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Chap 1 - To the beginning

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What if Gee meets someone but then realizes there's another guy more special than him?

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It was a sunny bright day, and a special one for them both… It was finally, their last day at school; they were ready for some summertime, and so excited.
Mom: Hey, guys, you’ll be late…
Kid: Can I have my breakfast now then?
Mom: Sure, sweetheart, but wake up your brother.
Kid: K, mom… Hey… wake up lazy ass…
Brother: Fuck you
Kid: Aw, c’mon Gee… it’s the last day of school
Cell phone rings
‘Gee’: Hello?
Kid on the phone: Gee, I’m right here. Are you sure that you can do this?
Gee: Omg, right… I almost forgot it… I’ll be there in a minute.

Gee’s POV
This day… I almost forgot it… I’ve been planning it for months… I can’t believe it is right here now… This day, I will tell him… He will know I love him so fucking much… I’m so sure of this, I don’t care if people look at us, I just want everybody to know he’s the best man in the world… He’s my loved… And obviously, I want him to know it too. But… no, no… he’ll say yes… Ray said that he’ll say yes…
Gee: Sup Raymond
Ray: Sup Gerard…
Gerard: Well, not too much… Wanna eat something before we move on?
Ray: Yeah, I’m kinda hungry, bro… Where’s Mikey?
Gerard: I don’t know… Maybe drinking some coffee, I don’t know.
Ray: K, let’s go in…

It was a sunny bright day, and a special one for them both… It was finally, their last day at school; they were ready for some summertime, and so excited.

Shane: So…
Matt: So, what?
Shane’s POV
I love him so much… Why can’t he see how fucking much it hurts me? After all, that guy will never make him happy as I can…
Bob: Hey, guys… We are late… Can you walk a little faster?
Matt: Uhmm, okay.
Shane: Uh, Bob, can you let me talk to Matt alone?
Bob: rolling his eyes okay… Just don’t be late.
Shane: Matt… are you sure you wanna do this? You know, uhmm..
Matt: I know what?
I just only knew I wanted this to go on forever, but I had to let it go… Just walked to steps back, and ran away. I don’t know what he thought… but I hope he liked it. After all, I have to talk to him about this, know what he thinks of it. Of me… Of us.
Bob: Oh… my… gosh…
Matt: I… uh… Let’s go to the school.

Gerard’s POV
I was counting the hours, waiting for going home and tell him everything. He was there, looking at me… I smiled and he smiled back. Aw, how I love that smile. That shine on his eyes, that makes him look so alive… Just a few hours… And I’ll be telling you how much I love you my dear…
Ray: Hey… What are you loo- oh… Him…
Gerard: Yes… Isn’t he beautiful?
Ray: Uhm… dude, I can’t say that, but if you say so…
Mikey: Hey, bro… Wanna eat something?
Gerard: I’ not hungry, thanks Mikey…
Mikey: Okay.
Ray: Are you telling him?
Mikey: Tell me what?
Gerard: Uhm… No…
Mikey: Gerard, tell me what?
Gerard: Thanks, Ray…
Ray: Welcome n_n
Gerard: rolling his eyes Uhmm.. Mikey… first at all, I must apologize. You are my brother, and I know I should have told you first this… But see…
Mikey: Be clear, Gee
Gerard: I’m gay
Mikey: Okay bro n_n
Gerard: o.o Aren’t you surprised?
Mikey: I’m too.
Awkward silence
My brother’s gay? How didn’t I notice?
Gerard: Cool…
Mikey: Is that everything?
Gerard: Well, nope. Today I’ll say the guy I love, that I love him…
Mikey: Who is he?
“He” I said…

Shane’s POV
“He” said Matt, pointing, and then waving at him. And while he did that, my heart broke into million pieces. Why? Why him? Why not me? I tried to contain the tears in my eyes, but I couldn’t.
“Excuse me guys. I… uh… I gotta go to the bathroom” I said, and quickly got into the bathroom. I cried hard… trying to be silent so no one can hear me.

Sorry if it gets a bit confusing but I tried to do my best to explain well the situations.
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