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Moving In

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Ashkie POV

I rolled my eyes and smiled as i pulled into the Starbucks parking lot. Gee asked me if i wanted anything and i said, "Just get me something. I like everything just hurry though. We can't let them find out we stopped." About 5 minutes later he came out with two coffees and we drove off happily drinking them. As soon as we got out of town I told Gerard to hit CD #1. He did and smiled when he realized it was a My Chemical Romance CD. For the rest of the trip we sang and stopped at every single Starbucks we saw.

As we neared the house we saw the moving van leaving and Mikey laughing at us. We pulled in and all the Starbucks cups fell out as we opened the doors. Mikey laughed even harder and said "Drink a little to much don't you think guys?" I smiled sheepishly and said "Ma..Ma..Maybe?" We all laughed as we brought the boxes into the house. Mikey then pointed to a couple of bags and said "That's some paint for you. I got Red, Black, and White." I thanked him and said "Ok i'm going to go paint my room and everything so you guys just stay here. You can't see it until i'm done."

When i got up to my room to paint i gasped. It was huge and the walls were pitch black. My bed was also huge and red and white. My desk was pretty big too and was bright white. I plugged my IPod in and got to work on the desk first. Painting black and red designs, doodles, and words like MCR, The Black Parade Is Dead, and a lot of other band names. After about 1:30 pm i was done with the desk and moved onto the bed. After about an hour i moved onto the walls. I painted a huge white and red logo for MCR that i had created and started to do little designs and lyrics from my favorite songs everywhere on the walls. In another hour i was done as well and waited 30 minutes for the paint to dry. Then i ran down to go get Gee and Mikey to show them.

They ran up and gasped with wide eyes at the site of my creation. They smiled and Mikey said "Oh wow! This is amazing. After we unpack Ashkie. We are going to go get you a whole new wardrobe." I smiled and said "Well we better start unpacking!" They both laughed as we headed up to my room. I smiled brightly and continued to unpack. They were both laughing and in one hour we finished unpacking.

I asked Mikey where we were going and he said "Dark Angel. That store is like where all of us get our clothes." I smiled and said, "Well lets hurry then!" Pretty soon after we pulled into the parking lot of a dark building and walked in. "Mac? You there?" Gerard called into the large store. Then i heard a voice say 'Be right there Gerard' and a man dressed in a white t-shirt that hand the bands logo on it and black pants walked in front of us.

"And who might this be?" Mac asked. I gave him a stare and said "I'm Ashkie Way. I'm their little sister." Mac looked at Gerard and Mikey who said, "It's true Mac. We didn't even know until three days ago when our mom told us. She's going to be living and rocking with us so she needs a new wardrobe."

Mac smiled and said, "Right this way Ms. Way." I smiled at him and followed him into the teen section. I was in heaven there! They had everything i could have ever dreamt of! Then around 10:30 pm Gerard said that it was time to go. I brought all of my stuff to the counter along with Mikey and Gerard's stuff and we checked out.

As we were driving home Gerard said that tomorrow i would get to meet the rest of the band. I smiled and started to hum a song i wrote thinking about everything that happened that day.
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