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Some Kind of Paradise

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* Cat Paradise Fanfic * No category for it, so... Kansuke x Yumi. More summary inside.

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A/N: I reaaaaaaaallly wanted to post this, but there's no category for it. So here you are. If you haven't read Cat Paradise, at least the first volume, then this is gonna be some screwed up shit that you're reading.

Warnings: Language? Neko x Person love, ummm... I think that's it.

Full Summary: Kansuke just isn't the same after settling the score with Kaen. And Yumi... Yumi isn't helping at all.



No matter how much time passed, the issue remained the same.

Kansuke’s eyes flickered to the outside world beyond Yumi’s room. Light was filtering in through the trees and glittering off every single leaf as it waved in the slight breeze. This summer hadn’t been particularly disgusting; the temperature remained comfortably warm and it hadn’t rained for a few days. Or maybe it was a week. Kansuke sighed. She would be outside today with Nana-chan and Akiyuki-kun. Again.

Damn it.

He looked away from the window, knowing it would only foul up his mood even more. Why the hell couldn’t it just all out pour one of these days? At least then she would be inside – inside and with Kansuke where she belonged. At least she would be away from him.

No good. No good thinking about it all over again. Best you just get over the whole thing. Best you just move on. Move on, yeah, that’ll happen. Kansuke stood up, tugging at the hand-sown tank top and tormenting himself by looking out the window again. Hisui, he’d go see Hisui. At least then he’d be around someone who could share his pain.

He transformed back into a cat, wondering where she would be this time of day. Most likely it would be that bridge. That bridge where she lost her special someone. He stepped out of the tank top, realizing too late that Yumi would be upset with him for leaving it on the ground. Let her feel it, he thought darkly. Let her feel a fragment of what I feel everyday. He leapt gracefully up onto the windowsill, and onto the dorm’s roof.

Kansuke kept up a brisk pace; once the sun started to fade, Hisui would be gone and back to Kaiya’s room, to enjoy what little alone time her master could spare. Not that Kaiya would notice her distress; she hid it well with her personality, and Kaiya suspected nothing more than her typical jealousy. Yumi hadn’t noticed either. Sure, she noticed Kansuke's acute dislike of Tsubame, but she assumed it was just overprotective ness.

Neither of them saw how Hisui and he were slowly dying on the inside.

Kansuke made it to the bridge in record time, thanks to his brisk pace. Hisui was lounging on top of the bridge, scorching her fur in the sun, as expected. She noticed his approach immediately. The two gave each other meaningful looks, and Hisui whispered quietly, “So it’s one of those days.”

Kansuke climbed up next to her, wincing at the burning hot metal beneath their paws. Up close, he noticed the dark circles under Hisui’s eyes, and the glassy, expressionless look on her face. She made no movement when Kansuke approached, nor when he settled down next to her. Kansuke rested his head on his paws. “It’s been too beautiful out lately.”

Hisui grunted her agreement. “Wish it would just storm for days and days already. All we get is this…this…sunshine.” Kansuke lowered his eyes in grief. That thought was so sickeningly pleasant; it made him want to puke. “Aren’t we so twisted?” Hisui mumbled sorrowfully. “Not even Sakura shares our feeling and you know how much she loves Tsubame.”

“Don’t say that name.” Hisui realized her mistake too late, and before she could apologize, Kansuke continued. “Yes, we’re sick. Yes, it makes me ill when I realize how much she’s dominating my life. But that does not change a single thing I feel in my heart.” Hisui’s eyes shone sympathetically. “I don’t know what to tell you, Hisui. I don’t even know what I think anymore. All I know is that I fell in love with her, but she will never, ever reciprocate those feelings.”

Hisui stretched and stood up. “I guess we can never forgive them. The humans, I mean. One second, they’ve stolen our hearts, the next, they crush them in their hands…” She smiled. “We never stood a chance. There’s comfort in closure, I guess. I’m smitten, you’re done for, but at least we’re in the same boat.” She flicked one ear at Kansuke. “Darling has baseball practice. I know it’s not much, but he always seems happier when I cheer him on in any of his sports.”

Kansuke sputtered as she leapt down from the bridge. “B-But…I just got here! Aren’t we going to talk some more?” Hisui waved her tail at him and began walking away.

“Sit up on the bridge for a while, Kansuke dear. The sun gets to your head and you begin hallucinating and talking to yourself. It’s the most wonderful place to clear your head.” Kansuke scowled at her retreating form and then curled into a ball. The sun was too hot, way too hot, but he didn’t care. Tucking his head into his leg, Kansuke fell asleep to the sound of his own heavy breathing and the river rushing below.
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