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Chapter one; secrets ♥

by lovelikewoe143 1 review

Nicoles life has never been so complicated, between Cris, Eric & Sammy she dosnt know what to do.

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"im nicole", i said walking into westwood prep " i could care less who you are just take a seat" replyed me 9th grade teacher "oh um okay" i said walking down the long strip of seats on bothsides of me filled up with kids, finally i found a seat. The seat i sat in was in between Brooke a girl with black hair blonde highlights and one pink streak in her hair, lots of eye liner,and a i ♥ Dergrassi shirt on, the on my right a boy..the most gourgeuos boy ive ever laid eyes on "'Hey, im chris" he said in his deep voice " oh hey" i said pretending not to be mesmorized by him, "if yall are done i would like to start class" mrs.Hazelwood screamed and glarred at me Brooke & Chris, "WOOOAH WAIIIT, im here mrs.Hazelwood a boy came crashing in with half his bookbag on his arm with papers falling everywhere "good morning mr.Goldsworthy your acually hear before noon, good job" she said making the whole class laugh "settle down class, take your seat Eli right infront of nicole" "OKAY" he screamed jumping over the seats "hello there!" he said making me giggle, "hey" "NICOLE" the teacher screamed taking attendance "HERE"i screamjed back "oh yeah im nicole" i said blushing, " about me and you movies? i heard that new movie Paul is in theater" he ast knowing i would say yes, "uhm, sure i guess" i said "text me teachers coming" he said turning around.
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