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How To Save A Life.

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Just a small story about my first encounter with MCR, and the first time they saved me. Its a bit of a touchy story, and I hope you enjoy. :]

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Two years seemed to have been wasted. Two years I seemed to have spent alone. Two years I felt lost, unwanted, and abandoned. My life was falling to pieces. I was a loner. The type of person everyone made fun of or couldn't stand to be around for no particular reason.
Luckily, I finally made my first true friend, though. She was one of the people who disliked me and ridiculed me before getting to know me. She lived in my neighborhood, so I decided to pay her a visit. She wasn't going to refuse to hang out with me, because she was at least a good person. We actually got to talking and became friends quickly. She never failed to make me laugh, it had been a while since I'd laughed like that.
Her and I were inseparable for many months. She filled an empty hole that was missing, but she couldn't quite repair the gash that had been permanently marked on my existence. She was the best, better than anything I deserved. I had thought and thought of many ways to repair my damaged ways, but nothing was likely to happen. At a young age, I became suicidal. My new best friend was my only hope at the time.
One day, she showed me a song. A song by My Chemical Romance called Helena. When she showed me the song, it didn't sound appealing at all. She was persistent. She sang it over and over until it was stuck in my head. I still wouldn't give it the time of day.
One morning I heard Helena. It was beginning to play on TV. The music video was playing. I cried so hard, because it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my entire life. I gained a new appreciation of the arts and its beauty that day. I listened to it nonstop.
A few days later though, I wanted out. I wanted out of the life I was living. If I got out I would just be thankful to have had a best friend before I left the world. I loved her dearly.
I lay on my bedroom floor, sitting against my bed. I had been crying for a while, and was ready to go. Shattered glass was my weapon of choice for this occasion. I slowly raised the glass against my upper arm and slid it down to my wrist. Not a deep cut. Then, I went in deeper, hoping one of them would puncture a vein.
After I was done with the wounds, I stared at the walls around me that were closing in. I was waiting for my blood to run dry. Just waiting. Then, I thought of Helena. I started to giggle a bit as I recited 'So long and good night' repeatedly to myself.
Then, the tears came back, instead of my smug grimace. I remembered another part of that song, and that is 'Things are better if I stay'. I thought what actually would be better if I stayed. I thought of my family, and my new friend. It all meant the world to me. I needed to bare with myself through thick and thin. I was just going through a ruff patch that was obviously getting better with a best friend and a new found love for true art and music. I said at loud once again: 'Things are better if I stay'. I ran to the bathroom. I was a bit woozy from the marks and the blood. I wrapped wet paper towels around my arm, and went back to my room.
It wasn't quite time for my 'So Long and Good Night' because 'Things are Better if I Stay'.

*That's it. Kind of an emotional little topic, but I was feeling up to writing something like this for a while. So, I chose my own story of how MCR saved me. I guess you could say my best friend also saved me, which she did. We have been best friends for almost three years now, and I love her with all my heart. We are Killjoys to this day.*
*Remember, suicide is a SERIOUS matter that should not be taken lightly. If you are ever feeling this way, then talk to someone. Get some help. Find distractions, or hobbies. Just remember, the world is NOT better off without you*
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