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new times, new life...definately!

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Sequel to new town, same old...maybe. Enjoy it my frerard tards!

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New town, same old…maybe- sequel.
Chapter 1
Frank’s p.o.v.
My name is Frank Anthony Iero, I’ve just finished school, I’m going to be a photographer- well, that’s what I’m on a college course for. I live with my 6 best friends and my soon to be husband, yeah, I’m gay. I’m also pregnant, which is a bit of a shocker, but I was born with, uhh, both organs. So ya know…. Did I also mention that me and my friends are immortal vampires?
It’s the first day of college and I’m nervous, even though all of my friends will be there to support me. Well, apart from Jackie, she has work. I’m an easy target though, I’m a short, gay, scruffy punk kid and now to top it all off I’ve gone and got pregnant. Smart move, yeah? Thought so.
We’re all on our way to the college now, Jackie’s driving us in her car before she goes to work. I’m very nervous, I’m chewing on my lip hard enough to make it bleed and my palms are sweating, I’m four months now- and I’m starting to show, so I’ve taken to wearing Ray’s and Jackie’s clothes and rolling up the sleeves and trouser legs. They don’t mind, they know why, so they let me- my friends are awesome like that. Riding in Jackie’s car is a bit squished, it’s a four seater sirocco, so five of us go in the back and two in the passenger seat, with one in the drivers seat, it may be a race car but somehow we manage to fit in it. It’s like a Tardis. We pull up at the college and my nerves have reached an all time high, I’m studying photography with Hollie (her other subject is English-she wants to write children’s books) and music with Mikey, Ray, Gerard and Bob. Gerard’s my boyfriend. Jackie comes round and opens the door for me, pulling me out off Gerard’s lap and then pulling Gerard out, before flipping the seat forwards for the rest to pile out. She gave us all a quick hug before jumping back in the car.
“Bye guy’s, have fun!” She said, sarcastically, “I’ll pick you up at three, call me if you need anything.” She started the engine, “Frank it will be fine, I promise.” She said as she zoomed down the road at a rather alarming speed. I just squeaked and took Gerard’s hand. Cheyenne took Bob’s hand and Mikey took Hollie’s. Ray walked in front- his girlfriend had just sped down the road at three times the legal limit, so he had no need to worry. Lot’s of people stared as we walked into the college campus, it was filled with jocks and blonde peroxide orange foundation slut’s. It was pretty much high school on a much bigger basis.
“FAG’S!” Someone screamed and I practically hid behind Gee. Gee was the nickname I used for Gerard.
“Yo, emo’s. Chucked yourself off any building’s recently?” Another screamed. We were showered with homophobic remarks, stereotypical comments and generally degrading and hateful language. A very large, very scary looking jock approached us and was about to speak. Before he had chance though, Ray’s fist had connected with the jock’s jaw and it made a large cracking sound as he fell to the floor, bleeding. My nostrils flared and my stomach lurched at the scent of fresh blood, but I held myself back. We’d all spent the whole of the Summer practising. I took a quick glance around, everyone was staring. It was odd for Ray to attack someone like that, he was usually a very nice, rather shy kind of guy. Not today though- by the looks of it.
“Listen up.” Ray spoke loud and clear, his voice echoing slightly, “Leave us alone and we leave you alone, okay? Because if you don’t, you all saw that big girl at the gate this morning?” People nodded their heads and mumbled, “Yeah, well, she’s my girlfriend and she’s not afraid to let your scrawny little lives slip through her fingers just as easily as the blood down her wrist or the poison down her throat.” Ray was growling now, his teeth bared to show he wasn’t joking. Everybody around us looked set to cry and go running to their Mothers. He nodded, seemingly pleased with himself and we walked into the college building just as the bell began to ring.
“I’ve got forensic science class, all the time! This is going to be awesome!” Cheyenne squeaked as we headed off to our home rooms.
“I’ve got photography then music.” I stated, I’d learnt the timetable already.
“I have art then music.” Gerard said, seemingly pleased with himself.
“Music all day.” Mikey grinned.
“Same. College rocks.” Ray’s grin was just as big.
“Me too, I better be able to drum sometime today.” Bob laughed as we walked through our common room doors, heading for the seats at the back. Our teacher was called Mrs. Foxglove, and by the looks of it- poison by name, poison by nature. She took the register and pronounced my name wrong, she said Frank Lero, it’s Iero- Eye-ear-oh. How hard is it? Apparently, very. We only had to stay in the common room for twenty five minutes, so it passed relatively quickly. So did most of the lessons, actually, I had fun. Although by lunch time, I was craving cake and Doritos, so my wonderful boyfriend pulled out his phone and rang Jackie as we found somewhere to sit. We went to the gate we came in this morning- back gate. We found a large oak tree which gave perfect shade, the area seemed deserted, so we thought it would be perfect.
Gerard sat down leaning against the tree and I lay my head in his lap, lying down and placing my hands on my stomach, rubbing it gently. I tilted my head to see Hollie and Mikey sitting across from us, Hollie’s head on Mikey’s shoulder and their hands entwined- they really were an awesome couple. Bob and Cheyenne were lying down, giggling like the love sick teenagers they were at something or other, and Ray was sprawled on his stomach, reading a Kerrang magazine.
“You okay, Frankie?” Gerard asked me, his voice was like an angels as he played with a strand of my brown-black mow hawk.
“I’m fine GeeGee.” I had a lot of pet names for my glorious husband to be.
“You hungry?” He asked and I nodded, he could read me like a book. We heard a loud thud and someone cursing from by the gate. When we looked over we saw Jackie picking herself up off the floor, she’d jumped the gate, she saw us and came rushing over, dropping down next to Ray.
“Hey guys.” She said as she chucked me a bag full of goodies.
“Thanks Jackie, you rock.” My happiness level soared as I sunk my teeth into a chocolate muffin.
“Dude, your covered in grease and oil!” Hollie laughed as she pointed at Jackie, who was wearing black denim overalls which were covered in grease, black doc martens, also covered in grease, hands stained black from oil and grease marks on her cheeks.
“True that. But so would you if you’d been lugging engines in and out of cars at a mechanics workshop all day.” Jackie giggled and wiped her hands down the back of Ray’s new T-shirt. He couldn’t see what she was doing so he thought she was being playful and began to purr and lean his head against hers. Mikey clamped a hand over his mouth to suppress and giggle and Cheyenne and Bob just looked at Ray with raised eyebrows. Well, he is rather peculiar, and that’s coming from me!
Lunch ended and the rest of our classes passed rather quickly, two hours of music sure is fun, even with another human kicking about inside you. Sorry, vampire, our child is going to be a vampire because we are both vampires. Jeez, this whole living un dead thing can get rather confusing!

read on, lovelies. There is a whole load more to come!!!
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