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Danger Days: The (Maybe)True Lives Of The Fabolous Killjoys.

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Hopefully unique. What I, personally, relate the album to the most. Gerard gets 'ill'.

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Alright, so here's the introduction paragraph. You get the idea for the story plan from this. Hope you like the look of it, if you are reading. Will try and get the first full paragraph up as soon as possible. Happy reading, this is short.
Christie, :)

"They say imagination is contagious."

"What do you mean by imagination Mr.Way?" The man in the white jacket looks up at Gerard, while continueing to take notes.

"Imagination, to the level where you can create another world, then live in it. Make the world real. See the motherfucking truth behind every fucker on this planet's lies."

"It's not real, Mr.Way. We're trying to help you fix this fault in thinking."

Gerard laughs. "It's not a fault. It's a fucking gift. I can see through your lies, and you're not gunna make me into a fucking zombie."

"You need to take your medication Gerard."

"I'm not becoming another fucking scarecrow. Quit trying to take me in. And I'm not Gerard Way, for the last fucking time."

Told you it was short. PLEASE let me know you've read this via. review. I need to know if it's worth updating and writing more...
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