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We Have Reached Our Destination

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Frank POV

Damn this girl was an amazing drawer. As I had sort of interviewed her she was drawing some picture that she wouldn't let us see. Then she said she was going to take a nap and handed us the drawing. My mouth fell opened as I looked at the picture. It was the most detailed drawing I've ever seen! It also just so happened to be a scene from our music video 'Welcome To The Black Parade' and it also just so happens that we were on tour for the album 'The Black Parade.'

As I showed the rest of the guys they two were amazed. I looked at Gerard and notice that he was thinking really hard about something. So I said, "What are you thinking about?" He sort of just shrugged and said, "Just the tour. How are we going to introduce Ashkie?" We all thought about it until Mikey said, "How about we perform two songs then Ashkie starts to sing the next one when you introduce her?"

Gerard nodded his head and said, "Okay that sounds good. We'll go over it with her when she wakes up. For now lets get some sleep too. We don't want to be tired for the concert." We all nodded and slept for about an hour or so.

When I woke up everyone was still asleep except for Ashkie. She was drawing again with her headphones in. I could tell she had the volume on high since I could hear it as clear as ever. Some song that said something about Knives and Pens in it. I walked closed and took a look at her drawing. In the middle of the page was a black rose with thorns and the words 'Alone at Last' underneath it.

As she turned the page to start a new drawing I leaned down and hugged her. She jumped like 10ft in the air and screamed "Holy Fuck!" Gerard woke up and said, "What is the bus on fire?" Then he fell out of his bed and onto the floor screaming that the bus was on fire. Ashkie looked from me to him and said, "That's your fault. Not mine you can fix it."

I laughed and walked over to Gerard and said, "Honey your dreaming. The bus isn't on fire. I just scared the living shit out of Ashkie." He mumbled something that sounded like 'Okay baby. Nighty night.' I smiled and put him back up in his bunk. Then I turned around to find Ashkie once again drawing and listening to music.

I walked up to her once again and said "Ashkie?" She looked at me for a second to let me know she was listening and then went back down to drawing. I started to lean down towards her, but she said, "No moving. I'm drawing you. So stop moving!" I smiled and stayed exactly as I was for about 30 minutes.

By then all the guys were up and watching Ashkie draw me. This isn't really what I planned. I had wanted to spend some alone time with her, but I screwed that up when I scared the living shit out of her. Oh well this is what I deserve.

-30 minutes later-

Gerard POV

We finally made it to the arena in one piece. Well at least we think, I mean Ashkie and I both got the living shit scared out of us, but other then that we're good. Ashkie, who was carrying a pretty sweet guitar, was the first one of the bus followed by me, Mikey, Frank, Bob, and last but not least Ray and his fro. We all immediately head over to the coffee stand that was set up a little ways from the bus.

When we made it over there I saw Billie Joe Armstrong standing there talking to Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool. I walked up to them and said, "Hey you guys. We finally made it." Billie laughed at me and said, "Looks like you finally did. Now what's all this about this girl hanging out with you guys?" I looked at him and said, "Hey Ashkie come over here!"

Once she came over carrying her guitar in one hand and Monster in the other as I said, "Billie I would like you to meet my little sister Ashkie. Ashkie I would like you to meet a really good friend of mine Billie Joe Armstrong." She smiled and said, "Nice to meet you. I love you guys. Your music is amazing." He smiled and said, "Ha! Thanks. Nice to finally meet the mystery girl that's been hanging with My Chemical Romance. You any good on that?" He pointed to her guitar and she nodded saying, "Yeah. I taught myself how to play when I was like 6."

He nodded and said, "Sweet. Why don't you come hang with us? Play guitar a little maybe sing some?" She smiled and said, "Dude that would be so cool!" I smiled and said, "Okay go have fun. Why don't you take some pictures to put on facebook account that you still have to make?" She smiled and said, "Ha ha sure. I'll make it later; I'm busy. So you guys have a facebook?"

They had all nodded and continued talking as the walked back towards their bus. I headed over towards where the rest of the guys were only to find them talking to the members of Fall Out Boy and Blink-182. When I walked up Pete Wentz said, "Well if it isn't Gerard Way. The man we've been talking about. So where's this little sister of yours that everyone has been talking about?"

I laughed and said, "Off playing guitar and singing with Green Day." Pete looked at me and said "What! And I didn't get invited! I'm going to go interrupted their little party. Who wants to come?" In the end Patrick Stump, Tom DeLonge, and Pete, of course, went to Green Day's tour bus leaving us to talk about the show.

Everyone kept asking the guys and I all about Ashkie. We answered every single one to the best we could.
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