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Killing Me Softly

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He hated when Adam drank.

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It was the single most embarrassing moment Chris had ever experienced.

Rich had shown up to go over lyrics for the new album that day. An hour into the writing session they were arguing over the inclusion of another chorus, when the front door slammed.

"Babe, I expect you to be naked and hand cuffed to the bed when I get upstairs," a voice slurred.

Rich shot Chris a curious gaze as Chris felt his cheeks burn a bright red.

Things only got worse when Adam walked into the room clad in only a thin pair of boxers.

"Why haven't you moved," he barked out.

Chris shut his eyes in embarrassment attempting to simply disappear. But Adam didn't seem to pick up on that and was now standing behind Chris gripping his hair as he pulled his head back for a kiss.

Rich cleared his throat. "You know I think the song's fine. You seem a little busy Chris, I'll call you later," Rich hastily spoke getting up to leave.

Chris just wanted to die right there. He hated when Adam drank.
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