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Who Do You Want To Be?

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My Chem's getting bigger, meeting a fan motivates Frank and Frank & Gerard decide to tell the guys the news.

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Thank you a lot for replying to me, so obviously, I decided to carry on. [And also because Georgie is fucking terrifying. Don't delete my number omg D:] Also, the fact that someone rated my question as exciting made me laugh xD You guys are awesome :D Hope you enjoy the chapter..

"Holy shit." It surprised me so much that my fingers jumped and played an awful chord. I whipped around. It was Gerard. I immediately felt my whole self melt, and my heartbeat race.
"Gerard." I said softly. I'd been yearning for him, these few days without him. I carefully set Pansy down and walked over to him, we immediately embraced. I sunk into his chest, breathing in his scent deeply. Then I remembered his comment when he had come in. My stomach panged.
"Oh.. Was it really that bad?" I looked up at him.
"Bad? Fuck you, Iero. I don't know about you, but I have lyrics racing through my head already." He beamed. Damn, it was good?
"Really?" My eyes widened.
"Of course! My God, why are you so fucking talented?" Damn. He kissed my forehead once.
"But anyway, we can talk it over at rehearsal later. I need to talk to you. We need to tell the other guys. They're getting pretty suspicious and it's getting really fucking hard to keep it secret." He sighed. I nodded. "I mean, they're out bestfriends. They can't seriously judge us like that."
"Okay. We'll tell them at rehearsal." I agreed. Gerard sighed a sigh of many emotions and I pressed my lips to his softly. Electric currents ran through my body as he kissed me back. I drew away but he shook his head.
"Too soon. I haven't been with you in days, Frankie." Our lips met again for a few minutes and I had to stop myself from squealing like an idiot. It didn't even matter that this was Gerard, my bestfriend of years and years, I was being kissed by a beautiful guy and it felt like the first time every time he touched me. I was never going to get sick of this man, was the conclusion I drew to.
He suddenly pulled away and pushed back my sleeve and started inspecting my arm. He kissed my scars once before pulling my sleeve back down.
"Just had to make sure." He said as he stroked my hair adoringly.
"You haven't, have you?" I murmered into his neck. I felt him shake his head.
"No. There's no reason big enough anymore, aquiring the fact that the most beautiful man on earth is mine." My insides were tangling. They should put a health warning on this guy. I couldn't even comprehend the feeling I felt whenever he was with me.
"I missed you." He said gently.
"I missed you too." I replied, snuggling into him more. We both jumped when Gerard's phone started buzzing. He fished it out his pocket and answered.
"Hello?... I'm at Frankie's... Really?!... Will do!" He suddenly hung up and grabbed the TV remote.
"What?" I asked.
"We're on fucking MTV!" He said with excitement.
"Are you kidding!?" My jaw dropped.
"No!" He switched the channel to MTV and, sure enough, we were on the 'Bands to Watch', and it was a video of Our Lady of Sorrows live from last year.
"Holy shit!" I exclaimed. We watched ourselves, gobsmacked.
"That was Our Lady of Sorrows by My Chemical Romance, we reckon they're going to become even bigger! More great music after the break, don't go anywhere." Gerard and I slowly turned to look at eachother.
"We were just on motherfucking MTV!" I exclaimed.
"No shit, Sherlock." Gerard rolled his eyes. I kicked him playfully. We both laughed and he continued. "No but seriously, I can't believe it either. I didn't think we were known enough to be on MTV." He shook his head in disbelief.
"Speaking of My Chem, there's rehearsal soon. Wanna go get a sandwich or something?" I requested.
"Oh yeah. Sure." Gerard nodded. We walked out of my house and down the street to the shops. We bought a few snacky things, sandwiches, crisps etc. As we were walking back, a pretty girl who must've been about 14 or 15 wearing cool clothes approached us.
"Sorry, but aren't you Frank Iero and Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance?"
Her eyes were wide open.
"Yup." I beamed.
"Oh my God." She gabbled. "Oh. My. God. I love you all so much. My Chem is the reason I'm here right now." I was stunned. We gave people hope? Tears were suddenly streaming down her face.
"Hey, hey! Don't cry!" I frowned.
"Sorry. I just can't believe... please could I have a hug?" She asked cautiously. Gerard giggled cutely.
"Of course!" He exclaimed, and she embraced each of us one after another.
"Look, don't you ever, ever want to hurt yourself. You're a beautiful girl, and worth alot, okay? We love you and we don't even know you." Gerard smiled at her. She beamed back.

"Look, your fanbase is pretty small at the moment, but they love you and your band so much. Never stop making music, okay?" She smiled. I was trying hard not to cry myself. I'd never felt so... worth something.

"We'll always believe in our fans. Even if you stop believing in us." I told her.
"Shit. Bull. Shit. You mean everything to us. We'll support you no matter what happens."
"Say, if me and Frank were together, what about then?" Gerard said, like it was a joke. Clever.
"Haha, I'm pretty sure we'd love it. Say, can I have a picture?"
"Sure." I answered. She took it and turned back to us.
"Thank you so much. For this. For making me feel understood. I hope you understand how much I mean this. Thank you. I'll let you get on." We both hugged her again before she went away.

People like her were the point of My Chem. I couldn't even describe how good I felt. I was still beaming when we got back to mine.
"I feel fucking great." I remarked.
"So do I." Gerard smiled his brilliant smile back.
"Guess it's a good mood to be in for telling Ray & Bob about us..."
"Oh God yar."
"Yar?!" I laughed. "Yar? Really?"
"Hey! Do you have a problem with the English accent?" Gerard carried on with the accent. I cracked up.
"You sound like a retarded cowboy!" I laughed. He giggled cutely back. We sat on the sofa with out sandwiches.
"Oh, thanks, Frankie! Really!" He said with light sarcasm.
"Sassy bitch." I replied, kicking him softly, joking.
"You know you love it." Gerard winked, catching my leg the next time I tried kicking him and keeping it on his lap.
"Let me go!" I laughed.
"Nah uh." He did this sassy neck wiggle and sat on my leg, facing me, therefore my leg inbetween his legs. Oh fuck, I could feel everything. He leaned over and started to bite my neck playfully. Electricity was starting to run through my body, but he suddenly looked at his watch. He sighed.
"We have to go now." He said reluctantly. I groaned, the joy of being alone with my amazing boyfriend replaced with anxiety.
"What if it goes badly?" I whispered.
"Then fuck My Chem."
"What? Are you serious?"
"Sure, if it meant we'd be together." He explained. Don't melt, heart.
"Right. Let's do it." I squeezed his hand comfortingly as we started to walk to Ray's, just around the corner.
"So, even if this goes badly, we'll still be together, right?" Gerard worried, we just needed to turn this corner and we'd be there.
"Of course. I couldn't stop loving you even if I wanted to." I sighed. Before we came into view of the house, I pushed him against the wall and kissed him gently, tugging on his bottom lip. I figured that if I just kept the sweet taste of him lingering on my tongue, I could get through this.
"I love you." I said, brushing his lips with my thumb. I felt him shudder, and we reluctantly let go of eachother and turned that corner. Gerard stepped forth and rung the doorbell.
"Good luck to us, Frankie." He managed to say before Bob opened the door.
"Basement, like always. Gerard, coffee's in the kitchen." He laughed. Gerard forever had coffee during rehearsal. Pretty good thing he didn't drink alcohol much, I reckoned he'd get addicted to that pretty easily. I waited for Gerard to make coffee, then we walked down to the basement where we could hear a cacophony of the band rehearsing their own things.
"Guys, shut up." Gerard said, smoothly and firmly. Fuck.
"Ayyy! Gee! Frankie!" Ray came up and high-fived us and Mikey came out of the corner and hugged us both.
"We're telling them." I said in his ear as he did.
"Do it now! Quick!" He hissed back. I nodded in agreement and cleared my throat.
"Everyone, Gerard and I need to tell you something." They all looked up, listening. Gerard and I nodded at eachother, and we interlaced our fingers. I took a deep breath.
"Gerard and I are together."
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