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unthinking uryuu ch.1 urygo

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why do i feel this way about him i don't understand but then i do things make sense when they don't/ A/n ishida uryuu is feeling these thing his never felt be for but then his not thinking about th...

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"BEEEEPPPP!" went the alarm clock .Uryuu was dreaming at first about Ichigo then some annoying beeping noise ,then he realized it was his alarm and shot out of his sleep and looked at his watch he had to be at school at 9:00 he looked,it was 12:39!
"holy shit!!!" he said to him self
He jumped from his bed to his dresser to his bathroom to his closet then out the door then he forgot it would take 30 mins. by elevator cents he lived on the 40th floor in the building his father owned. Basically it's just a house shared by father and son thats the way uryuu thought of it, nobody else lived in the 50 floored home but him and dad so things could become vary lonely vary fast . any way uryuu thought he can take the emergency stairs but by the time he'd be down stairs he'd be out of breath .
'damn it! oh wait i can do that reiashi board thing!' he thought to him self
Rukia teached him how to make a reiashi surfboard it's pretty easy if you know how to weld your spirit energy. It took him 2 make it then it took him 30 sec. to get out the door to school.
'Rukia i so owe you!' he thought running to school

In LOVE!?Blah!Yes! I am!

In 10 mins. he was at school racing to his class but while uryuu was having a day in hell,Ichigo was in the back of the class looking out the window wondering were uryuu was.
'Is he sick,is he ok?did he get jumped? i'll kill the guy if he did!did he get in a car wreck? oh no! is he ok?!
"Mr. Kurosaki, Mr. kurosaki,...............MR.KUROSAKI!!!" Ichigo's teacher finally got his attention
"can you tell me what Hitler was known for?"
uryuu busted in to the class room out of breath and then he striated his self out and answered the teacher for Ichigo.
"He was known for making a army of notzi,being a great speaker and also killing and gathering the Jewish" he said
"vary good ishida just for answering that your off the hook of being late now find a seat"
he saw the seat that was next to ichigo was open so he took that one ,nobody really knew but uryuu and ichigo were looking at each other when uryuu walked to take his seat ,dumb uryuu for not looking were he was going , he tripped over Chad's backpack and landed on orihime's desk witch her boobs took most of the space , before the class and teacher saw uryuu's face in orihime's boobs, chad pick him up and thew him on the floor. uryuu knew what chad was going for so he just played along so did orihime.
'better falling on the floor then in some one's boobs' uryuu thought to him self
"uryuu are you ok?" said chad maening it because he did throw him pretty hard
"yeah! you landed flat on your face!"said orihime kinda putting to much sugar on the cake.
"i'm fine"uryuu said wiping him self off.
30 mins. later it was lunch hour ,every body left for lunch but chad ,rukia, ichigo and uryuuthey were still packing up their work because when they went to save orihime and all those battles were done, everything went back to normal and they missed a lot of school,so they had an ass load of work. they were all walking out of the class room until uryuu walked into the wall.
"GOD,uryuu the next thing you know your gonna walk of a cliff!" Rukia said
Ichigo looked at Uryuu with a worried look
'something's not right' uryuu thought
his face felt empty,his opened
"My Glasses!!!!! " he said
"Ah!yeah that's it! thats way you looked kinda weird"Ichigo said
uryuu got more sad then he already was
'he thought i looked weird?! oh,great now i feel dumb' uryuu thought
"i'm just gonna eat home later guys" uryuu said
'oh, awesome i just blew it! now his all upset' ichigo thought
Uryuu started walking home then ichigo started running up to him and said
"hey, I'll join you i hared you have a big house and orihime told me you get lonely"
"kurosaki you don't have t-"
ichigo put his arm around uryuu and said
"I want to. God, you're too thoughtful but that's a good thing about ya! Uryuu looked down and was blushing then ichigo took his arm from around uryuu.uryuu's blushing warred down but not all the way.
'No, i-i-i can't blushing fort of him he'll think i'm weird! and plus his not gay!ha ichigo gay?!oh, i wished he was though oh i so wish he was i do,i do, I DO!' uryuu thought.
20 minutes later they were at uryuu's, uryuu told ichigo what floor was the dinner area was at and told him he would be there in a minute uryuu started to go to his floor but he stopped by the club area and got a bottle of gay goose and went up to his floor ,his father told him not to drink it or else your body will defy you but he didn't believe nor care about what he meant by it . he sat on his bed and poped opened the bottle ,it was barely used "Well more for me..?.........."he said and took a giant glop,he put a sour face on for a sec. then took many more untill it was all gone then he walked to his bathroom,looked in the mirror and said
"well, guess i do really love ichigo ha, it's that weird?"
then the gray goose bottle fell from beneath uryuu's fingers..............
Hurts to watch and here when the lover is in pain
to be the continued......
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