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Auditions... :)

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Auditions for a Killjoy story.

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PLEASE READ FOR INFO- So... hey :) I'm writing a Killjoy story, and I need some people, because

If I create my own people I'll get them confused, so they each need to be distinctly different

and unique, that's why I'm seeing if anybody is interested on here :) So, the story is basically

about the Killjoys (duh) fighting Korse and the rest of BLI, and it includes parts from the music

videos of Na Na Na and SING (hint hint). The way I imagined it- (and I won't lie- I have a crazy

imagination) Party Poison, Jet Star, Kobra Kid, and Fun Ghoul work together, but they each have

their own miny... "army" if you will, and they each have a second-in-charge person, incase

something would happen to them. So, in the stories, Killjoys are in either one of their "groups",

or they are "survelliance" Killjoys, who pretty much try to hack the BLI computers and cameras

that moniter the zones. (Bob will even be in the story, but later) :). It's better than it may

sound, promise. :) So, with all my babbling behind, I need:

List of People:

*Frank's 1st 2nd in command that turns into a traitor
*Frank's Girlfriend
*Killjoy(s) in Frank's group
*Ray's 2nd in command
*Ray's girlfriend
*Killjoy(s) to be in Ray's group
*Mikey's 2nd in comand
*Survillence Killjoy(s) (Mikey's group)
*Gerard's 2nd in command
*Killjoy(s) to be in Gerard's group

*Bob's girlfriend (Comes into the story later though)

Hm... I think that's it for now. (I'll edit the story later if I think of any) (And I will be using everybody who auditions)

So, for the audition:

*Killjoy Name:
*Real Name (optional):
*Appearance (clothes, hair, eye color, etc.):
*Ray gun color/style:
*Age (MCR is the same age they are now):
*Likes and Dislikes:
*Background (optional)(feel free to be creative with this) :
*What role(s) you'd like:
*If you HAD (or if you wanted to) to be in one of the 4 Killjoy's groups, which one you'd prefer:
*What you would'nt want your character to do (if anything):

Hm... That's all I can think of. And if you audition- thank you for helping me out with

characters :)
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