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The My Chemical Romance Way

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Another one of my poems HOWEVER this one is funny xD hehe so you should read it :)) and Please R&R too and tell me what you think pleaseeeeee i would love it xxx

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A/N: yes another ones of my poems as a few users on here as requested more hehe so thank you for your appreciation i'm glad you like them so here is another one, this one is funny and i think you will like this hehe :))

oh and i have written some of 'happiness or misery?' on paper about two pages so hopefully will be updated on the weekend :) and some of 'hold your breath...' though i dont even like that anymore, but meeeehhh ah well it will be up anyway, probs tomoz. So yeah just keeping you updated.

anywayyyy heres the poem so enjoy and please be nice and R&R :):)

Look at me I’m Frankie, in the middle not fat or lanky. I cannot wait until tonight, me and Gee getting Jiggy and ohhhhh he bites.

Look at me my names Gerard, and I act like such a retard. Yeah I’m Gerard and I am the sass, but no one’s seen my hairy ass.

Look at me my names Ray, but nobody knows I’m really gay. I love to read frerard storiez lock myself in the bathroom and then I Jizz.

Look at me I’m Mikey, and if you see down there you’d say crikey. I’d prefer a unicorn than Alicia Simmons or even porn.

Franks very small and only wishes he was tall.
Rays a human being but confuses thee, as he can camouflage himself into a tree.
Gerard loves his hair, but cannot grow it everywhere.
Mikey’s the girly one skinny and quiet, and looks like he’s on a never ending diet.

And that’s the My Chemical Romance Way

I hope you liked this and please R&R I lovee them and i will do more poems if you do :D
remember to check out my other stories pleaseee :) "With those words, set me free": this is my newest please check it out and R&R and my other work please :)
MWWAAAAAAAA my lovelies
xx coz
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