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chapter 3

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We all woke up late, even though we went to bed earlier than usual yesterday, we had to run out of the house and into the bug (Ray’s car) and speed to school at one hundred MPH. Thank God there are no working speed cameras in New Jersey! We managed to get to home room on time and Gerard finished off a drawing he had been working on; it was a woman’s cartoon portrait, she had green eyes and ginger hair with a side fringe, she was holding a green ray gun. The only time when Gerard is completely focused is when he is drawing or writing lyrics- I’ve read some of his lyric note books and his ideas are amazing! He can’t play guitar for toffee though, he tried when he was younger and failed, I tried to teach him but that failed as well. The bell rung and I was shoved out of the door and battered around in the corridors on the way to my first class.
Photography wasn’t that bad, I managed to get some good shots, we had to take pictures of some modern art and use lighting and shadow effects, it was pretty fun actually and they came out well. Nobody was particularly nasty to me today as most of the people in my class were girls or emo’s like me. Break was pretty hilarious too, one of the jocks decided to ride his bike along the top path and jump off the wall. That failed. He ended up with a broken arm and crying like a baby in the back of an ambulance. Music was good too, I wrote a new song and did the lyrics too it as well, I’ve decided to call it Demolition Lovers- me and Gerard can work on it together, I’m sure he’ll like that. I’m sitting in the nurses office now, having thrown up half way through music- why do they call it morning sickness if you don’t always get it in the morning? Stupid really. Class is going to be over in half an hour and I’ve already text Gerard to pick me up from here when it’s time to go home.
“Come on Frankie, let’s get you home.” Gerard said as the bell rang and he swooped through the doors of the office and wrapped an arm around my skinny waist. We walked over to Ray’s bright pink Volks Wagon Beetle (?) and we all piled into the back, with two people in the front passenger seat, this was definitely illegal but where were the Police in New Jersey? Nowhere, that’s where.
“So, how’s your day been?” Ray asked, there were only four of us in the back which means Jackie was missing.
“Good. Where’s Jackie? She normally drive’s us.” I asked, curious to her where about’s.
“She had to stay late at work, she’ll be home in a while though. Something about a motorbike needing fixing and test driving, blown gasket I think.” Ray told us, it was strange being driven home at a speed under 70MPH, but enjoyable all the same, because we were going home. Home is the place I love the most, it’s warm, welcoming, I’m accepted and supported and no one stares or makes evil comments. At home, I’m safe.
“Oh dear God. Jackie and a motor bike. This can only end badly.” Bob joked, receiving severe evils off Hollie and Cheyenne. “Oh, I’m sure she’ll be fine. I mean, what could go wrong?”
“Bob, never say that, because when someone that mental is involved, everything could go wrong.” Venom filled Cheyenne’s voice as she spoke, Bob had obviously hit a bit of a raw nerve.
“Sorry.” Bob mumbled, before turning his attention to whatever is outside the window.
“Jeez, Ray. We’d normally have been home ten minutes, step on it a bit would you, mate?” Gerard moaned, he liked speed too much for his own good nowadays. He used to hyperventilate if the speedometer was pushed over one hundred, now he’ll sit back and go to sleep at one hundred and fifty miles per hour! Ridiculous, really.
“Sure thing, bud.” Ray said, saluting sarcastically and changing gear, before revving maliciously and putting his foot down so hard I was sure he’d gone through the head lights.
“Hold on, Ray, when did you get your licence?” He hadn’t said anything about it, so I had to ask.
“I haven’t. Gerard and Jackie have been teaching me to drive though, Gerard teaching me the legal way and how not to get caught by the cops, and Jackie teaching me race style. It’s really fun!” Ray’s voice was chirpy as it always was when he talked about something he enjoyed.
“So, what we’re doing is illegal then?” Anxiety filled Mikey’s voice has he spoke.
“Yup, sure is.” Ray replied.
“Won’t we get in trouble?”
“I don’t see why we should.”
“But, this is illegal, aren’t you worried?”
“No, illegal things are too much fun!” Ray laughed as we pulled into the driveway and parked up. As we walked up the steps towards the house I noticed the door was open and there seemed to be people moving around inside.
“Hold up guys.” I whispered, “There’s people in there.” I pointed towards the door.
“You guys stay here, Ray and Bob; come with me.” Gerard said and started creeping towards the open door. I heard some muffling and loud footfalls as the trio stepped into the hall way.
“You don’t belong here.” I heard Gerard snarl, his ferocious side surfacing once more.
“We just came to investigate. You and the girl have been making new vampires.” The voice had a London accent.
“We have been keeping them under control, they are fully informed and are no danger to the human world.” Gerard growled, his voice bubbling from his throat.
“Well, it seems our work here is done Mr. Way, nice to meet you once more.” Stated the official sounding voice. “I understand you and a certain Frank Iero are planning on becoming wed. Correct, am I not?” He spoke with old fashioned words, whoever this was had been around for a long time. A vampire probably, or hopefully just a snob.
“That is correct yes, the whole group is marrying someone on ‘the inside’ per say. Myself and Frank, Bob and Cheyenne, Hollie and Mikey and Ray and Jackie. Halloween is the date if you do so wish to enquire further.” Gerard’s voice was calm now, he spoke in a flowing voice with a vocabulary that matched the other man’s.
“I offer my congratulations, our company will bother you no further.” The next thing I saw was a black flash flitting down the drive. Gerard came back and gave us all a hug, breathing a sigh of relief.
“Who or what the hell was that?” Mikey asked his older brother.
“That, was the vampire officials, they have to make sure that when new vampires are made we keep them under control; that means no cold blooded murder, crime or general havoc. Someone better tell Jackie, she’s going to go crazy when she found out Laurence has been here.” Gerard told us as we all walked back inside the house, surprisingly, everything was in place apart from a few old looking documents that appeared to be written in blood that were spread out on the table.
“What are they?” Cheyenne asked, walking over to them and picking them up, “Death certificates?” She went pale “What, are we dead now?”
“No, your human hearts have died which means I had to arrange a fake death for all of us, those are from the vampire officials, we keep them to show that we are not rouges. Rouges are murdered without trial or evidence as they are seemed dangerous to the public and surrounding cities.” Gerard said, taking the certificates out of Cheyenne’s hand and placing them back in a leather bound black book and replacing it on the bookshelf.
“Right. So our families think we’re dead?” Bob asked, looking slightly hurt.
“No. No one knows that you are dead apart from officials, we made a car accident which all of us were ‘killed’ in. It was actually really fun.” Gerard smiled warmly, which seeing that we were talking about our own deaths, was slightly creepy.
“That’s awesome, but where did you get the bodies?” Ray asked, his eyebrows knotted together.
“Don’t you agree that there are too many hobo’s in New Jersey?” Gerard said, he smirked and laughed before heading towards the kitchen. “Coffee anyone?” He called. I was still shocked that Gerard, or when he says we I presume he meant him and Jackie, had killed some homeless people to fake our deaths. It’s sick, really, but I suppose it’s something that needed to be done. That still doesn’t mean I agree with it.
Ray’s phone rang and he answered straight away.
“Hey Jackie.” He said and a lot of screaming and shouting was going on the other end of the line.
“Yeah, he’s gone now.” More shouting.
“No, no one got hurt we’re all fine.” The voice the other end of the line sounded calmer now.
“Frank and the baby are fine too, I promise.” Just as Ray said that, I felt a kick and grabbed my stomach- Mikey rushed over to me and shouted Gerard.
“In a bit then.” Ray said and put the phone down.
“Gerard! Get your but in here!” I yelled and he came running into the living room.
“What is it? Where’s the fire?” He said, coming over to me.
“She’s kicking.” I said, his face split into a huge smile and he came to stand closer. “Can I…?” He trailed off and I nodded, taking his hand to show him where. He smiled at me and I smiled back, it was the first kick.
“Our little girl.” I mused, grinning insanely.
“Girl?” He questioned, pulling me into a gentle hug.
“I’ve just got the feeling it’s going to be a girl, Mikey is sensing it too.” I told him as we sat down together on a bean bag. Gerard looked at Mikey and Mikey nodded, Hollie came over to me and took Mikey’s hand in the process.
“Do you mind if I…” I cut her off by nodding and she placed her hand where Gerard’s had been, here eyes full of curiosity and happiness. “How does it feel?” She asked, her voice quiet and calm as she took Mikey’s hand and placed it on my protruding stomach.
“Amazing.” I breathed. There really was no other way to describe it.
“I’m going to be an Uncle.” Mikey let go of a breath he didn’t seem to have been holding. “I’m going to be an Uncle.” Mikey repeated, getting used to the way it sounded.
“She’s stopped now.” I said, using she again; I’d look such a fool now if it was a boy!
“Okay. Wow.” Gerard said, wrapping his arm further around my shoulders and leaning back into the beanbag as Jackie crashed through the door.
“Hey. Oh! Aren’t we the happy family. What’s up?” She asked, looking at all of us; Mikey and Hollie holding hands and grinning, Cheyenne and Bob leaning on the kitchen counter and looking over to us with glasses of cola in their hands and pride burning in their eyes, and me and Gerard, snuggled up on the bean bags as Ray went over to join Jackie. We’d been in silence for a few minutes and Jackie’s face was clueless before Ray decided to speak.
“Frank’s baby had it’s first kick.” He said, hugging Jackie as she smiled broadly, which was still a creepy look for her.
“I can’t believe I missed it, but that’s awesome! I will be there for the first swear, drink, drive and the first boyfriend of girlfriend.” She told us, more of a command to herself than a spoken hope, “I’d love to see the look on Gerard’s face when his little girl turns up and goes ‘S’up dude, this is my girlfriend’ or boyfriend as the case may be.” Gerard scowled at her and we all laughed. He was definitely getting into this whole father to be thing, even getting touchy about the boy/girlfriends and she hasn’t even been born yet!

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