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Daniel's roommate bothers him.

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P.S... 1/1

As he turned the corner, his heart suddenly stopped at what he saw:

The naked skin of his posterior, white and waxy as candle tallow. The
gentle curves of his innocent backside flesh, yielding in their
softness. Snowy, porcelain skin that whispered "virginal". And the
smallest of movements as he struggled with his socks: shifts in his
pliant muscles, that made his flesh ripple like gelatin. They sang
"touch me", "feel me" and "please, come closer and..."

penetrate me.

He took this in, in a single glance, realizing in the next second,
that he had been pervving on his male roommate!. His co-writer.
His lead singer and...he realized now...his surprisingly beautiful-looking,
and mostly nude, /friend/.

But not his lover, no. Never that. An assault upon common decency
had been committed in fact, from his having to have to view this man
without his clothes on.

"For Chrissakes, Darren!...why don't you use the washroom to change!" he
barked at the man.

Darren looked up slowly and turned his head to look over his shoulder..

"Oh...didn't hear you come in." He looked at his roommate Daniel
questioningly, wondering why he sounded so ticked.

Realizing he sounded as if he were overreacting, Daniel caught himself, and let go
of some of his sharp edge in his voice.

"What if I'd brought the girlfriend home?"

Darren hesitated. "Guess she would have got a good view of my
birthday suit," he admitted somewhat ruefully.

"Forget that business...I've got the only bare ass I want her looking at!"

Darren snickered. "Our surfy feeling insecure now, is he?".

Daniel did not quite know how to deal with that comeback, so he
decided not to try. He walked into the kitchen instead.

"We're out of coffee and tea!" he complained.

"Right..." replied Darren, acknowledging the situation, wondering why
his roommate had become so grouchy.

~ ~ ~

That night, as the two men slept - or rather, as Darren slept - Daniel
once again thought about the image that persistently pushed out all
other thoughts in his mind. What should he do? Tell Darren to move
out? No, that was too drastic. And he could not think of a good
reason to kick him out. Catching your mate in the buff was not exactly
a hanging offence. But something about the situation made Daniel
uneasy. He felt that having Darren around now would somehow upset
him. //This is ridiculous...I can't get any sleep...I can't stop thinking
about what I saw this morning...I'm not...I don't want...I mean, I
haven't got the slightest interest in..."

But he definitely wanted something. And that something was keeping
him awake and feeling agitated.

"Oh fuck it..." He rolled over and forced himself to think about
something more normal. Basically, that meant anything other than
Darren's ass. /I am not a pervert...never have been...never will.../
To prove it, he started thinking about the girls he had seen on the
beach earlier that day. And the young women that hung around when
they were practicing together as a band that evening. He focused on
their laughter and approving comments. And how Oli had smiled, as he
starting making headway with Susanne...

He finally began to drift off to sleep.

~ ~ ~

Darren lay awake in the dark, pondering his roommate's behavior
towards him. Daniel had not treated him normally all day. He had
been distant It bothered him a good deal, because he
worried a lot about what Daniel thought, and Daniel was not prone to
moodiness, unlike himself. What had happened between them? Darren
could not remember saying anything offsetting to him. Nothing
noteworthy or unusual.

/Okay, when he did he start acting not himself?/ he asked himself,
in an effort to figure it out. //Actually, he's been `off' ever since
this morning, now that I think about it...ever since he saw me
changing...but what's the big deal? It's not like he hasn't seen me
change before...or me him...//

But Darren felt a small flush of embarrassment. //Maybe he thinks I'm
ugly or gross..." Darren curled into himself, feeling bad, thinking
this. He tended to think the worst when people disliked him. He even
admitted he had more than a small streak of paranoia in him. But it
was the only explanation he could think of. And judging by how women
sometimes reacted to him, it wouldn't be the first time people had
reacted like that.

//Why does it have to be my own roommate, thinking that way!" he
thought, feeling no small amount of self-pity. //I'll show him! - I'll
have every girl salivating after me on our next gig...//

Darren felt pleased that he had turned the situation around in his
head, with a newly made plan to take control and take the offensive.
Nothing succeeded like success...

~ ~ ~

The next time they went out on stage, Darren went into "flirt" mode.
He flirted firstly with the club owner. Then the bartenders. Then
the clientele coming into the door. He flirted with the bandmembers,
and when the band finally launched into their first number, and a
number of eyes were already on him, he turned to Danny and gave him a
friendly wink.

Daniel could not help but smile at Darren. He seemed so full of
energy and fun and seemed not to be his usual somewhat fussy and sour
self. There was no doubt in Daniel's mind, that Darren was born to be
on stage. He drew in energy from somewhere, his eyes would sparkle,
and he would seem to come alive. It captivated everyone around him,
when he really got going. And there seemed to be good chemistry
between all the band members that night. As Darren began to sing his
best numbers, he sang to all the women watching him. He made eye
contact with each one individually, and just as they would begin to
warm to him and his slightly offbeat way, he would move onto the next.
It was not very long, before they could not get enough of him. They
would find excuses to come over to talk to him, and he would chat with
each one briefly, never seeming to favor one over another.

Dan had seen it all before, but tonight, there was an unusually large
throng hovering around Darren. He was cracking jokes and they were
laughing and giggling.

He felt proud to have Darren in his band.

Every once in awhile, Darren would glance back at him, awaiting the
signal that a new set was about to begin. To his surprise, Daniel
finally winked back at him, to signal him back onto the stage.

//Must have had more beer than usual..." thought Darren, knowing his
roommate's habits well.

They began the set with a mellower number, since Darren's voice
couldn't handle a lot of wear and tear after the rousing number at the
end of the first one. Some of the young women began to slow dance
with their boyfriends, despite the limited space. Daniel's guitar
playing was easier on this particular number, and he had ample
opportunity to watch Darren, as he moved about the stage.

"What are you always looking at his ass for?" asked Oliver.

"Wh-wh-at?" replied Daniel, somewhat shocked.

"You heard me! What are you always looking at his ass for?"

"I'm not...I'm just thinking..."

"Yehr, sure...and I was born under a banana tree..." replied his brother.

"Knock it off...I was just daydreaming, I guess...I didn't notice
anyone's ass."

"Quit daydreaming when you're onstage!" replied Oliver.

"Quit reaming me out when we're onstage, fuckhead!" replied Daniel.

The brothers fell silent, and the song came to an end.

~ ~ ~

Darren could not help but overhear the brothers' argument even though
they had kept their voices low. The acoustics of the stage bounced
their voices toward Darren. /Danny's been watching my ass?/ he
reflected. //What the hell for? If he hates my ass so damn much, he should
damn well quit looking at it!//

But secretly he was somewhat pleased. Pleased that he had made a
point of impressing the girls...and pleased that he was somehow the
center of Danny's attention onstage. And if he winked at him, it
could not be all bad, could it?

Or could it? What if...

/No. Not possible. Not Danny./

But if it was...

Darren shuddered to contemplate the horrible possibilities, if Daniel
was developing an attraction to him. For starters, Darren was married...

And if Daniel did not take rejection nicely?

/Stop jumping to ridiculous conclusions, Hayes!/ he warned himself.
Knowing full well, he tended to go off half-cocked sometimes. //On
the other hand, wouldn't it a good idea to be ready, just in case?//

Mentally, he began to rehearse what he would say, if Daniel said
anything to him, or made a move on him. This was not something that
could be left to the fates...not when your showbiz career more or less
depended on it...

~ ~ ~

//"Danny, listen...if I were a girl - but I'm not - but if I were a
girl...I would find you attractive, I'm sure...". He unhappily
reproached himself. //Too patronizing...//. He tried again.
//Look,'ve known me long know I'm not that ways
inclined..." - no that's too blunt, he corrected himself...//

Then it occurred to Darren, that Danny might not even say anything to
him. Then what? What if he just actually tried to kiss him or
something, or make some seductive wisecrack? Or worse - what if he
just found some gay porn sitting around the apartment?

Sweat began to pour off Darren's forehead, and he realized he was
becoming very warm worrying himself into a sweat! But he forged on,
determined to be ready for the worst. Some types of planning were

/Okay, now...if he tried to kiss me.../

Darren tried to picture Daniel trying to kiss him. He simply could
not picture this. But just then, Daniel walked into the room, and
gave Darren a small smile.

Darren looked at his lips as he did so, trying to picture Danny trying
to kiss him against his will. And to his surprise, he realized, the
idea wasn't really that objectionable. //Wait a minute! Wake up,
Dozer! That's DANNY, not some male hustler...Danny as in my bandmate
and friend! Not some guy whose kiss would be
meaningless...oh...shit...I think I'm...... lust.

/What the hell is going on? Am I losing my marbles?/

Darren found himself repeatedly glancing at Danny's lips, litanizing
"Dan, em, I don't really do that sort of things...I'm going to
overlook what you just did...".

He knew at that moment however, that he didn't believe himself one
little bit.

//The good news is, he's never gonna try, right? And I won't ever
have to explain anything to Colby..."

~ ~ ~

Daniel noticed that Darren had been acting more cool and distant with
him lately. He knew Darren was given to moodiness, but this seemed to
be definitely more than a few passing moods...

//I haven't said anything upsetting, I don't think.. Why is he
treating me like I'm about the steal his cookies all the time? Maybe
he's tired of me as a roommate. He gets bored so easily...//

Dan brooded briefly. Then he decided it was best to simply confront

"Something bothering you lately?"


"I dunno, you're...more to yourself lately...wondered if I'd cheesed you off?"

"Cheesed off? No, nothing we haven't already talked about..."

"If it's about me getting snarky about you changing your clothes..."

"Forgot all about, you were right...I should have been more
careful!" Now Darren's senses went on high alert. //He still
remembers that day...//

"Dan, can I ask you something?" Darren knew he was venturing onto
dangerous ground, but he thought their friendship could handle it.

"Ask away. If I don't like it, I don't have to answer..." he smiled.

"Are you...interested in men?"

"Are you kidding?! Do I act like a fag?" he stared at Darren
accusingly, making it clear he would be offended if Darren thought so.

"N-no." Darren answered, quickly retreating before a wall went up.

"So why did you ask?"

"I guess because..." Darren groped for something to save the situation.
To remove the tension. "I watched a TV program, and they were
interviewing some gay men...guys who...anyway, I just realized that some
of them are not so different from normal guys.

"Have you ever thought about...?"

"Do you think I would be married, if I did?" Darren laughed somewhat

Daniel laughed rather uncomfortably too. "No, I guess not..." But
Darren caught the insincerity of Daniel's remark.

/He might be gay after all.../ he observed.

"Would you be - hypothetically speaking of course - would you be
surprised if I was?" Darren asked him, suddenly finding himself
holding his breath as he awaited the answer.

"To be honest, I wouldn't be that surprised. But like you said:
you're married, so..."

/So he's thought about it.../

"I know sometimes people think I am..." Darren volunteered.

"You've never thought about doing anything at all with a guy?" Daniel

Darren fell silent.

"So you have..." Daniel answered knowingly, reading into Darren's
silence. Darren awaited Dan's next words with baited breath.

"I didn't say that..." answered Darren edgily.

"You didn't say `no', either..."

"So what if I didn't. What difference does it make? They say
everyone thinks about doing something with a member of the same sex at
some point..."

"WHO says?"

"Psychologists...pollsters..." Darren answered.

Daniel fell silent. //So, it's not so unusual...maybe I'm not such a
pervert for thinking about it...//

"A lot of people in the States have tried stuff like that. And guys
in English boarding schools..."

"Yehr...I read a story about an English boarding school all
the seniors would whack and spank the juniors..."

"Probably getting off on it!"


"If you were a senior in a boarding school, do you think you'd do that
to the juniors?" Darren asked him.

"I'd sort of have to go along with the traditions wouldn't I? I mean
it's very pressured in those places...wouldn't you?" Dan responded
cautiously. He knew Darren could be judgmental.

"I don't know. I think I could put up with being bullied...more than
bullying a junior, I think......" Darren said. "I wouldn't like
spanking a smaller boy."

"People could draw certain inferences from that remark, you know..."
Daniel said with a small smile.

"Like what?" Darren looked at challengingly, noticing a glow in
Daniel's eyes.

"That you're submissive..." Daniel said casually.

"Like hell I'm submissive!" said Darren, incensed and charged with
energy, his flushed cheeks betraying him. But he sounded neither
angry nor convincing. There was obvious embarrassment there. Daniel
could tell he had hit on something. "I bet if I spanked you, you wouldn't do a damn thing about it!"
Daniel teased.

"Don't you fucking try!!" Darren hissed in warning, his eyes narrowing
and taking on a dark blue-gray glow. There was a hint of challenge in
it however. Like someone daring someone else to knock a chip off
their shoulder.

Daniel took in the change in his features unconsciously. He gauged the
change in Darren's respiration. He was sure...he damn well KNEW that
Darren was in some way...yielding...yet something inside himself liked
that yieldingness in Darren, very, very much.

"Maybe I will try!" threatened Daniel with a malicious smirk,
gauging the depth of Darren's resistance.

"You think you're man enough to take ME on?" Darren challenged.

/The fucker is egging me on! If he keeps this up.../ Daniel thought.

"I think I'm man enough to steer clear of someone that wants it like
you want it..." Daniel wisecracked.

"Don't flatter yourself!" Darren snorted, turning away from Daniel,
seeming to regain his self-composure. He left for the kitchen, for
the time being, trying to ignore Daniel.

Daniel lay back on the bed, allowing his own breathing to normalize.
The idea of spanking Darren was almost...delicious...

And for the first time, he did not feel inside himself, that he needed
to censor the thought. He would not let it control him however. He
would not surrender that kind of power to another man...

~ ~ ~

/I don't believe it.../ Darren poured himself a tea to quiet his
nerves. //I thought for a minute he was really going to try to spank dare he? Has he so little respect for me?//

As usual, faced with a problem of how people responded and reacted to
him, Darren gave it a good deal of thought. How was he going to
reclaim some manly respect from Daniel? Things had not turned out the
way he had planned He had certainly not been ready to have his
roommate threaten to spank him. They had only been joking around, but
still...what if the joking had gone on with others around? Or gone
further? He would have felt mortified! What if Daniel started
whispering things to Oli like //I think he's a you know
what he said the other day...// Although Daniel was not as given to
gossiping as he, he was not above it. Particularly with his brothers...

Darren vowed he would never allow Daniel to spank him even as a joke.

~ ~ ~

Some days later, they were getting ready for a gig. It was the
best-paying one to date. The crowd was expected to number over 400,
which for a bar on the Queensland circuit, was a big audience.
Daniel was out shopping for a new pair of shoes. Darren was glued to
the bathroom mirror, trying various techniques he'd learned from the
makeup artists in productions he'd been in. He wanted to stand out
and be noticed and he wanted his eyes to be rivetting to everyone. He
was so immersed on developing the right look, that he had left the
bathroom door open so he could change outfits more quickly and test
them out with various accessories. He was wearing only his black
boxer briefs, when Daniel returned

Seeing the bathroom light on with the door open, Daniel assumed that
Darren had forgotten to turn the light off and went to flick it off.
He was surprised to find it still occupied by his semi-nude singer,
briskly applying eyeliner pencil to the edge of his eyes.

/He looks like a woman.../ thought Daniel, eyeing his lips, and then
letting his eyes fall lower, pleased to have a discrete view. Darren
however, caught his downward gaze in the reflection of the mirror. He
pretended to continue to watch only his eyes, as he continued to apply
eyeliner just above his lashes.

Neither spoke. That is, until Daniel noticed he had been caught
checking Darren out

"That's quite the roving eye you have..." commented Darren with a wry smile.

Daniel was about to insult him, but realizing there was no way he
could bluff his way out of being caught, he decided to brazen things
out instead.

"That's quite the bathroom performance, with your cosmetics scattered
all over, and your bum hanging out..."

"My bum is not hanging out. If you don't like it, don't look!..."
he answered petulantly, disappointedly.

"It looks like it needs a good smacking!" replied Daniel mischievously.

"Daniel!..." Darren warned. But again, his deep blushing gave him away.

"Something tells me you'd like that..." Daniel said, looking at him in
the mirror, to see what Darren's reaction would be. He began to move
in wordlessly toward Darren. Darren saw his approach, and instantly
spun around to head him off.

"Piss off!" Darren seethed between gritted teeth.

Daniel looked at Darren's face close up to him now, seeing that he had
recently applied gloss to his cracked lower lip. His lip seemed to
jut out invitingly. There was something obscenely
captivating about its shininess.
Something very alluring. He realized with alarm, that his lower body was
reacting to Darren's heat. His face flushed as erotic hunger demanded its due. /Christ! - It's now or never.../ He grabbed Darren's head and pulled his face in toward him until their lips gradually connected. Daniel stopped breathing as
their lips came together. Feeling Darren's breath upon his lips, he suddenly spoke "Dar..." But Darren slid his leg forward, rubbing his inner thigh against the outside of Daniel's leg. The heat from Darren's leg spiked through the guitarist, caused his attempt to speak, to choke into a gurgle. He inched forward to capture and and bite Darren's lower lip gently, to find himself greeted by a deep, penetrating moan. As he swallowed the sound with one of his own, his hand moved reflexively to Darren's backside and began to explore cautiously. His fingertips claimed the supple warm skin whereever they roved, in their journey of discovery. Slipping his fingers impatiently under
the cotton of Darren's briefs, Daniel continued to allow his hand to roam as far as the singer's flesh seemed to invite him. His other hand drifted to the man's hip, then gripped it for better balance. As he moved further down his ass, Darren stiffened.

"It's okay," Daniel reassured him, drawing his hand back. "I wasn't going to try to spank you."

"Queer!" winked Darren, mischievously.

"You better not fucking tell anyone..." muttered Daniel under his breath. But not in a menacing way.

"Dirty queer..." taunted Darren again, his eyes twinkling.

Daniel laughed somewhat nervously. "You are SO gonna get it..." He lunged for Darren's
lip and once having captured it, he kissed Darren deeply. Their kiss progressed quickly from timid to aggressive, until both of them abandoned themselves to their needy passions. They broke off for air finally, heaving in want.

"You kiss like a woman..." smirked Daniel, noisily working hard to catch his breath without being too obvious.

"I kiss better than a woman," whispered Darren cockily, also panting. He now initiated their next kiss, teasing Daniel with well-timed tonguing
movements, leaving Daniel gasping. Daniel could scarcely believe the situation he found himself in. They groped and explored, causing deep groans of desire, until sanity prevailed upon Darren:

They had a show to do! He pulled away abruptly.

"Erm, I hate to be the bearer of bad news,
but we have to put this on ice..." Darren commented, after determinedly breaking their liplock, looking up at him. He tried hard to catch his breath, reluctant to forgo what they
had started.

"You're telling me I've got to wait?" complained
Daniel. "That's just as bad as a woman too!" he

"Eat it, baby..." Darren replied with a smirk. He broke contact with
Daniel, and went to grab his pants to get dressed.

Left with a stiff member and feelings of frustration, he nevertheless
looked at the clock. /Migod, we're going to be late!.../ Suddenly
things weren't about Darren's incredible kisses anymore. Nor his delicious tongue and
lips, nor hot sexy thighs.

~ ~ ~

As Daniel plugged in his guitar and Darren adjusted his mike for the
last time, Oliver zoomed in on Daniel. "Where the hell have you two
been, and what have you been doing? Fucking cocker spaniels?" Oli was

"We're here now, so, let's do it right!" snapped Dan authoritatively.
His sexual tension gave him an edge that even Oliver could feel, as he
backed down from his younger brother in silence.

They broke into their first number:

"She's taking taking her time making up the reasons
To justify all the hurt inside..."

Dan did not look at Darren's ass anymore. He looked at his audience.
He thought to himself //They don't know...they don't have to
know...they think...what they've always thought...// Dan realized that
it was their secret. But then as he turned to the side briefly,
Darren had looked over his shoulder at him and shot him a big smile.
The ball was in Daniel's court...he could hide or not hide his feelings
for Darren publicly...

He hesitated for a brief second, and then smiled back, shooting him a
wide grin. The audience clapped their approval and began to sing
along with the song.

~ ~ ~

"The crowd went crazy, tonight!" effused Oliver. The rest of the band
were smiling, all of them pleased with the outcome as well. "But
don't make a fucking habit of showing up late, Daniel! You know you
scared the shit out of us, right? Our first big gig.
"No habit...sorry about that guys.."

~ ~ ~

After avoiding Daniel backstage, Darren disappeared quickly into the
bathroom when they got home. Daniel wondered where he'd gotten off to.

He emerged some minutes later wearing...a loincloth? No, it was a paper sign
sign with some writing on it, strategically covering his crotch area. Daniel
had to look right down at Darren's crotch to read it.
It said: "Be gentle with me..."

Daniel just about fell over.

Darren looked straight up into his eyes then, batting his lashes demurely. His
hair had been brushed shiny and smooth, and curled out at the ends. He
turned around slowly, gradually exposing his bare buttocks to Daniel. Something
else was written across them in lipstick!

Daniel read "P.S. I love you" written in red.

"Come here..." Daniel said softly, extending his hand out to Darren. He
led Darren over to the bed. He gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

"You look so sexy: lay on your stomach for me..." he requested.

Darren hesitated for a moment. Then he obediently obliged him,
slowly laying himself down on the bed and spreading his legs a bit nervously.
He rested his chin on his hands. Daniel looked down at the gorgeous white globes
again, and this time bent down and kissed each one tenderly. He felt
them shiver beneath him, responding to his hot breath. He began to slowly nip
his way up Darren's spine, right up to his neck. When he came up to his ear he
whispered, "Hey Dar - P.S., I love you too!"
Daniel then turned him gently upward and sealed his declaration with a
long, tender kiss, then continuing on, inviting Darren to undress him,
by drawing his fingers onto his shirt buttons.
Pausing briefly, both men sighed with relief. It was as if they had overcome
some trial by fire, and come through unscathed.

Darren's nimble fingers soon began their erotic journey upward along Daniel's
smooth chest, as Daniel trailed his lips hungrily all over Darren's skin.

And the night had just begun.

~ ~ ~

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