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Awake and Unafraid

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one shot frerard. Gee is in a abusive relationship with Bert. When he is pushed over the edge he runs to Frank.

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A little something i wrote in English due to boredom (The teacher should be glad i was doing something educational for once)

It was unspeakable, a complete and utter betrayal of my love for him. Afterwards he tried to apologize blame it on the pills and the booze, screamed at me to come back. But despite being afraid of him, i just couldn't. I was numb with emotional and physical pain.

I had never complained or cried out all the other times he hit me, beat me, left me for dead. Because i was still sure he loved me and the abuse didn't change that. The guys worried about the bruises and the scars he left but i never told them, he would only hit me harder. I didn't care anymore. I hated him for what he did to me and all the agony he put me through. How could he do something this horrible?

I walked around the streets in a daze, blinded by the stabbing pain in my lower body. It was dark and I must have been outside for hours because my lips were turning blue. But i was almost oblivious to all that. Nothing mattered, i was a dirty whore and it was all my fault. How could i let him do that to me? By 2am i could barely move, but i had to in fear he would find me and finish me off. I couldn't have gotten that far with my injuries. Without realizing i had stumbled to Franks apartment. He had been concerned about me recently (along with Mikey, Ray and Bob) and last band practice i was sure he had seen the new bruises on my arms or my fresh black eye, but i had deserved them. I had to tell him what Bert had been doing, he could protect me. I had to tell him why i was on his doorstep in the middle of the night freezing, crying and bleeding.

I gave a weak knock on his door, praying he was in. If he wasn't, who knows what i would end up doing. Frank opened the door (i guess he hadn't gone to bed yet) and his smile faded as soon as he saw me and was replaced by a look of terror. He immediately pulled me into the house, which was a relief since it was sub zero temps outside and i was only wearing a t-shirt. I felt him lead me onto the couch and sit on it next to me. He didn't need a explanation. I broke down crying on his shoulder. Gasping as heart wrenching sob's racked my broken body. Frankie held me as i let it all out, stroking my hair and whispering words of comfort in my ear.

I cried until i had no tears left and was uncontrollably shaking. Frank grabbed my shoulders and clutched me at arms length. His eyes burned into mine as they looked for answers to why i was in such a horrific state.
''Gee'' he said finally ''What happened?'' thank god he didn't ask if i was okay. I would have blown up at him for such a stupid question despite how exhausted and fragile i was. I couldn't stay silent, i needed him.
''I-i-it w-was Bert-t'' i managed to choke out before i began to weep again, making my ribs hurt even more so. Frank sighed. He probably had suspected Bert had been abusing me, he knew i feared him and this past month i had been withdrawn and detached from my friends. They were scared for me, i was too.
''Did he hurt you Gee?'' he pressed on already knowing the answer since i was covered in my own blood and had bruises all over me. I watched the rage build up in his eyes as i gave a shaky nod.
''I-it was worse t-this time F-Frankie'' i swallowed ''He c-came h-home drunk a-and said he hated me, t-that i was worthless'' i stuttered in fear of what i was about to say next. ''H-he hurt m-me and i couldn't move, then h-he said he was i-in t-the mood and-d ...'' i cried into my blood stained shirt before i could finish. '' HE RAPED ME'' i cried out in despair.
Franks face was shocked and tears began to well up in his perfect hazel eyes. He embraced me in a hug and i whimpered into his chest never wanting to leave his arms. I felt so safe.

''Gerard'' i heard a voice whisper. I opened my eyes groggily unaware i had fallen asleep. I was laid down on a queen size bed with Frank crouched down next to me worried. I attempted to smile at him to let him know i was okay.
''Gee'' he exclaimed his voice filled with pity. ''You passed out on the couch, so i bandaged you up and put you on my bed''. He stroked my hair. ''Your safe now sugar.'' He looked frightened, so my wounds must have been pretty horrific.
''Please, Frankie stay'' i pleaded. I felt so vulnerable right now i couldn't bare to be alone even for a second. What if he found me? What if he hurt me again?
''I never will baby'' He wrapped his arms around me protectively, as if he could tell what i was thinking. ''I could never leave you''. Without thinking i kissed him passionately on the lips, and he kissed back. My mind fell into a peaceful slumber knowing i was under Frankie's watchful gaze.

Should i continue or leave as a one shot. Your thoughts???
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