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chapter 2

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my mum “Amy me and john have great news” my mum’s face lit up “your not pregnant again are you Nicky” came my dad’s revelation “actually yes I am hah ha” my aunty proved my dad right then my mum screamed in delight while I took my now tomato faced sister into the living room and put her on the couch the right way up then my dad gave me a hug “what’s that for dad” he just chuckled “nothing just you being the greatest big sister to amber” he then laughed again looking at ambers tomato coloured face where the blood had rushed to her head “onyx you can dye you’re hair for your prom and graduation if you want and I’ll pay” I was shocked at what my dad was saying, only last week he said that I couldn’t get it done because he wanted my hair to stay natural but I came up with the point that he’d dyed and cut and grown his hair many a time from black to black with red to black with turquoise to black with blonde to black again to platinum blond then back to black again and finally to bright red which was his hair colour at the moment “ok thanks dad can I get my hair dyed purple and neon pink please” my dad sighed “you can have either or but not both it’ll look like someone puked up ecstasy pills on your head” then started laughing “ok fine I’ll just have a block of bright violet on my fringe then please” I gave him the puppy eyes “yeah sure as long as that’s all you want unless you can convince your uncle Frank to get Kat von D to do a tattoo or piercing on you if you want, ok and I’ll give frank the money” I was shocked my dad had never had a tattoo or piercing because he is deathly afraid of needles like my mum but my mum who when she was 18 managed to get snakebites, tongue, nose, belly button piercings and even 3 tattoos(a heart with wings going from her lower back round her hips and hugging her stomach, rage & love on her knuckles and Gee way on the top of her left breast inside a love heart) and she claims to have been drunk the whole time, well it was her hen night “ok thanks dad” then as I ran to the kitchen I grabbed one of Frankie’s brownies “oi onyx leave some of them for the others” I giggled as my brother scolded me I grabbed the phone in the kitchen after my mum had put it down and rung uncle frank it took 4 rings (lazy bugger) “hello” “hey uncle Frankie” he chuckled “hey onyx how are you your what 20 now” I laughed “24 uncle Frankie me and my brother are 22 any way my dad said I’m aloud to get a tattoo and piercing and my hair dyed can you ask Kat if she can do my tattoos and piercings please uncle Frankie” he sighed “fine I’ll see what I can do, ok hey is your mum there I need to talk to her about your aunty charlotte” “ok uncle Frankie how is aunty char char anyway” he chuckled at my nickname for aunty charlotte “yeah she’s good her art gallery is the most well known in new York now it’s amazing” I giggled aunty charlotte had been dreaming of owning the best art gallery in new jersey and ended up with the best one in new York, this for her was even better “wow she must be pleased” “yeah she is but anyway sweet heart is your mum there?” “Oh yeah sorry see you later Uncle Frankie” I walked back in the living room and passed my mum the phone “uncle Frankie wants to talk to you about aunty charlotte” she took the phone and said hello and walked into the kitchen “so onyx, Winston just told me that your better than him on black ops wanna see if you can beat me?” uncle john asked I just laughed “I would but I don’t want to degrade you in front of everybody” then I laughed again as did everybody else in the room including john “fine then Johnny big balls bring it on” then laughed as he scowled whilst grabbing a controller I picked mine up and switched the Xbox back on
(Time lapse)

Once again another family member underestimated me “woo hoo once again in your face Johnny big balls woo hoo” then there was another knock on the door amber went because I was too busy doing a victory dance “Onyx, Ped is here to see you!” she yelled I screamed “yay my boyfriend’s here” I sprinted to the door and pushed my little sister out of the way gently “ouch” well I thought I was gentle oh well I swung the door revealing my boyfriend “hey Onyx how’ve you been?” I didn’t answer I just leapt at him and hugged him tight “I take it you missed me then” he said gasping for air and hugging me back then he put me on my feet and I looked up at him he’d changed since the last time I’d seen him he’d had reddish brown hair but now he had Black hair, he noticed me staring at his hair “I told you that I was dying it” I just laughed and hugged him again “I’ve missed you so much I tried to get my mum and dad to move back to Wales but after the fight my mum had with dad’s ex, Lyn-z they didn’t wanna move back” I started to cry near the end of my little speech I was now being held closer to him and he wiped away the tears that fell I stepped away and looked at his face a little more he as well as my parents he had always been afraid of needles but somehow Ped now had snake bites I giggled slightly “what’s so funny just because I’ve changed the way I look slightly” he said smiling slightly making his snake bites glisten in the sunlight “well I haven’t seen you since August and it’s now March” I giggled then guided him into the house he’d never been to new jersey before but he always wanted to come here after he found out that one, Gerard way was my dad and two, that I was moving here permanently until I was ready to leave tehe, when we got into the living room my aunty Nicky was the first to speak to Ped, uh oh “hey you must be Ped my Niece’s boyfriend” I blushed and Ped’s hand squeezed my shoulder because he was nervous “yes aunty Nicky he is now leave him alone we’re gonna be in my room listening to music if my parents ask, ok” I giggled at my auntie’s face “she’s right Nicola you do have a tendency to annoy the living daylights out of people” my mum said as she walked through from the kitchen “hey Ped long time no see” my mum giggled she had known someone just like Ped with the same name “hi Mrs.Way” my mum winced she doesn’t like being called that because it apparently makes her sound old “please call me Amy, Ped, Mrs.Way makes me sound old” then we all laughed “I like your snake bites Mrs.Way- sorry, Amy” I giggled he nudged me I tried to calm myself “thank you Ped, I think my daughter is going to explode with embarrassment if you don’t get her out of this room” I blushed then I was dragged out of the room and up the stairs and to my room “you feel better now” he said before kissing me “why’d you stop that?” he looked at me confused “stop what?” he gave me a smirk when he figured out what I meant and kissed me again as I pushed us into my room and sat us down then I got up and put the cd player on then Craig mabbitt’s voice enveloped the room and Ped started to sing along as I laughed and cuddled up next to him when he’d stopped he looked at me my eye’s were looking down making it look like I was asleep “Onyx, are you Asleep?” I looked up my eyes sparkling in the light coming from my large balcony window “I guess not” he chuckled then kissed my forehead.
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