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Material Girl

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Me at my angst-y,blasphemous best.

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Dear Beauty Industry:

I am SICK.Sick,sick,sick,sick OF THIS BULLSHIT.
Sick of make up,hair dye,diets,stupid ads saying I should be skinnier/prettier/fatter/uglier/shorter/taller WHATEVER.
I am sick of feeling fat when you send out these models that are sticks in fancy clothes.You make me feel ashamed when I'm a size ten,which is perfectly healthy.Every time I pick up something to eat I feel like a fucking failure.Because of you bastards,every time I look in the mirror I 'm like "what's the fuckin point?just become anorexic now,you'll look way nicer."
I am sick of you sending out these things of women who are absolutely perfect;as if anyone actually looks like that!perfect make up,lovely hair,flawless figures.I feel like such a hobo,staring at these stunning creatures,with poise and grace and elegance.I have the elegance of a rugby player with manners to match.
But y'know what?In the words of the great Billie Joe Armstrong,"a free for all,fuck'em all,".Fuck my self-loathing.Fuck ugliness,fatness or whatever.From this day on I vow to love myself.Not like Christina and be like "you're beautiful in every single way,"-cuz you should see me in the mornings-but just to be like "y'know what?I'm not that bad-looking."
I'm gonna do that.Hold me to it.
Because I'm a fucking immaterial girl,living in a material world.
keep it ugly.
Lauren,a very disgruntled customer.

PS:I notice you are obviously racist towards poor people like me,because you never make clothes that are less than like £500.I thank you,from the bottom of my ugly,working class fat little heart.L.
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