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Drabble Collection: Tezuka X Ryoma

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A collection of Tezuka X Ryoma related Drabbles. Latest Drabble: Fly - He wanted Echizen to fly.

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This is taken after an anime scene where Ryoma leaves for the States and the freshmen trio goes around the tennis club asking people to write something for Ryoma before he leaves. I like to think that Tezuka was the one who wrote 'fly' in large character and in the middle of the whatever it was. Paper? Whiteboard?

Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis or any of its characters.

Drabble Collection
Tezuka X Ryoma
(1) Fly

Because Tezuka did not want to be the person that held Echizen back from what he wanted—needed—to do, what he had the potential to do. So the young tennis captain had swallowed hard and did what any captain would have done. Fly, he had written. And then: Fly, fly, fly, Echizen, he thinks. Be what you deserve to be.

Echizen flew.

And Tezuka despaired. Despaired because he had feelings that he wanted to share, had words that he wanted to tell, and emotions that he wanted to show but he knew he couldn't. Because he wanted Echizen to fly, Echizen who doesn't deserve to be grounded and Tezuka who was the ground.

Three years later, Tezuka finds himself standing at the doorway of his house blinking in shock. He blinks again and brings a hand up to his eyes and rubs. Because he is hallucinating. Because he knows he's hallucinating. He had been hallucinating for the past three eyes, hallucinating and fantasizing about the impossible. Blinking a couple more times to clear his vision, Tezuka looks up again and meet brown-gold eyes.

"Buchou," Echizen says. "Fly with me."

There is not enough FanFiction for the two of them. Erk! What do I do?
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