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This Isn't Like Iraq At All....*sarcasm*

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Brief thoughts of a pissed off anarchist.....

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Hello my lovelies;
as you may have already guessed,this isn't a chapter.Don't worry though,the next TWO hapters of Full Of Holes will be up tonight.
This is just a brief note to say I predicted this.
I knew the ceasefire was a load of bullshit.I knew Gaddafi would deliver some big-boy-on-the-block statement trying to make the Americans and the Brits quake in their boots.
What I didn't think would happen was that he'd blame it on Al Qaeda,of all people.
I mean it.I was watching Sky News all day yesterday and in a letter the Libyan government spokesman Ibraham Musa said:"Gaddafi would never shoot one bullet towards his own people.The Libyan government are fighting an Al Qaeda organization."
An "Al Qaeda organization"?Riiiiiiight.
In another letter to President Sarkozy,Prime Minister Cameron and President Obama,good ol' Muammar had this l'il message:
"You will regret it sincerely if you intervene in Libya's internal affairs.This is our country,not yours."
What I found extremely interesting was the fact that he signed each letter:
Muammar Gaddafi,
Leader Of The Revolution.
That's like saying:
Paris Hilton,
Chairperson Of Mensa.
Gerard Way,
President of Ugly-ville.
It's just not true.
I bet Al Qaeda are just like "what now??"
Or.....whatever that is in Arabic.

I do another theory,which is that he-Gaddafi-said Al Qaeda simply because he hates America........and Americans have a habit of going:
"Al Qaeda?What?!Where?!grabs nearby weapon"HIDE YO WIVES!HIDE YO CHILDREN!"
whenever they hear the words "Al Qaeda."
So it's no real surprise America and France have dropped those bombs and the UK has invaded.Mind you,Brits do have a tendency to invade countries....
I kid,I kid.British people are cool.Now,Americans.THEY don't like to invade at all.No way,man.coughAfghanistanIraqIranVietnamLaosKoreacough.Nope.No invasions there.
(Don't get me wrong,I like Americans,I just hate George Bush.That man.....I could kill him with my bare hands.)
The funniest thing was definitely when a reporter read out some article Tony Blair had written for The Times.Tony Blair,in case you didn't know,essentially served as George Bush's bitch from 2003 to 2007.Here's what Blair had to say about Libya:
"We can't just stand by and be spectators to this revolution."
Which made me laugh,mainly 'cause taking advice from tony Blair about the Middle East is a bit like taking advice about fire safety from an arsonist.

sorry guys,just had to rant.tell me if you have any thoughts on the Libyan crisis.Or tell me if you think I'm a whiny emo who should just shut the fuck up.
Well,no.Keep that to yourself.
Must go write nao!
Gaddafi sux donkey dick,
xo lauren.
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