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Happy birthday Gerard

by CoffeeLoser 1 review

Please read I need your help

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Okay, so I'm making a video for gerard for his birthday on 9th of April.

I need as many killjoys as possible to send my photos of their OC or them as on of the 4.
Or any fan art to show him and I REALLY NEED MESSAGES TO PUT WITH PICTURES.
Please,need anything else, review on here, tweet me:@LunaGoesRawr and email anyfiles to

I want original photos, they can by messages written on paper, on yourself, on the walls(I dont know, be creative)

I want to give himsomething that is really original and thoughtfilled.

Deadline is 8th of April at the latest

i want to show him just how amazing and inspirational he really is, so please help me out.

Thanks, CoffeeLoser
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