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Faith, trust and blood and dust...

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Now...will Party live? Or will he die?

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Kobra's POV.

I picked nervously at my jacket, yanking at the loose thread that had wriggle free from the hemming. The atmosphere in the diner was so tense you could almost taste everyones worry.
It was night now, three hours had passed since Shockwave and Deathdefying had entered that room. The night sky was an inky indigo, the stars twinkling doftly in the random organisation that they had been scattered in.
I know it probably sounds stupid, but I believe that everytime a Killjoy dies they become a new star that would watch vigilantly over the group they had left behind.

But I didn't want Party to leave me, not now, and certainly not like this. I always thought we'd go down together, brothers in arms as they say.
Fun shifted slightly from where he slept, his head resting on my shins as he mumbled something about socks before going back to his light snoring.

"He's gonna make it, Kobra. Your brother is tough, he pulled through it before, he'll do it again, just you wait." Jet soothed as he came over to my bed which Fun Ghoul's slumbering body had taken up most of. Jet laid a hand on my shoulder and squeezed it slightly, a reassuring smile on his face. I sighed pitifully,

"Oh Jet, what if he doesn't? I mean, last time he had none of this fever and illness shit, he just bled a lot." The words, all my feelings, came out of my mouth in a torrent of sadness and woe. "I don't want to lose him, Jet. He is the only family that I have left. I just hope Shockwave knows what she's doing..."

I trailed off, tears prickling my eyes and I just let them run freely down my cheeks, dampening my dirty face. Jet put his arm around me and I sobbed into his shoulder, my cheeks burning in embarrassment; I hadn't cried in years.

"Sock puppets!" Fun jolted awake, his bleary eyes looking round wildly for a second or two before he realised his surroundungs and settled back into the matress and my shins, looking up at me and Jet worriedly, frowning when he saw my tears,
"Party...He hasn' know...has he?" Fun whispered, hot tears beginnig to mist up his eyes too. Jet shook his head and Fun relaxed and breathed out a sigh of relief.

We sat there in complete silence, listening to the our breathing and the continuos ticking of the old fashioned anologue clock nailed on the wall. Seconds passed, as did minutes, and just as the third hour was up the door clicked open.

Deathdefying stepped out, exhausted beyond possibility but a smile mused on his lips albeit a tiered one. My eyes widened at the sight of him.
His hands were red, some parts still dripping with fresh blood, as were his clothes.

"You can go in now." He said, stifling a yawn.

Fun and Jet rushed inside, but I held back. What if he looked even worse than before? Deathdefying nudged me forward,
"Kobra, the first thing he'll want to see when he wakes up is you. You are his little brother after all."
I nodded and gulped, trying to swallow down the doubt and walked in.

The room was well lit and the first thing I saw was Shockwave, snoozing on the floor, the top half of her body leaning on the couch, the other half kneeling on the floor and her head resting on top of her folded arm. She too had bloodstained arms and her white BL/ind suit was spattered in crimson splats. Her other arm which was not supporting her head was holding a hand. I edged closer, the hand linkin to an arm, which lead to a body, which lead to a face. His face.

My brother slept soundly, his face showed no sign of a violent fever and his breathing was light and easy. An IV drip was fed into his arm and a miniture heart moniter beeped gentley in a steady rhythm; Beep...beep...beep.
An assortment of medical tools, far more advanced than Deathdefying's were scattered on a metal tray on the table.

Deathdefying came back into the room wearing new clothes and his arms and hands washed. I ran over and hugged him tight,
"Thankyou." I breathed, and he chuckled.
"It's Shockwave there you should be thanking, she did all this, I just helped clamping burst blood vessals. Shockwave did all the surgical stuff, not me."

I walked over to her and lifted her up, her limp hand sliding out of Party's and placed her down on the old armchair nearby, stroking her hair out of her face as she snuggled into the warm cushions.

"Kobra! Quick! He's waking up!" Fun Ghoul hissed. I shot over and joined the trio of men around the couch.

Party stirred, twitching as he flexed his fingers and toes.
"Party? It's time to wake up now, Party." Deathdefying urged, shaking Party's shoulder softly. "Come on, Party, wake up."
Party's eyes fluttered open, he blinked twice.
"Hey Doc, Fun, Jet and Kobra." He smiled at me and held out his arms stiffly. I embraced him in a hug, no so tight as to hurt him but just a gentle squeeze. His arms envoloped me and returned the hug.

We pulled away and smiled. He looked at us all,
"Anyone care to explain what the fuck has been going on? Last time I check, I was dying and Shockwave was taken to Battery City."
I flinched at the word 'dying' but told him what he wanted to know,
"I got Shockwave back and she remembers everything and everyone. I dunno about what just happened, you'll have to ask the Doc."

Party's face split into a weak smile,
"Shockwave? You got her back? Then...where is she?"
The Doc pointed to the couch and Party shifted his neck stiffly, his eyes widening.
"Why is she covered in blood? Please say that is not her blood!"
"Hey, hey, hey, Party, calm down it's-"
"Calm down? How can I 'calm down'?! She's covered in blood for fucks sake!" The heart rate monitor began to pick up pace; Beep.beep.beep.

"Party! That's not her blood, it's your blood!" I exclaimed. Party frowned in confusion.

"You just underwent some serious surgery, Poison. Shockwave was the one who fixed you this time, not me." Deathdefying explained.

Party stared,

Suddenly, there was a yawn from the old, worn armchair and a delighted cry of "DAD!!!" before a blue blurr latched itself onto Party. Party held her at arms length,
"Dad?" he echoed in a confused tone. Shockwave blushed and nodded.
"I-I want you to b-be my dad, Party." She stammered, taking a sudden interes in the dusty carpet.
Party rook his hand and he lifted her chin so she was looking right at him. I was worried, I remembered how he was when he lost his real daughter, he was so depressed and heartroken that even the BL/ind Happiness pill couldn't crack a smile out of him.

"And I want you to be my daughter." he whispered and pulled her into a hug, planting a kiss on her forehead. There was a chorus of awws and Fun Ghoul turned to Jet Star,

"Dude, are you crying?!" Fun smirked. Jet punched him playfully on the upper arm.
"Shut up, Fun. You're killing the mood." Jet sniffled, then mumbled that he couldn't help it if it was cute.

The room was one giant bubble of happiness. And I couldn't help but think, It's just like when Grace was here...

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