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Jumpstart Chapter 1!

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Jayde Romero is a seventeen year old who is just wanting to live a normal life.

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[*My name is Jayde Romero, I am seventeen years old and I live in Chilliwack BC with my Mom, Lena. We moved here to Chilliwack when I was eight years old just after my dad died because my mom said that she wanted to start over and to do it somewhere new. So moving from Toronto Ontario to Chilliwack British Columbia was something I never thought would happen when I was eight years old. To this day, I still wish that it hadn't happened. I mean, most people would want to move here because it is beautiful and such but...I don't exactly have the most perfect life here. In fact I spend a lot of my time wondering what it would be like if we still lived in Toronto or what it would be like if we had moved anywhere BUT here. I wish I had a better life. I also always wonder what it be like to live a normal life, or close to one at least, and what it's like to have people care about you.
You see...My real dad died when I was only seven years old and as for my mom...well lets just say that I've been in a few foster homes the passed few years but each time I always end up back with her. She has never really cared that much about me. My mom has always been the one that is always free about things. She does not care if I stay out all night, in fact she doesn't really care if I come home at all, she doesn't really care if I go to school or not, but I do anyways, and she just...well..doesn't care...about all.
After Dad died, that is when my life started going all down hill. Mom started drinking constantly, we started fighting a lot more, she got into drugs but has been clean for two years now, she never has time for me anymore because she is either busy with work and/or her boyfriends that just always come and go.
My Mom also always has the tendency to think that I just don't need her anymore. She also tends to think that I am perfectly fine at school. You see, I got tired of having to repeat myself to her that I HATE the school I go to, I HATE people that go their, and that they make my life a living hell but she was always to drunk to remember at the time so I just gave up on telling her. So now she thinks that my school life is all la-Dee-DA and fine but truthfully....its not.
I'm...I guess what you can call, the one that gets made fun of.

“Huh? Sorry what?” I said as my mom brought me back to reality
“Get up”
“I'm already awake, just give me a minute”
“No! Get your ass out of bed now!”
“Mom, were you drinking?”
“Get out of bed!” she said once more as she walked out of my room, slamming my door shut behind herself as she went.

Sighing heavily to myself and shoving my pillow over my head, I finally just threw my blankets off and stood up. I looked over at my clock sitting by my stereo to see that it was already seven thirty a.m which meant that I had exactly an hour to get ready and be at school. Joys. Yawning and stretching, I walked over to my closet and pulled out my black skinny jeans and my plain red v-neck and threw them on then continued on to my bathroom to finish getting ready.
I could tell that my mom was drunk. She seems to to think that I don't know when she has been drinking but when you've been living with a drunk for the passed ten years just about, you know everything.
I just wish that...that she would stop and realize what she has been doing.
You think that after having your kid put in a foster home a few times that she would stop. But no, she doesn't. She stops for a few weeks to get me back and then she starts up again.

“yyou ssttiill in my housse?” she slurred as she came into the bathroom
“Yeah but im just leaving” I said as I walked back into my room, grabbed my bag and my shoes then walked downstairs. She followed.
“Dont you walk away from me!”
“Mom, I'm going to school”
“excuse me?!” she screamed as I stood up and walked out of the house, ignoring her. “Get Back here!!! you useless...”

I flat out ignored her by putting my headphones on and turning on my ipod, blasting “Tongue Tied” by Stereo Skyline into my ears. I looked down at the ground as I walked and thought about how today was probably going to go. Giving that it is the first day back to school from summer vacation, the teachers are probably going to rant on about whats going to happen this year, expectations and telling us about their summer, thinking that we're actually listening to them when truly, we're not.
But no, thats not exactly the only thing that I was thinking about.

I looked down at the ground as I walked and listened to the music that was playing from my Ipod.
The walk seemed...actually quite nice. Their was no one coming up to me, no one calling me names, no one shoving me. Just me actually being able to walk to school without anyone bugging me for once.
But...that kind of stopped once I got onto school grounds. Some people just stopped what they were doing and looked at me, some whispered and some just laughed.
'Great' I thought to myself as I ignored them all and kept walking into the school.

The first thing I did was find my locker and shoved whatever I did not need for the day in it and then just walked around the school aimlessly like a normal loser would.

“Hey” said a familiar voice from behind me, “you never called me when you got back like you said you would”
“Awe Sid, I'm so sorry” I said, running up to him and wrapping my arms around him
“The Pain. It Hurts”
“Ah you'll get over it” I said to him as I stuck my tongue out
“So how was your trip?” he asked as we began to walk
“Oh my god! The most BORING thing ever!”
“Why was it boring?”
“Well...would you want to sit around all summer long, at a place you've never been, and do nothing because nobody knows you up their and then the people that do know you only like to sit around and barely do anything??”
“Yeah okay I see your point. Man that must have sucked”
“It did” I said as we turned a corner and I looked up at him, “where are we going?”
“I actually dont know but the bell is going to ring in about three minutes I believe” he said, looking at his watch
“I gotta head over to the Math wing. I got math first. I'll see you at break?”
“Meet you at the stairs?”
“Be their!” I said, smiling, as I turned around and walked back the way we just came.

Sid. My best friend in the entire world since grade three. The one that tackled some other kid for tripping me back in third grade. I had only lived in Chilliwack for about a week when this one kid tripped me. Next thing I know, this other kid, Sid, just pounces on the guy and tackling him to the ground. Ever since then, Sid and I have been best friends. And I honestly don't know what I would do without him. He is always their for me when I need someone to talk to and when I need a shoulder to cry on.
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