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Chapter one,Part two; secrets ♥

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Eli really see's what nicoles about.

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After class i went home, grabbed my NV-TOUCH and layed it down next to my bed on my white dresser with all of my makeup on it, i turned my radeo on and put Taylor swift's CD in there Enchanted came blaring on, i turned the volume up to 70 and layed down on my bed, i got a text from Eli, Hey sugar(:
me-hey Eliii ;P
him- hang out? tonight?
me- i cant go out past 10 eli.
him- sooh? sneak out?
me- oh no, i couldnt.
him- scardy cat.
me- I AM NOT!
him- are too!
me- come pick me up at 12!
him- okay see you soon babydoll(:
me-oh elii.. xD
he showed up at my window with a pink rose, "aww, you didnt have to.." i said my face as red as a cherry, "i wanted to" he said in a sweet voice, "you have the beautifulest blue eyes ive ever saw.." he said looking in my eyes as i helped him in the window, "thanks" i said blushing "ill get my purse and we'll go" "okie dokie" he said laying down on my blue bed when i walked into the bathroom my journal fell. Eli picked it up and started reading it, it said.
1. Kiss a boy in the rain.
2. get in a mud fight
3. go sky diving
4. go mountain clmbing
5. fall in love.
6. get in a fist fight
7 kill somone and get away with it
8 drive a monster truck.
9. ride a horse.
10 go to the jersey shore.
11. loose my viginity.
12 get drunk.
13. get high
14 meet p!nk & Ke$ha
15 get an iphone
16 go to vegas
17 adopt a kidd.
18 be on tv
19 get 4 tatto's
20 write a song.
21 smoke a cigarette.
22 go to canada.
23 be in a music video
24 be in a relationship for longer then a year.
25 grind on a boy.
26 hold a baby girrafee.
27 be in a magizene. victoria secrett.
28 go to all 50 states
29 help somone homeless.
30 have a boy sing to me.
31 have a really bad break up.
32 sneak out past midnight.
33 have a boy walk all the way to my house because i was crying
34 have a boy cry over me.
"Whats this?" he said holding it in the air. "NO DONT READ THAT ELI!!!"
"WHY?" he said screaming, "its my journal now give ittt!!" i screamed jumping on him! "wait...come here" he said pulling me out the window "where are we going its raining" i said confused, he grabbed my be my waist and kiss me, kissed me in the rain. "i guess you can cross # 1 off" he said smiling.
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