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Emo Love Never Dies: The Kids Take Over


squeal to Emo Love Never Dies this time it's in Onyx and Frank's Point Of View

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It’s now three days away from mine and my twin brother’s college graduation and my mum is starting to annoy me ever since I’d told her about it she’s been bombarding me with pictures of dresses long and short while my dad just laughs at her which earns him a slap off of her and my brother Frankie just shakes his head and cooks every time.

it’s been 4 weeks when I finally escaped her this time I went through to the kitchen to see my brother melting chocolate for brownies “hey Frankie” I said spooking my brother “oh hey onyx, what do you want I’m trying to concentrate on making these for uncle Gerard, uncle john and aunty Nicola and cousin Amy and cousin Winston and Nana Lisa and Granddad tom is mum still bombarding you with those pictures again she does the same with me but with pictures of tuxes it’s really annoying” he said the last part louder for my mum to hear I just laughed when I heard my mum’s reply “oh well I guess you wanna go to your graduation in a bin bag then do you Franklin Anthony Arthur Way” all I said to that was “ohhh burn” and that earned me a spoonful of melted chocolate on my face “hey I’m on your side here, onyx” then he put the spoon back in the bowl and kept stirring it while I wiped away the chocolate from my face with a tea towel “well it is pretty annoying but that’s what mothers do I guess” then I heard my mum giggle but it didn’t sound right for the situation I looked through the little window in the kitchen to see my dad tickling my mum’s hips and kissing her neck I automatically turned to my brother with shock in my pale bluey-Greeny hazel eyes (yes it’s a big mixture blame my mum and dad) my brother turned to look through window to see what shocked me before he could I stopped him “trust me you don’t wanna know let’s just say mum and dad are getting to know each other again” Frankie automatically knew what this meant and turned back to his brownies he made the mixture to his brownies and put them in the oven when the phone rang “hello” I said “hello onyx is your mum or dad there please” “oh hey aunty Nicky yeah but their a bit busy at the moment one sec…” I held the phone away from me and with my free hand covered my eyes and walked through to the living room “mum aunty Nicola is on the phone for you” they laughed at my awkwardness and I removed my hand from my face and laughed as well then handed the phone to my mum and ran back to the kitchen and hugged my brother once again startling him “onyx stop doing that it’s not funny”
I just laughed “on the contrary bro it is hilarious hah ha” then I let go hearing the door bell I then legged it towards the sound opening the door to my cousins they had moved out of aunty Nicolas and uncle johns the same time me and Frankie moved out of mum and dads but we moved back in after our accident at Christmas all we had to show for that now was a small scar above my eyebrow for me and a scar at the left side of the mouth for Frankie but when my mum sees the scars she shudders she can still remember what happened and when she thought she’d lost us for good I can’t imagine what it was like for her when I let Amy and Winston in they sat next to my dad then Winston spotted the Xbox and said “uncle Gee who’s the best black ops player in your house, when we lived with our mum and dad it was a draw between me and dad hah ha but with me and amz in our flat it’s me for definite” my dad was about to answer when Frankie walked in carrying a tray of brownies as he walked past me I pinched one he rolled his eyes he knew I loved his cooking when we lived alone he was assigned kitchen duties Frankie answered Winston’s question “well before we moved back in my dad would have said it was him but it’s actually onyx yes Winston we were surprised as well, a girl playing black ops better than boys if you don’t believe me go into a death match with her on black ops hah ha and good luck you’ll need it” he said this while placing the tray of brownies on the table and putting the Xbox on when he was finished explaining he passed me a controller “go easy on him he’s family” I heard from my dad I just giggled while Winston scoffed he really didn’t think I could kick his butt
(Time lapse)

well he thought I couldn’t do it but he was sorely mistaken “in your face Winston” I said a little too loud because my now 5year old sister amber came down the stairs her long red hair flowing in front of her face like the girl from the ring “onny can you please keep the noise down I’m listening to music and at the moment your drowning it out” my chin dropped I dropped the controller and ran over to her grabbing her by the waist and swinging her round as she laughed “what was that ammi did you say I was loud” she kept on giggling then I resorted to tickling her “okay, okay I’m sorry” she finally laughed out just then there was another knock on the front door I grabbed amber into a fireman’s lift and went to the hall to see who it was with amber whacking my back in a attempt to make me let go of her “put me down onny please put me down the blood is rushing to my head” I just giggled then opened the door my aunty Nicky and uncle john standing in the door way smiling then john started laughing when he noticed amber on my shoulder “onyx what on earth are you doing put your sister down” my dad’s booming voice came through the house with a chuckle mused into it as he walked down the stairs with my mum who was laughing “hah ha I remember when you used to do that nick hah ha I was screaming for hours for you to put me down hah ha” then aunty Nicola just joined my mum in laughing
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