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So it begins

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Disclaimer: This is so troublesome, I DO NOT OWN NARUTO...(yawn)

Chapter 2:


To say Sasuke was pissed was an understatement, not only was their sensei late but so was that Pms-ing bundle of joy, Sakura was staring at him like their was no tomorrow and he was very, very hungry! Sakura however didn’t seem to notice, making every second with her precious “Sasuke-kun” count.

Sasuke on the other hand had to use all self control not to go off at the pink haired girl next to him, who was staring openly with little stars in her eyes. Blushing a bit Sakura gathered all her courage and moved closer to Sasuke, noticing the action he glared at her from the corner of his eyes, daring her to move further then she already had.

Sakura gulped understanding, she stopped moving closer and sat up straight, blushing harder as she did every action. “Ne, Sasuke-kun” She said meekly Sasuke turned to look at her, she had to keep a giggle down, she had Sasuke’s attention!

She was about to ask him out when two figures came into the clearing, 'CHA! How’d the bad timing awards go for you two, Baka! WORST TIMING IN THE WORLD!!!'. Sakura forgetting her ‘blissful’ time with Sasuke she directed her attention and all her anger at the two people coming towards them. “YOU’RE LATE!” she shrieked at the top of her voice, all the birds in the area fled from their homes in the tree’s.

Both Naruto and Kakashi smiled a bit and rubbed their neck, “Maa, gomen my alarm clock broke and I had to wait for the shops to open so I could get a new one” They both said in union.

Sasuke and Sakura sweatdropped, while Naruto and Kakashi looked at each other before shrugging. Naruto made his way under a large tree and sat under it, while doing this Kakashi took out two small silver bells, both hanging on two strings.

Naruto tuned out as Kakashi explained the exercise to Sasuke and Sakura, he wracked his brain for idea’s, plans, memories, information, seals, jutsu’s, mappings, but stopped after he got a migraine. Chibi Naruto twirled around in a spot with big swirls in his eyes before collapsing unconscious.

“Ready? Begin”

Two figures blurred out of existence, while one stayed under the shade of a large oak tree napping. Kakashi sweatdropped.

“Uhh, Naruto the test has begun” he said, but sighed as Naruto kept sleeping mumbling something incoherent. Sighing again and mumbling something about lazy ninja’s he got out a tiny book and sat down next to Naruto, giggling like a madman.

Their good, but they can be better, Sasuke’s up in the trees, while Sakura’s under the foliage, yet even though I’m next to him I can barely sense Naruto’s presence.’ Kakashi sent a curious glance at the young boy next to him, even though Naruto had proved it, it was still hard to believe that the loudmouthed blonde had actually proved everyone wrong.

But at the same time he was comforted by the thought of having someone who through all the hardships the village had given him still believed in the leaf and valued it more then their own life. Kakashi smiled down at the relaxed sunshine blonde figure next to him.

2 Hours Later (test went exactly like in the anime, except Naruto wasn’t there)

An annoying buzzing sounded off into the distance, Naruto sat up groggily, looking to his left he found his favorite jounin sensei sitting next to him, reading his ‘Holy Bible’, and giggling. Looking closer at the man he found that Kakashi had bits of dirt, little nicks and scratches all over him, Naruto smirked knowing exactly what had happened. Chuckling a bit, Kakashi turned to face Naruto, Naruto’s smirk got wider “Didn’t I tell you not to underestimate them?”

Kakashi narrowed his eyes and mumbled something inaudible,

“What was that?” Naruto asked mockingly “I said I thought you were exaggerating” the Jounin answered, annoyed. Naruto chuckled once again before getting up and headed for the posts, turning back to his sensei he said “Guess it’s the pole for me, ne?” With a wide grin he sat down in front of the middle pole while Kakashi tied him up.

“So your plan is to fail this team and wait for them to graduate later in time?” Kakashi asked, Naruto looked at him like he had grown another head

“Good God no, another year of the academy! Uh-uh, no thanks!” Naruto shook his head making his hair even more messed up then it already was.

“We’re going to pass the same way we did last time” Kakashi looked on confused for a second, and then it clicked Kakashi was smirking as he had collected Sasuke and Sakura. Once all four were gathered at the meeting point Kakashi had gotten the lunches. Setting the lunches down he faced all three of his students, his visible eye was curved in an upturned ‘U’.

“Well, theirs no reason for any of you to go back to the academy” He said in his cheerful voice, Sasuke smirked, Sakura cheered, beaming, thinking she had done an excellent job. “Yep, you shouldn’t bother; you should all just quit being ninja’s”

Sasuke’s smirk was replaced by anger, Sakura’s beaming smile was replaced by disbelief, Naruto figuring it was time that he started acting a little like the old Naruto looked up at his sensei in disbelief “WHAT? Why? Ok, ok we couldn’t get the bells, but why do we have to quit?!”

Kakashi faced Naruto also playing his part, but also genuinely interested in what Naruto had in mind. “Because all of you are just punks who don’t deserve to be ninja’s” Kakashi replied smoothly. Sasuke snapped shooting up he charged at his sensei, in a blink of an eye Sasuke was on the ground his hand held tightly behind his back and his face pressed against the ground under Kakashi’s foot. “NO don’t step on Sasuke-kun!” shouted Sakura.

Kakashi’s face was shadowed looking up his face was….deadly. “Are you guys underestimating ninja’s? Huh? Why do you think you were divided into teams and are doing this training?”

“Huh? What does that mean?” Sakura asked quietly, Naruto pretended to look confused,

“Basically you guys do not understand the answer to this test.” Kakashi said with a sigh

“Answer?” Naruto asked even more ‘confused’ then before.

“Yes” Kakashi turned towards him “The answer that helps you pass this test” he replied. Sakura looked up nervously,

“So when are you going to tell us?” She asked her confidence shooting down as she said each word.

“Geez…it’s teamwork, the three of you working together might have gotten you the bells” Something seemed to click in Sakura’s mind, she laughed bitterly

“So the bells were just a decoy” She stated, Kakashi nodded.

“You guys, I’ll give you one more chance, but after lunch I’ll make it even tougher, those who still wish to challenge can eat lunch. But don’t give any to Naruto,”

Naruto looked up “Huh?”

“It’s punishment for not doing anything productive. If anyone gives him food they will immediately fail. I am the rules here, got it?” He said his face shadowed once more.

Kakashi disappeared from his position. Almost immediately afterwards Naruto shouted at the top of his lungs “Heh! I don’t need any food. I’m fine!!” When his stomach growled loudly, Sakura sweatdropped, and Sasuke got his lunch and started eating, shortly after Sakura followed his lead. 'Curse you Kakashi! Once I get my hands on you I’ll… I’ll!' Naruto sighed, that bastard knows he can’t do anything to him. Kakashi was a vital part of his plans.

A few minutes passed in silence, Naruto’s head was down and he looked completely famished, Sasuke catching a glimpse of Naruto’s face and sighed. Looking away he offered Naruto his food “Here” Sakura’s eyes widened almost chocking on her food.

“Hey Sasuke-kun! Didn’t you just hear sensei?” Sasuke sighed again, he really didn’t want to do this"

“Don’t worry I don’t sense him anywhere near here. After lunch we’ll work together and get the bells. Without food he’ll just be in the way and will only hurt us.”

Outwardly Naruto looked shocked, but chibi Naruto was doing the Cha-cha, 'Go Sasuke, Go Sasuke' Chibi Naruto chanted, throwing away his maracas he did his little happy dance. Sakura looked down at her own food, then turning away from Naruto she too held out her bento box. Up in the tree’s Kakashi looked at the middle figure, 'so that was what you meant eh Naruto?' Kakashi chuckled a little before he reappeared in front of the three ‘genin’.

Lighting struck, black clouds gathered, the wind howled “YOU GUYS!” Sasuke got in a defensive stance Sakura cowered away, and Naruto hid his little smile “
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