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chapter 3!

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The cries of help was the last thing I heard before running into the forest.
I looked behind me to see nothing but trees and ahead of me again to see a dark figure
moving slowly towards me. I stopped immediately and turned around to run back the way I
came but again saw another dark figure slowly coming towards me. I dodged to the side and ran only to look behind me and see them still following me but this time, faster.
“Leave me alone!” I cried as I ran.
I didn't know who or what they were but all I knew was that they wanted me and
they wanted me dead.
“Jayde....Jayde” they whispered as I ran and they got closer. Their whispers got
louder and louder, soon becoming screams that sounded from all over.
I stopped running and covered my ears as a sudden loud ear piercing ringing/buzzing
noise filled the air and the shadowed figures got closer. I couldn't move, I couldn't
scream. I could not do anything but stand their and watch in horror as they now hovered slightly above me and slowly came to the ground.
“Jayde....Jayde” they screamed once again as the ringing noise came back and once again I covered my ears. I looked up, still covering my ears, to see one standing right infront of me with a bloody knife. I tried the best I could to scream an run as it raised the knife...

I sat up suddenly, screaming, and I looked around
frantically to see that I was in my bed in my own room. I layed back down again
after taking two minutes to catch my breath but jumped again when I heard a
ringing/buzzing noise coming from right beside me.
Calming down again, I realized that it was just my phone and reached over to
my night stand beside my bed and grabbed it

“hello?” I said tiredly, voice a bit shaky, answering my phone
“Did I wake you?”
“Hey Sid” I said, rubbing my eyes, “no you didn't wake me. I had a dream. Kind of
woke from that”
“you okay? You sound a bit shaky”
“something to do with a forest, me running, dark figures, bloody knives, I
dunno but yeah I'm fine”
“alright well, get your ass out of bed woman!”
“yes Mom!”
“see you at school”
“yeah yeah yeah” I said as I then closed my phone, hanging up, and putting back on my night table.

I sighed to myself as sat back up, yawned, threw the blankets off, stood up, stretched
and then walked into my bathroom to have a quick shower.
After my shower, I dried myself off, blow dried my hair, wrapped the towel around
myself and walked back into my room. I pulled the towel tighter around myself, as the
warm bathroom air left and the cool crisp air from my bedroom hit me. I walked over
to my closet to grab some clothes. I pulled out a pair of tight black skinny jeans, a tight white short sleeved shirt that had a dinosaur on it, and a pair of pink and black
underwear. Throwing the clothes on, I then walked back into my bathroom to do my hair and make up. I just straightened my black hair and as for my make up I did; foundation,
blue+greenish eyeshadow, simple black eyeliner and a simple coat of mascara.
Finally satisfied with how I looked, I went back into my room to grab my shoes
and my bag and then walked downstairs, by that time it was already seven fifty
which meant that I had forty minutes to get to school.

“and where do you think yyourr going?”
“Im going to school mom”
“oohh noo your not” she said as she stood up and tried to walk but failed and fell
“Mom, you should lie down” I said, trying to help her up and over to the couch
“Let go of me!”
“Im just trying to help you” I said as I let go and she fell back down.
“you Bitch. Ccome back h-here!”
“Bye!” I said as I put my headphones in and rushed out of the house.

I shut the door behind me and walked down the front steps as I heard the door
open again. Ignoring her like usual, I pressed play on my Ipod and continued walking
to school. No distractions, nobody yelling at me, no one shoving me. Just me. Walking by
myself and listening to my Ipod.
For some reason, today it didn't seem like it took me that long to walk to school.
Usually it takes like twenty to twenty five minutes but this time it only took me about ten.
I guess I was just that into my music that time passed by fast. Either that or I walked fast.
I dumped my things in my locker except my bag, my lyric book, some paper, a pencil,
and my math text. When I was done, I slammed locker shut, picked up my bag and
walked outside and found a random bench table by a tree and sat down.

The Buzz of people around me was irritating, an the crisp September air was
getting cold. Sitting here alone wasn't exactly what I would like to call fun,
however it did give me some peace an quiet. "Well peace an quiet till now!" I mentally shrieked.
My feet were now dangling in there air as I was embraced in strong warm arms.
Seemingly though I guess I did shriek aloud cause this impostor of peace an quiet chests
was shaking with laughter.
The voice of this impostor soon ran through the air around me.

“Hey their my bestist friend in the whole world!” Sid Sang, kissing the top of my head.
“I still don't think bestist is a wor-” Sid rudely interrupted.
“Josh catch her”
“oh no yo-” but before I could finish, I was sort of tossed sort of dropped into another pair of arms. I was Still screaming at Sid when I looked up to see none other then Josh, Sid's friend from yesterday, smirking down at me as he held me in his arms.
“Morning Darling, Have a nice flight?" He Chuckled
“Oh it was just WONDERFUL” I replied sarcastically, as a Average height black hair girl jog over to us.

“you know” she said, poking Josh in the arm , before crossing her own.
“Larissa is not going to be to happy”
“who said she has to find out?” Humor danced in his eyes.
“I'm only playing around Chelsea and having fun” he said to the girl as he put me down.

“well that wasn't fun” I glared as I Looked around for any semi large object to beat
the guys with. To my luck there was a decent size stick near my feet, that I grabbed
before hitting both Sid an Josh in the arms. They both Groaned at me before taking large steps away. Thinking it would be a bit fun I pounced toward sid, stick in hand chasing him
around the tree; Sid being the little screaming girl he is threw Josh in front of him, who dropped to the ground in the fetal position.
“I'm not some piece of paper you know!” I huffed.

I dropped the stick to the ground, only to be picked up an tossed again when Another guy began walking towards us.
“Don't just toss a girl around like that Boys” his voice laughed. The New comer came and put his arm around the girl who was beaming like an idiot.
“I'm Joe. You're Jayde, right?” he smiled
“yeah that's me” I waved awkwardly, causing Sid to laugh.
“and I'm Chelsea” said the girl putting A hand out towards me “we have Cooking together, I believe” A smirk appeared on her lips.
“I..think we do” I nodded in agreement, as the bell Sounded off ending this little gathering.

"BYE MY PRETTIES" Josh bellowed before sprinting off into the building.
Everyone mutter goodbyes after Josh, and all said goodbyes to each other before heading off to class. Sid tagged along slugging an arm around my shoulders.
"I have a feeling this year is going to be amazing" He flashed a 150 Kilowatt smile, before running down the hall.
I sighed in content as Sid left. It may not be Amazing, but it sure will be Interesting I thought to myself.

*Later that Day*

“Yeah Yeah” I said to Sid as we walked home from school
“you know you love me” he said and then the next thing I know, I was being lifted off the ground again and up into a pair of strong warm arms
“Sid!” I squeeled, “Put me down!”
“Not until you say it”
“Say it”
“I love you!”
“Now was that so hard?” he said, jokingly and laughing as he set me back down on the ground
“Very Hard” I sarcastically, playfully hitting him as we neared my house. I sighed, stopping and looking up at Sid. Yeah he is a bit taller than me. “Do I have to go home?” I asked him. He stopped and looked at me, a sad smile on his face, and put his hands on my shoulders
“Babe, if I wasn't going into Vancouver, I would say come with me. Im sorry love” he said, his hands now dropping down to my sides
“I just” I said, looking into his eyes, “Dont want to be near her right now”
“I know love, but you know I'll have my cell on me and”
“call you if anything happens”
“I'll pick up” he said to me, squeezing my hands and then pulling me into a big Sid hug.

Every time Sid engulfed me into one of his big hugs, I never wanted to let go. So strong, so warm. I always felt safe in his arms.

“Well” he said as we stepped up to my house, “I best be leaving you, hun”
“Sid?” I said in my best powty voice, adding in a bit of the cute Jayde puppy dog look
“Sorry love”
“oh alright” I said, giving up and walking up the front steps to my house
“No good bye hug?”
“No because you're mean” I said, sticking my tongue out at him
“The pain!” he said dramatically, putting his right hand over his heart, “it hurts”
“yeah yeah”
“Bye Jayde”
“Bye Sid”
“call me if anything goes wrong”
“will do” I said, waving to him as he left, then turning around and walking into my house.

I shut the door, quietly behind me, as I walked into the house. Walking into the
kitchen, I thought I better get something to eat now well I'm down here before my mom gets
home and starts yelling me.
I sighed quietly as I reached into the cupboards and pulled out a few granola bars
then grabbed my bag and headed upstairs to my room.
“well this is boring” I said to myself as I sat down on my bed, pulled my lyric book
out from my bag and began to finish writing what I started earlier when I suddenly heard the front door open and slam shut. Great! She's home.

“Jayde!!” she screamed from downstairs.

I kept on writing and do the best I could to ignore her but failing as she then stormed into my room.

“what the fuck do you think you're doing?!”
“I'm writing, what does it look like I'm doing?”
“I told you that I wanted the kitchen cleaned before I got home!” she screamed as she now stood in front of my bed
“actually no you didn't, mom”
“well I shouldn't have to!” she screamed as she raised her right hand. Before I could even dodge, her hand swept across my face, leaving nothing but stinging pain, “you call yourself useful? I do..I do everything around here and you do nothing!! thats all you ever do is NOTHING!!”
“Mom!” I cried, as I brought my hand to where the stinging was coming from on my face.
“Oh suck it up you useless bitch!! or else!”
“or else what?” I said as calm as I could,not giving up
“You know what”
“or else what?!?!” I sreamed, “you'll hit me again?!” she didnt answer, “Do it! I fucking dare you!!”
“Do not talk to me like that!!” she said, grabbing me by my shoulders and slapping me again. Only this time harder. I cried out in pain once more as I put my hands to my face again and then just threw me to the ground, “you're just a useless bitch. A no good useless bitch!”
“and you're just an alcoholic cunt for a mom!” I screamed at her but immediately regretting it as she turned back around and ran for me.

I got up quickly and dodged to the side so that she didn't get me and I ran. I slammed
my door behind me and basically jumped down the flight of stairs, landing on my back and screamed out in even more pain. I heard footsteps running down the hall and looked up
to see my mom coming at me down the stairs. I rolled over, stood up and booked it
out of the house as fast as I could, with tears streaming down my face. I slammed the
door shut I ran down the front steps only to have her open the door.

“You can stay the fuck out and don't come back!!” she screamed before throwing something at me and walking back into the house.

Whatever she threw at me, missed and smashed to pieces on the ground. I cried even harder
when I looked up to see that their was a few boys that had seen everything just now
and they came running towards me and the next thing I knew, I felt the September wind
against me as I fell to the ground.


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