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Matt gets in trouble

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Love just hurts sometimes

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Chapter 2

Matt was quite the whole time at school and Valary got worried she had done or said something. At lunch time she sat by him he was quite as he sat with Jimmy "Hey" "Hey" he said depressingly "Everything ok?". He got up and relocated to a different table she lowered her head and slid next to Jimmy "Hey". He was quite too "Hi" "So uh would you know by chance why Matt is so down?". 

He looked at her and sighed "You didn't hear this from me got it?" "Yeah" "Matthew really likes you". She giggled "Well I like him too best friend ever" "No Val not like that I mean he really like likes you". She looked at him "What do you mean?" "What I mean is Matthew is in love with you and he's very scared". She looked at him then at Matt eating alone with his beanie and aviators on a teacher walked up "Matthew take that hat and those glasses off". 

He looked up at his gym teacher "Is it killing anybody?" "Don't be a smartass Sanders". The teacher grabbed the hat and glasses and yanked them off "You can get these tomorrow". He jumped up and spit in his face "Fuck you you little bitch!" everybody stopped and looked. Matt stood there skinny with little muscle and pale skin the teacher looked at him "Detention for you Sanders go now". 

He grabbed his pizza and the tray he threw the tray at him and walked away. He ate his pizza walking out of the cafeteria Stephanie got up "I have to talk to him". She grabbed her tray and smashed a teachers foot "Fuck you!" she looked at her "Detention now!". She smiled "Thanks" she walked away fallowing Matt they walked in the room to a hot blonde teacher.

He sat in the back Stephanie sat next to him he finished his pizza and she ate the rest of her stuff. The teacher sat down and soon Valary got done eating she put her tray aside on another table Matt sat with his head down facing her. She looked at him as his leg bounced up and down repetitively she got bored after awhile. Soon she heard a noise Matt sat next to her watching the teacher and jacking off. His hands were in his pants and he was lost in the world of fantasy.

She made a face "Gross Matt!" he looked at her "Shhh" "Your jacking..." he quickly grabbed her seat and pulled her over "Shut the fuck up". She looked at him "Ok sorry geez just tell me why your so in the trenches". He looked at her "Because Valary I'm just having some complications like every teen". He put his cock away "Ms. Lockport" "Yes" "May I use the bathroom?" "Go ahead but come straight back". 

He got up and walked away Valary sat there she grabbed his notebook and opened it. She seen drawings of her she looked at them there were pages and pages she came to the last drawing on page 50 out of 100. It was her naked but her arms covering her nipples and her leg up as she laid on the ground. Matt came back he ran over she was grossed out she looked at him "Your gross stop drawing me naked" she got up and moved he looked at her "It isn't you?" "Whatever that's so me" "Val I'm sorry" "Get away you freak". 

He grabbed his notebook and closed it he held it close to himself and pushed his chair in he walked up front "Ms. Lockport" "Yes honey" "Is it ok if I leave early?" "Ask the principle". He nodded "Ok thank you one more question" "What is that?" "If you draw somebody you really like a lot are you considered a freak?". She smiled "My boyfriend draws me all the time nude not nude he just likes my natural body and me so no homey your not a freak". He nodded "Thank you" he walked out with his head hung low Valary had her head down. Matt left school early and went straight home and straight upstairs to his room. Valary went home and talked to her mom about what happened in detention. 
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