time to go."

He said and Alice looked over at Cheshire cat, worried. At first, he didn’t understand what she wanted, but then he realized that he had said he was her master. Which would make her his slave; and a slave couldn’t go anywhere without her master. Getting a slight thrill from having such an advantage, he nodded once.

"I'll be with you."

He stated, watching Alice's worry melt away. Again, the short thrill engulfed his body as he followed her. Opening the door, she stepped back into her other realm; her other body.

"Oh Alice! Alice!"

The sister cried as Alice's eyes snapped open. She vaguely noted that she did not like this body; she liked her other one. She never did like her blonde hair. She glanced up at her sister innocently. The sister looked down at her and smiled gratefully.

"Alice! You're alive!"

She screamed happily and put Alice back on her feet. The sister continued to scream and shout her happiness and Alice felt around in her pockets and gripped the knife. This woman was starting to irritate the life out of her, which was saying something, because she was already dead. Narrowing her eyes, she continued to listen to her sister spew useless words and grumbled. ‘Kill her Alice.’ Cheshire whispered in her ear, though the cat wasn’t visible. Still, didn’t need to tell her twice.

"Just wait until-"

She was cut off bitterly as Alice gripped her tongue and savagely sliced it off. The sister screamed, blood spilling from her lips. Alice narrowed her eyes and slit her sister's throat in annoyance. The sister fell to the soft grass, dead. Alice bent down and her fingers trailed across her sister's soft skin lovingly (they were related, after all) before she ripped open her chest and took the heart. She stared at it before she devoured it, loving the taste. She watched in amazement as her hair turned black and she went into the same state from before. Apparently, hearts kept her in this beautifully wicked state. She grinned; she wanted to look like this forever. Goal in mind, she stood up, feeling the warm air hit her face. Moments later, Cheshire appeared on her shoulder, the same grin plastered on his face as they disappeared into nothing. Only their smiles remained.

So many hearts; All the time in the world.
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