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Chapter Fifteen

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Who will Frank choose?

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Chapter Fifteen

Frank’s point of view:

“Frank?” Bee’s soft, clear voice cuts through the dense, drizzly fog that’s swirling round us, almost identical to the one that’s clogging up my thoughts.
I turn to look at them; Bee, the shy, intelligent new girl I sit next to in physics, who spent the majority of her first lesson covering her jotter in Rancid lyrics and explaining to me how to calculate the speed of sound, something the teacher had been trying (and failing) to do for the past three weeks. Her reddish brown hair is awkwardly wavy in the light rainfall, her skin a little too pale in the dull, misty light, but her big, chocolaty eyes full of warmth and friendliness.
Gerard; the clumsy, intriguing, Misfits loving, vampire lookalike I’ve been paired with for the Biology project, who seems to make a habit of igniting things like his eyebrows or other people’s sleeves during experiments, hides behind his raven black hair when he’s embarrassed and has a small and slightly scary obsession with coffee. His ebony hair is blowing gently in the chilly breeze, tiny tendrils of raven swept across his ghostly white cheeks, his startling, intelligent greeny, hazel-tinted eyes wide and hopeful, looking into mine; seeing past the false pretences, the defensive shell, seeing me.
He’s the first person in what feels like forever who actually seems to be okay with who I really am. More than that- he seems to like me for who I am, and I’m not scared to be that person around him- it just seems natural.
I tear my eyes away from his compelling, soul searching gaze, reluctantly looking across the bleakly grey school yard through the drizzle, seeking out Aled. The guy who’s been my ‘friend’ since I was nine, the guy who’s made my life hell for the past two years, who actually seems to take pleasure in making me hate my very existence. His designer trainers are spotless, his streaked blonde hair perfectly gelled, but his eyes cruel and cold, ice-cold venomous sapphire, glinting maliciously as he sneers viciously at the first year who’s life he’s decided to make hell this breaktime. Dom and Luke are egging him on, jeering spitefully.
I’m not one of them. I never was. I don’t ever want to be.
I hate everything about them- from the way the treat people to the kind of hair gel they use, so why should I let them walk all over me? I’ve let it go on way too long , and maybe I’m ready to stand up to them now, maybe I’m not scared anymore.
I’d rather get beaten up and hang out with the people I really wan to, the people who make me happy, than stay physically un-injured, letting them taunt me, every waking moment, needling me, crushing me, gradually wearing me down so I don’t care anymore; so I’m totally defeated.
I’m not going to let them do that to me anymore.
I turn around, turning my back on the ‘friends’ that have made my life a living hell, turning towards Gerard and Bee’s hopeful, friendly faces.
I take a deep breath.
“Umm…sure.” I smile a little shyly.
The moment I say that, that simple, one syllable word, it feels like the huge, heavy weight of defeated, frustrated, helpless depression I’m so used to having pressed against my ribcage, has lifted, and I feel light- feather light, floating, happy…free.
I feel me.
Gerard’s features break into a beaming smile, his greeny eyes shining, and it’s infectious; I can’t help smiling back- a real smile. My smile.
“Cool.” Bee says happily. “Coming?”
“Sure.” I say again, not able to stop the grin of freedom stretching across my cheeks as I walk across the yard, legs slightly wobbly from the overwhelming release, Gerard and Bee either side of me.
We end up at the back entrance of the school hall, a small nook away from the rest of the students, and Gerard and Bee sit down on the cold stone steps.
I hesitate, nibbling my lip.
“Sit down, Frank!” Bee chuckles, and she and Gerard shift ont eh steps to make a Frank-shaped space between them.
“Thanks.” I smile, sitting down between them, suddenly strangely aware of how close I am to Gerard- I can faintly feel the warmth of his breathing tickling the nape of my neck- it’s a bit of a tight fit with us all sitting on the steps, so we’re all squashed together.
“Umm…haribo?” Gerard fishes a bag of Haribo Halloween mix out of his schoolbag, opens it, and offers the bag to me.
“Thanks.” I say happily, taking a purple bat from the proffered bag.
There’s silence for a moment as we all chew our sweets; it’s not uncomfortable, just relaxed and peaceful.
Suddenly, something vibrates against the leg that’s resting against Gerard’s, and I jump, choking on my sweet.
“Ooh, I’m vibrating!” Gerard says excitedly, and Bee starts giggling, hand over her mouth. Gerard looks so puzzled as to why she found that funny, that I burst out laughing too, which doesn’t really help the choking situation.
“God, I meant my phone! You guys are so sick minded!” He rolls his eyes, finally realising the source of our amusement and getting his phone out of his jeans pocket, his hand brushing against my leg as he does so.
All of a sudden, I’m hyper aware that his thigh is pressed up against mine, warmth emanating from it. I’m feeling shivery, which is probably form the cold raindrops hitting our faces, but it mingles strangely with the unexplained heat that’s creeping up my cheeks. The shivers and the heat seem to clash somewhere around my navel, sending goose bumps everywhere, which freaks me out just a little.
I’m probably just getting a cold.
Yep, that’s it.
“Who’s it from?” Bee asks, chewing her sweet like a normal person, unlike me, who seems to have decided choking is more effective.
“You okay, Frank?!” she adds, glancing at e in concern.
“Fantastic.” I gasp, rubbing my throat. “I can’t see-m to b-breath!”
“Oh.” Gerard says, freezing mid-text and looking panicked.
Oh. my. God. I am actually gunna die from a Halloween sweet.
Bee suddenly whacks me on the back, and I can breathe again, deep gasping lungfulls of air.
“Thanks.” I breathe gratefully, feeling like an utter moron.
“No problem.” Bee smiles. “Gerard, you’d suck at being a doctor.”
“Sorry.” Gerard smiles sheepishly at me, and suddenly my insides feel like they’re melting. Hmmm…must be the after affects of choking…
“So who was your text from?” Bee asks again, nicking a sweet out of the bag.
“Mikey.” Gerard says, going back to his phone. “He was informing me that the plural of moose is actually moosi.”
Bee giggles. “You guys aren’t STILL on about that moose shit, are you?!”
“Huh?” I ask, bemused.
“They’re arguing over what the plural of moose is.” Bee rolls her eyes.
“What, mooses?” I say.
“It’s actually just moose.” Bee grins.
“Fuck off, it’s meese!” Gerard says indignantly.
I chuckle, but it’s drowned out by the bell.
Gerard, Bee and I groan simultaneously.
“PE.” Bee sighs.
“Geography.” Gerard moans.
“French.” I groan.
None of us move.
“Skive?” Gerard shrugs at me.
“Sure.” I agree, because a) I’d do practically anything to escape and hour of learning about irregular verbs and b) I actually really want to hang out with Gerard.
Bee rolls her eyes and gets reluctantly to her feet. “Well I don’t skive, unlike SOME people, so I’ll see you rebels later.” She grins, swinging her bag over her shoulder and strolling off.
“She only doesn’t skive PE because Mikey does PE then too and she likes him likes him.” Gerard leans over and whispers in my ear, his breath hot and coffee scented, tickling the shell of my ear and giving me goose bumps for the second time today. Yep, I’m definitely getting a cold. It’s the only explanation.
“I heard that!” Bee calls over her shoulder, and Gerard and I burst out laughing.
As I sit on the stone steps with Gerard, laughing, the sun trying to peak through the dull grey clouds and making the drizzle a fine, golden mist, for the first time in years, I feel like everything might just be okay.

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