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True Love (request)

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Gia and Bob are a happy couple, but he's away on tour. Will she cope? One shot.

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A/N: For vampiresdontglitter as requested! A simple oneshot romance with a Mr. Bob Bryar!!! Enjoy xo


After nibbling on the loop of his new black lip ring I found it caught between my top set of teeth. He found it funny and let out the softest and kindest laugh I had ever heard. With the soft movement his lips made when laughing I looked up and met the eyes of Bob, those piercing sapphire eyes. Those who knew him as the hard and unlovable obviously didn't know him the way I did. We have pictures that all fan girls, and those who aren't fan girls, would be jealous of. I have his smile. I have the only picture of his pure smile and it is gorgeous. When you see it like that you would think that butter would melt on his mouth he is the soppiest person ever. But he has an image and I know he needs to keep it up.

One day I was sitting on the beach outside our beach house, the incoming tide just reaching m, the incoming tide just reaching my toes, knowing that in a week my gorgeous boyfriend will be back from his tour. It was out on our private beach that an unexpected shadow came across and blocked the bright sun. It was a man dressed in smart clothes looking down at me. He gave a slightly familiar half smile. I stood up to be on his level but my eyes still hadn't had time to focus in the sudden darkness and make out the rest of his face.

Out of nowhere came other men till there were 5 standing around me. They were all of different sizes and stood in different ways. The one that had the half smile also had a look of sass in his stance. One was definitely smaller and kept fiddling with his outfit and trying to scruff it up. One was trying to stand up as straight as he could, he knees bent towards each other. One had hair that was starting to fall out of his hat in a raggedy mess but the last man caught my eye the most. Or at least his lip ring did as the sun glinted off it and right into my eyes. I squinted as the smallest pushed the man with the lip ring towards me.

He said in a low voice "Gia the guys cancelled at last minute because of an accident at the venue so we spoke to our good friends, the air force, and they said as a favour of getting them and their girls in our 'Ghost Of You' music video they owed us a favour and they flew us back here and, well, here we are."

By now I knew full well who it was but it was unlike the guys to pull in favours unless it's big. What could have happened? Had he lost interest in me and wants to dump me? Bob leaned in closer and kissed me gently on the cheek, running a hand gently down my face and then down my arm he took my hand and got down on one knee.

"Gia, will you be my Gia Bryar? I know it's a big ask but I truly love you!" he smiled his innocent smile and I knew it was real and what else could I say he was amazing.

I had met him when I was first working in Nandos and he walked me home after my shift. Little did I know he was in a band.

I lept into his arms and cried out in joy: "Yes, yes, yes!"

He picked me up and spun me around until everyone was around us in a big group hug. Gerard picked up the spare uniform from on the floor and passed it to me.

"Here you go Mrs Bryar-to-be we have a long flight back to finish our tour and I think our man needs a little help from his lady. Besides, it's not fair for you leave him so soon after the proposal," Gerard was looking at the guys by the end of it wanting some moral support but was met by them looking at me and Bob as we shared a passionate kiss on the beach the way I had always imagined. It was magical.

(thanks to my friend Jo for her help :) )
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