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Inuyasha's Lullaby

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Kagome's dream a little story i wrote while listening to Inuyasha's Lullaby. enjoy

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Romance - Characters: Inuyasha,Kagome - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2011-03-27 - Updated: 2011-04-05 - 439 words

Inyasha’s Lullaby

The wind was cold on my face. The leaves and ferns moved slightly with the breeze. I couldn't control my feelings. I loved him too much, but I just couldn’t tell him. I looked to my right to see him sitting next to me. His red kimono and silver hair blowing in the wind just like the plants. A strange beauty seemed to follow him like a moth after fire. He was gentle but frightening. He always knew what to do even when things seemed impossible to over come. His love for her was unchallenged by how I felt for him. I would never pass her, not now, not ever. She was so beautiful and graceful. I on the other hand was simple and practical. I tried to change but it was useless. I was no match for his one true love. I was just a friend to him, nothing more.
“I have to tell you something…”
I looked at him. His voice was upset but light
“I have to tell you the truth”
“I'm listening”
That’s what I was good for to everyone; some one to tell their feelings to.
“I do love her, and I knew her long before I did you.”
My heart ached. The fact of loving him only made things worse for both of us
“I need to tell you…”
“I know what you're going to say…”
He looked at me with his deep amber eyes
“You do?”
I looked at the ground
“Yes… you want me to leave. To let you be with her and to stop making matters worse. And because… because I love you… I want you to be happy. So I’ll… I’ll leave. You won’t ever have to see me again”
I looked at him and he was smiling and shaking his head
“NO! That’s not what I want. That’s the exact opposite.”
“I love you. I want to be with you forever. I can’t stand to be around her after meeting you. I can’t get you out of my head. I love you and I can’t stand to be away from you. Even for a few hours! I have to you have you. You are my shinning star.”
He leaned over and put his hand under my chin.
“Get ready”
He leaned closer and brushed his lips on mine. He moved his hands to the sides of my face and the kiss developed. I would be with him forever. I would love him for ever more. It was my dream and it finally came through.
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