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VOCALOID. Rin knew she should've done something to help Miku, but she was always too afraid that she's hurt her.

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I was bored and wrote this. Reviews please?

Rin's POV

I always knew she cut herself. I’d seen the scars once when she leant over my desk, her hoodie sleeve rolled up. I could see a fresh cut on her arm, but I looked away and ignored it. I pretended it wasn’t happening. I never asked her about it. I was in love with her and upsetting her was something I couldn’t allow to happen. That was before she got worse. Not long after she started walking into school with her long cyan hair hanging limply in pigtails in desperate need of brushing. She started crying through lessons and the only time I’d see her smile was when she walked off with my twin brother, Len. Len and I had been close until we were 13 and he started slapping our mom. He didn’t care about anyone and it really pissed me off. Two years later and he was still the same. I knew that Miku was dating Len and it hurt me, but just like the cuts, I ignored it. When she started skipping school and coming into school with black eyes and cuts down her face, I ignored it. I even ignored her when she told me she wanted to die.

I was supposed to be her best friend.

One day when Miku hadn’t been at school I came home to find Miku unconscious on the floor with Len kicking her in the head. I pushed him away from her, screaming at Miku to wake up and leave. Len laughed as I fought to lift her into my arms. I wanted to help her. Shaking in fear, I dragged her out of the house and into the street before bursting into tears. I couldn’t even call for an ambulance because my hands were shaking. I watched Len race down the street, still covered in Miku’s blood.

I should’ve noticed.

When she woke up, we were still waiting for the ambulance. I held her hand and comforted her as she cried. I hid my face, hoping she wouldn’t notice my own tears. When they let her out of hospital, I was there to walk her home. Instead of going home though, she took my hand and led me into the park. We sat down on a bench and she looked me straight in the yes and said five words.

“I know that you know”

We both knew what she meant, and at that moment, I wanted to cry. I wanted to thee the cuts and scars, I wanted to know how bad they were, but I couldn’t. She didn’t know that I’d been cutting myself too and I was determined not to let her find out. I’d hurt her enough anyway. I hugged her, not know what else to do, but she grabbed my arm and, using my hand, she rolled up her sleeve and forced me to stare at them. I took one look and shut my eyes. They were much worse than my own and I began to feel even my guilty. I snatched my arm away from her.

“I have to go”

Those four words were the last words I said to her. I ran home and, filled with guilt, raided my brother’s room. I knew I’d find something dangerous. I wasn’t surprised when I found the gun, I was just happy. I pulled the trigger with a smile on my face.

I shot myself.

I never knew she liked me back.

I killed her.

I didn’t know there would be any consequences to my actions.

I killed us.
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