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It's the continuation of "Don't Cry"

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As Perla opened the door and walked in with her youngest son Cash, she heard nothing but silence. Confused she closed the door behind her and listened carefully. Perla could hear the flush and a girl walked out of the bathroom, being completely naked and not half as shocked as Perla was. She just stared at the girl and it took her some time to recognize what was going on, when she finally covered Cashs view with her hands.
„Hey babe, come back.“, Perla could hear Slash from the bedroom. The girl grinned at Perla and walked slowly back into the bedroom, where Slash was still lying in bed. He looked at her with half-closed eyes and smiled.
„You know, there is this woman with a little boy..“, she said and lay next to Slash.
„Oh fuck!“, he snapped and got out of the bed. He took jeans and t-shirt on and walked in the frame, where Perla was still waiting. Slash's girlfriend, now being confused as well, stood up and put a shirt of Slash on. She was curious who that woman was. Maybe she was not that important to Slash as he always said.
„You knew I would bring him home today!“, Perla said angrily, while she sent Cash to his room on the second floor.
„I totally forgot about that...I'm sorry!“, Slash tried to calm her down. Although he was separated from Perla, he did not want to fight with her.
„And who is that?!“, Perla pointed at the girl, who had just laid her arms around Slashs waistband.
„That's Tracie. She's my girlfriend.“ Slash answered and put his hands on Tracies.
„We are separated for two months now and you have already a fucking girlfriend?!“, Perla snapped.
„We're a couple for three months now...“, Slash answered low.
„You fucking asshole!“, Perla screamed and ran out to her car. She could not get away as fast as she actually wanted to.
„Damn...“, Slash murmured as he closed the door. Tracie walked over to him and put her arms around his neck. Slash hold her close and laid his head on her shoulder.
„I'm so sorry...“, Tracie said quietly and pressed a kiss on Slash's cheek.
„It's okay..I think she did not want to recognize it.“ Slash answered and thought of a situation four months ago, when he first took Tracie home and had sex with her. He had thought it was just a one-night-stand, but now – he fell completely in love with Tracie. Perla had not seen Tracie, because she had an important date and had just left when Perla returned back home and finally found Slash in the bedroom.
„Though...“, Tracie murmured, she could tell, that she felt bad for what had just happened.
„I just forgot that she wanted to take Cash home's all my fault.“
„Let's just forget about what happened.“
„I'll try..“, Slash whispered and kissed Tracie.
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