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Chaper two, Part two HELP! ♥

by lovelikewoe143 1 review

Shoudl nicole tell Eli she is being abused? or keep it to herself?

Category: Vampire Kisses - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2011-03-23 - Updated: 2011-03-23 - 262 words - Complete

I woke up in the morning went down stairs and got some breakfast then my dad came down stairs, GET YOUR A* out of my chair! he screamed and started pushing me making me spill my cereal all over me, "STOP DAD!" i screamed and pushed him, "no you listen to me!" he said while pushing me onto the ground and kicking me, "DAD STOP!!!" i screamed crying "EVER SENCE MOM DIED YOUVE BEEN ON DRUGS ITS NOT MY FAULT SO STOP!" i said then he picked me up and said "dont talk about your mother got it?" and threw me into the closet and locked the door, "DAD!!!! HELP!! SOMONE HELP!!!" i screamed banging on the door. then i remeber my phone was in my back pocket i tried to find it but then it wasnt there, it was on the floor from when my dad was kicking me, "oh no," i said to myself and right when i took that next breath the door swong open "who the h** is ELI?" he screamed, i didnt answer "WHO IS HE?" he said and kicked me again "STOP DAD HE IS A FRIEND" i screamed holing my side."a friend huh? you dont have any friends! your stupid and worthless! now go! he said am pushed me onto the tile ground of the kitchen and threw my phone to my face, i ran out grabbed my journal and phone and jacket and ran, ran to Eli's house i didnt know if i was coming back but i knew where i was going.
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