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They're Coming For Me

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The Vamps have come to town.

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i've always wanted to do a vampire story, so here it is, I don't know how long this will go...May turn into Frerard, I'm not sure. I'm also writing this now because I'm over my daily twitter useage today and I need to type....

The young boy's legs were pumping so fast he felt as if they would give out. His battered old converse hit the wet concrete over and over again as he tried to get a far away as possible from the men chasing him.

The rain came pelting down, drowning him, his short black hair dripped over his eyes, so he could only just see where he was going in the dark light of the moon.

He skidded around another corner, winding through the narrow alley ways and streets of Belleville.

His pulse was pounding in his head as he pressed his back against a cold wall, catching his breath which seemed to be suffocating him in the humid rainy New Jersey night.

He took a breath to start running again but was confronted with his followers,they were tall and cloaked, pitch black hoods pulled over their hair, hiding their faces from him.

The four men back him into a corner and-

I sit bolt upright in my bed, I'm soaked with sweat and shaking, I draw my breath in shakily.

It's this fucking nightmare,over and over again,I've been having it for weeks.

I push the bed cover off of me and walk to the window, it's still dark outside,I rub my eyes with one hand and pull the curtain back with the other. Nothing and no one is outside of my house. There never is. Ever.

I push the window open and lean out, taking deep breaths of the cool New Jersey air in, it fills my lungs and I calms down almost instantly.

I don't why that dream freaks me out so much,it's always the same thing, and it nearly always ends at the same part.

So I wonder back to my bed, sitting on top of the covers, bringing my knees up to my chin and resting my head on them,out of the corner of my eye I can see the clock that sits lazily next to my bed, 3:16am it reads.

I didn't shut the curtains so the light of the half moon makes my room light up slightly, the posters on my wall, the clothes that lie scattered across the floor and my guitar. Pansy. Sits patiently in the corner,next to a stack of shoes.

I lean back and my head hits the pillow with a gentle thud. I lie like this for, minutes, hours? I don't know,I just lie here, staring up at the ceiling,I don't even try to get back to sleep.


By the time I open my eyes again, sunlight is hitting me full in the face, it stings my eyes and I try to get out of bed, but I end up on the floor tangled up in the bed sheets.

Slowly, I sit up again, rubbing my head, where it hit the bedside table. I pad my way to the window, shutting it, and make my way to the bathroom.

I brush my fingers through my short blonde and black hair, short on the sides and long in the middle, I pull at my lip ring and make a face in the mirror, trying to laugh off last night's terror.

Reaching in I turn the shower on, setting it to a cool temperature, standing under cold showers always wakes me up, almost as well as hot coffee.

I dont even wash, I had a shower last night,I just stand under the cold water humming to myself,I hold up one hand watching the patterns the water makes running down my wrist, which is laced with various little scratches a scars.I trace a finger over the lighter strips of skin that will be there forever.

I regret doing it. I really wish I hadn't.

I was in a very dark place, it was when the dreams started,around the same time my dad left home and never came back.

I couldn't stop myself,I just did it.

I cut my self and regret it to this very day.

"You in there Hon?"My mom calls through the door, snapping my attention back to reality.

"Y-yeah, one minute" I reply, stumbling out, slipping a little and steadying myself on the sink. I wrap a towel around my bottom half a step out, walking fast to my room to get dressed again.

I actually have a plot for this one :) So it will be building up, please R+R,love you all, oh and Neon Nightmare..Thanks (you should know what I mean).

Till next time,SB ps, if you didn't guess, it is from Frank's POV
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