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Chapter 10 (Getting To The Ball)

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Brynn sighed and slid off her bed to sink to the floor. She wanted to go! She should be able to go! "Okay, what's the plan?"

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"Roz I can't go."
"What do you mean?"
Brynn had called Roz a few minutes later and explained to her that she couldn't go to Homecoming.
"You have to go Brynn!"
"I told you, I can't. Zoe won't let me."
"Look, don't worry about Zoe. You're going!"
Brynn sighed and slid off her bed to sink to the floor. She wanted to go! She should be able to go! "Okay, what's the plan?"
Brynn sat in her room stroking Max who was at her side. Zoe had left a good hour ago to take Clair and Cher to the Homecoming dance. She had told Brynn she was to stay in her room and not move. Also she reminded Brynn that she would check on her every hour on the hour. Hearing this Brynn had no idea how she was going to be able to go to the dance. She stared at her clock as it ticked reading 11:05.
"Brynn...Brynn..." Brynn strained her ear towards the window not quite sure if she was hearing right. "BRYNN." She petted Max to tell him it was okay and crouched towards the sounds. She stuck her head out of the window and gazed down. In the dark just visible were four bodies. Roz glowed in her silky red dress and Brent, Spencer, and Ryan stood around her. All in dark shirts and red ties.
"Yeah," Brynn whispered back telling them she had heard.
"Brynn is that you?" Ryan asked sounding shocked.
"Of course it's her," Roz said smacking Ryan in the chest.
"Ow," Ryan huffed. "It's just that she looks really different."
"I do good work, don't I?" Roz said proudly placing her hands on her hips.
"Stand back from the window, Brynn," Spencer whispered ignoring the siblings.
"What? Why?" Brynn asked scared. Roz had never really told her the complete plan or what the boys were going to do.
"Trust them Brynn," Roz said sending reassurance.

Roz sighed and stepped back from the window. It wasn't long 'til she heard a small thud hit the side of the house. She rushed back towards the window trying to see what they were doing. Neatly placed by the side of the house was a ladder. Brynn gazed down at it and saw the three boys and Roz smiling at her.
"This was your plan?" Brynn asked dumbfounded.
"Pretty good, isn't it?" Ryan joked. "Now c'mon!"
Brynn smiled and turned around to climb out the window. "Wait," Brynn said suddenly remembering something. She climbed back in the window and ran over to her desk. She grabbed her mom's bracelet and snapped it on. "For good luck," she told Max. "I'll see you later," she added before descending out the window. She climbed down the ladder careful not to make too much noise or fall. She felt her feet hit the ground and she turned around to look at her friends.
Brent, Spencer, and Ryan stared at her for a while with gaping jaws.
"Guys, stop staring," Roz said intervening.
Brent shook her head. "Sorry, it's just that you do look really different."
Brynn smiled please with the reaction she was getting.
"Okay then...let's go!" Ryan said anxiously.
" dress," Brynn said. "Zoe took it."
"Where is it?" Spencer asked.
"I don't know, probably in her room," Brynn said trying to think. "She's not here, but I don;t think we should go in there I mean she would be really angry and..."
"Brynn, relax we'll get it," Ryan said already making for the front door.
"You stay out here with Roz."
"You don't even know where it is." But the three guys never heard her because they had already disappeared inside.

Brynn sighed and turned to Roz. "I can't stay long," she said. "I have to be home before midnight because Zoe will check on me."
"Don't worry, Brynn," Roz said giving her a pat on the back. "I'll make sure you're home in time."
Just then the three boys came racing out the front door. Brent came last holding the gown in his hands.
"How did you...?"
"No time, let's go," Ryan said impatiently cutting Brynn off.
Roz smiled at her and the five of them set off for the school.
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