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I'll never let them hurt you, I promise.

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Gerard, had his boyfriend Frank take his life infront of his eyes. Gerard tried to find answers, but nobody seemed to know who Frank was. That's when Gerard realized, Frank didnt exist. As Gerard c...

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yes... as I said ^^ up there, it does have some pretty brutal stuff in.. So.. read at your own risk O.O (I think you should be atleast 14 to read this)

Chapter 1.

Franks once beautiful face twisted in agony, 'I trusted you...I...' He hesitated before finishing his sentance, 'I loved you.' Thick tears streamed down his fragile face, 'Please, Frank,' I gulped, 'I ... I still love you, I can't imagine my life without you...'
'Still love me!?' He spat, 'How could you hurt me if you still loved me?' He violentally threw his fists into my chest, I stood and endured the pain. It was the least I deserved. 'IT'S NOT ENOUGH!' An angry Frank wailed, 'ITS NOT FUCKING ENOUGH!' Tears rolled down my cheeks, I hated seeing him like this. I eyed the deep, crimson slashes on his wrists, I felt his pain, I UNDERSTOOD! ....And with that he picked up a rusty knife and thrust it into his chest, 'NO!' I ran to his side, yanking the knife out. Dark red liquid poured onto the stony ground, 'It's not enough...' He whispered, before disappearing into the shadows, leaving me clutching nothing but air.


'ARRGH!' I felt blood trickle down my face, painting my world red. 'Frank...' I whimpered, Mikey, my brother, appeared in my doorway, rubbing his sleepy eyes. 'Dude, you okay?'. I flung off my duvet and plunged foward, pinning Mikey up against the wall, 'WHERES FRANK?' I glared, through gritted teeth,
'who!?' mikey choked,
'holy shit... Gerard, let me go!' Mikey struggled beneath my tight grip,
'not-until-you-tell-me-where-frank-is.' I spat, emphasising on every word.
'I'm telling you the truth!' A single tear escaped from his blood-shot eyes and edged its way down his pale face. We stood there for a moment, in painful silence, before i finally said, 'I believe you.' I closed my eyes and sank to the floor. I pictured franks big, bold eyes staring back at me, his hand in mine ...


I will post the next chapter now(: Hope you enjoyed, please let me know how to improve!
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