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Danger Days in The Black Parade

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uhh, well.. i wrote a story with mcr punny things.. ;D (with help from Danger-Taco-Freak)

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"Drugs, gimme drugs, gimme drugs!" Mikey shouted down the tour bus. Ray gave him a strange look and handed him the coffee mug.
"Here, drink that. It's..."
"GOT WEED IN IT! NOW LET ME SLEEP!" Interupted Bob. Mikey grinned, like a maniac as he gulped the warm beverage. Meanwhile, in the bathroom.
"Keep your apology." Screamed Gee at an unsuspecting Frank. His smile disappeared and tears filled his eyes.
"You're the one that I need," he replied, trying not to cry. Gee was his world and he didn't need them to end, it was only a kiss of course. "I'm incomplete..."
"Take a look at me, 'cause I could not care at all. I don't love you, like I did yesterday." Gee said, he was angry. Frank had gone behind his back with Bob, or at least that's what Colin was saying.

Mikey played the music, to try and blank out the arguing couple and to increase his extremely happy mood and Colin's party spirit.
"Mikey, why do you keep calling me Colin?" Asked Ray, he was confused, Mikey thought he was a unicorn called Colin.
"I can't stop now, because I'm dancing!" Said Mikey, dancing round the tour bus. Ray grabbed him by the arms. "I'm drunk, I suppose. I gotta shout this out, so everyone knows!"
"Mikey, this ain't a party, get off the dancefloor," sighed Ray. Bob had spiked Mikey's coffee and now Bob was shouting random things out in his sleep.
"Go home!" Said Bob. The whole band stopped and stared at the sleeping drummer, then continued again.

"Kiss me goodbye." Wimpered Frank, like a puppy.
"I will not kiss you. Especially after it's been on THAT mouth." Exclaimed Gee as he pointed at Bob.
"Our music is way too loud!" Bob shouted, no one took notice though.
"Kiss me and I'll surrender."
After Mikey realised that Ray wasn't a unicorn, he collapsed on the floor.
"I should have been a better son. Mama, we're all gunna die. Mama we all go to hell" He cried, burying his face into Ray's shoulder.
"Pills don't help, but it sure is funny." Said Ray as he handed Mikey some strange tablets and more 'coffee'. Once again, Mikey drank it and ate the pills.
"OH YEAH!" Shouted Mikey.

"Ah, you ruin everything!" Gee said. They were still arguing.
"Don't fuck around, this is our last chance. You're unbeleivable!" Replied Frank, although he was short, he was still standing up for himself and the relationship he wanted. "We can live forever, if you've got the time."
"I do have the time. But, you never fell in love." Gee broke down, crying.

"I think I'm gunna burn in hell..." Bob mumbled, ths time, Mikey ran to him and jumped on his belly.
"DESTROYA, DESTROYA, DESTROYA!" He started singing. Bob didn't stir, just got sleep angry.
"If you can hear me, just walk away."
"They'll leave you alone, but not me, Colin." Mikey had finally left Ray alone and was now convinced that Bob was Colin.

"Gee, where's your heart?" Frank asked, as he sat down next to him.
"This never meant nothing to ya. I know how much you hate this." Gee refused to look up at Frank, in case he saw something in him.
"You're the only hope for me. Can you hear me cry out to you?"
"How could you cry for me? You never gave a care."
"I did." A tear rolled down Frank's face and onto Gee's hand. Gee raised his head to see Frank crying.

"I think I'm gunna go now. This place is getting boring." Said Ray to Mikey.
"Now Ray, that's why you get left and have to call us whenever we drive off. You're always talking about running away. This time, I won't be waiting for you." Ray's head sunk, he walked over to Frank's guitar, Bela, and started improvising to pass the time - Ray had always loved Bela and because Frank was distracted, he took his moment. Mikey was still bouncing on Bob's belly, attempting to wake the sleeping beast.

"Well, I'm a fucking idiot." Cried Gee, he was unsure whether to forgive Frank for what he'd done. He still loved Frank, but was there a chance that he' ever be able to trust again?
"Let me be the one to save you. I promise, you can trust me this time. Please... Without you, this is how I disappear."
"Kiss me you animal." Gee suddenly said. Before Frank could ask what had gotten into him, Gee had already attatched his lips onto Frank's. Gee pulled Frank closer to him, by his shirt. It started as a passionate open mouth kiss, Frank's hands slowly made their way down Gee's body, into his boxer shorts. Eventualy, they were french kissing and taking each others clothes off, in front of the other band members; they didn't care though.
Ray tried to avoid looking, so he span around in his chair, eating crayons. Bob had finally woken up, but it wasn't Mikey who'd done it, he'd felt sick from the coffee. Mikey was wrapped in his blanket, talking to a make-shift origami unicorn that he'd been sent by an overly obssesive fan, called Isabella Cooper-Timbrell.
"I think they never liked you anyway, Colin. But I love you."
Frank and Gee stopped when they realised the others were watching. Simultaniously, they turned their heads to see what was going on.
"Well, uhh... This is awkward." Said Gee as he jumped up, only in his underwear, with a very visible bulge at the front. Frank had some respect to but on a pair of troussers, before facing the band. "The hardest part of this was leaving you." Gee looked at Frank, they both smiled at each other, as if there was no one else in the room.
"Forever, forever now, you motherfucker." Replied Frank. They laughed.
"Other times I feel like I should go. These are one of those other times." Said Ray. Mikey tuned to him straight away.
"I sure like the way you look in that," he tried to say something else afterwards, but ended up rushing to the bathroom, to join Bob.
"Me and Colin need to throw up."
"COLIN!" Shouted Mikey, as he grinned and held up the origami model.

The end.

*Coming soon: I got Three Cheers because I Brought You My Bullets*
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