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Chapter 2

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Mikey's where-abouts.

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Thanks for the reviews on the preivous chapter :) I'm sorta doing a one-band-member-whereabouts-at-a-time thing, so the chapters will be a little short for a while, sorry.


This is crazy. I frantically searched my desk for some sort of phone book. I opened

several drawers at first, until finally finding one.

"W... Way..." I murmured as I flipped the tiny book open. "Let's see... Grandma... Mom and

Dad... Mikey!" I exclaimed as I picked up the phone off the desk and frantically dialed the


Mikey picked up after the first two rings. "Hello?"

"Mikey! Something weird is going on!" I told him.

"What?" he asked, "Who is this?"

I froze. "How do you not know your own brother's voice?"

"Gerard?" he asked, "Well, some brother you've been..."

"What? What do you mean?"

Mikey sighed. "This is the first time I've heard your voice in like a year."

"What? That's impossible..." I trailed off. What's going on? I just talked to Mikey...

"Actually, I suppose you have a good reason," he said sarcastically, "You're too busy with your


"Even if I was," I told him, "Which I honestly can't remember, I'd never forget about you."

"Gerard... You missed my wedding."

"What?" I exclaimed, "No I didn't! I was your best man, and you were mine at my wedding."

"Gerard, you've never been married," Mikey said, almost as if he had said that a thousand times


"Yes I have! To Lyn-Z! I have a daughter too!"

"The chick from Mindless Self Indulgence? Look, Gerard," Mikey sighed, "If you wanted to

reconnect with me, you shouldn't make up some story."

"I'm not lying to you!" I told him desperately.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Look, I've got to go in a minute. Lily and I are going out."


"Yeah, my wife. Sorry, forgot you missed the wedding."

My lips started to tremble at this point. "What happened to Alicia?"

Mikey sighed and was silent for a moment. Slowly, he said, "Alicia died four years ago."

I sunk down into my chair. "What?"

"Please don't make me go into details," Mikey begged. "I saw you at the funeral- you know

what happened."

"Mikey..." I pleaded, "Something's going on. You've always been the best at advice. You

tell me-what would you do if you, oh, I don't know, woke up as the same person, but with a

totally different life style than you had yesterday?"

"Well," Mikey said, "I would consider to stop taking the drugs I've been on."

"I don't do drugs anymore."

Mikey laughed, but it had no humor to it. "Really? Since when?"

I opened up one of the drawers and sure enough- I was staring at several bags of white powder,

and at least 5 bottles of pills. My Chemical Romance is the reason I gave up drugs...

"Mikey," I asked, slamming the drawer shut, "Does My Chemical Romance ring a bell?"

"Pft," Mikey laughed, "I'd think I'd know what My Chemical Romance is. I'm kinda the one who

founded the band, or did you forget that I was in a band too?"

"If My Chemical Romance exists, then why am I in an office building?" I raised my eyebrow,

even though there was no possible way Mikey could see that.

"Hey," Mikey said defensively, "I asked you to join, and you told me to shut up before

slamming the door to your room in my face."

"What?" I rubbed my head with my free hand.

"I've got to go..."

"Wait!" I exclaimed, "Just... tell me what you know about Frank Iero and Bob Bryar."

"Hm... The name's sound familiar. Oh, Frank Iero- he's the drunken lead singer of Pency

Prep. And Bob Bryar- isn't that the drummer for The Used?"

If he was there in the room, I'd hug him. "Thank you. Wait- where are you?"

"Same place I've been- L.A."


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