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Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day

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Please read, need opinions

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Recently, it seems that it isn't just Green Day anymore, its Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day. I have yet to see Awesome as Fuck, but ifrom what i've heard, it is focused solely on Billie Joe, with limited and minimal appearances from Mike, Tre' Jason White, or Jason Freeze. They all give just as much cheart, just as much sole, and just as much time as Billie Joe, so why does he still get almost all the credit for Green Day.

People say Billie is the founder of Green Day, when in reality, It was Billie Joe AND Mike Dirnt. Why though? Why does Billie get all the credit?

Is it because:

-people like him for his looks?

-he is the 'front' man?

-He talks the most in interviews?

What? What is the reason? Billie has even said COUNTLESS times in interviews he doesn't want to take all te credit. He gives it freely to MIke and Tre' and says if it weren't for them, there would be NO Green Day and he would be working some shitty job(most like at the refinery in Rode,) and he would've never met Adrienne, or been the man we know and Love today.

Titles like this are always flying around, and its bugging the fuck out of me.

Billie JOe Armstrong and Green Day to release a new live album

Front man: Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day announce a new album

Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day

Armstrong and his band, Green Day

Is that what its come too? Is it not just Green Day anymore? Has it finally become Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day?

What are your guys' opinions, I would Love to know.

Feel Free To Flame, I just want a reaction.
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